5 Tips for the Perfect Snot Rocket

Snot rocket, mucus missile, farmer’s blow…

Whatever you call it – it is the best way to breath easy in the outdoors. Previous to the PCT, I had never done a snot rocket. I was afraid of them and I also thought they were really disgusting. That’s why one goal during my thru-hike was to master the snot rocket. It took lots of practice, but I’m proud to say it’s one of my favorite skills. It allows me to be fully present while I’m in the mountains instead of being annoyed at my inability to breath. So, this article is for the beginner snot rocket-er, mucus missile-r, and farmer’s blow-er. Let this skill change your life.

1. Aim

Ultimately, it can get anywhere. So just have an idea of where it’s headed. And, if you’re walking, make sure your timing is good. Getting it on your shoe, leg, or trekking pole is never fun.

2. Engage your core

For a good/clean release, you’ve got to put some power behind it. Think about blowing your nose into a tissue. Now, times that by ten. Use your core. Take a deep breath and get some force behind that blow.

3. Commit

GO FOR IT! Don’t hold back. No half-sies. You’re all in at this point. DO IT!

4. Keep a bandana nearby

You can’t get it perfect every time. It can be messy. If you don’t have a booger rag, trees and leaves work well too.

5. Mentally keep progress of execution and variances of snot consistency

It’s a practiced skill that will take dedication and focus. With each success and failure, think about your technique. Why was it perfect and clean? Or, how did it get all over your face? Take mental notes on your form and get real friendly with your boogers. The more you know, the cleaner your nose.

With these tips, I’ve helped my mom blow her first successful snot rocket.
Her best piece of advice – “it’s all about committing to the blow.”

I encourage you to breath easy.

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  • Lisa : Jan 17th

    GROSS!!! But very valuable information.

  • Rebecca : Jan 23rd

    loved that article 😀


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