Backpacker Radio #144 | Linnea “Otter” Delucchi

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Linnea Delucchi, known on trail as Otter.  Otter is a 2017 PCT thru-hiker, has a Masters in Adventure Education, and now serves as the Assistant Director at New Treks, an organization that teaches outdoor education to underprivileged youth.  This convo covers a lot of ground, including the cognitive effects of spending time in nature and hiking specifically (and how wearing headphones could potentially negatively impact that), we get an overview of some Denver-based non-profits focused on the outdoors- including an in-depth work of Linnea’s organization, and Linnea blesses us with an all-time poop story from her PCT thru-hike. 

We wrap the show with a rapid fire Q&A with The Trek’s new intern, Rachel, we do a triple crown of things people complain about as they get older, and Chaunce reveals herself as an Oscars slap truther.

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Interview with Linnea “Otter” Delucchi

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:20 – QOTD: Where were you when the news broke of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock?

00:09:25 – BPR Announcements: Asheville Meetup Hi-Wire Brewing RAD Beer Garden, May 11, 6:30pm

00:11:25 – Introducing Linnea

00:12:40 – Tell us your outdoor background.

00:14:23 – If you had to pick one outdoor sport, what would you pick?

00:15:10 – How long have you lived in Colorado?

00:15:54 – Tell us about graduate school.

00:16:37 – What direction did you think your career would go as an undergraduate?

00:17:28 – What’s the craziest thing about the brain?

00:18:40 – What’s the difference between people who hike with headphones and those who don’t?

00:19:28 – Does it matter what you’re listening to?

00:20:27 – Tell us about the study design.

00:22:23 – If you were going to run the study again, what variables would you change?

00:24:03 – What do you know about studies related to thru-hiking?

00:26:25 – Discussion about the impacts of technology in nature.

00:27:50 – Did you make a conscious decision not to listen to technology on the PCT?

00:30:15 – Tell us more about the brain.

00:33:50 – What do you think the cognitive benefits of a thru-hike are?

00:36:20 – How would you convince someone like Chaunce to get out in nature more?

00:39:25 – Do you think adrenaline junkies have less of a fear response?

00:42:25 – What turned you on to the PCT in the first place?

00:43:47 – Was backpacking a hard sell for you given the other sports you like?

00:45:42 – Do you have any crazy injury stories?

00:48:37 – Are there sports you won’t try?

00:49:35 – Tell us your poop story.

00:55:06 – Tell us about New Treks.

00:57:28 – What’s your role at New Treks?

00:58:20 – Do you notice different ways that the kids you work with interact with the outdoors?

01:01:18 – How do you get the kids excited for the activities?

01:02:40 – How much time do you spend with each group?

01:05:05 – How often do you see kids get really into the activities?

01:06:55 – Does one story stand out as the most meaningful?

01:09:22 – Is it tough to maintain a positive attitude?

01:12:03 – How long has New Treks been in existence?

01:12:20 – How do you start something like New Treks?

01:13:42 – Can you explain the funding side of New Treks?

01:17:04 – Tell us about the other Denver-based nonprofits you wrote about.

01:24:22 – Did you learn about these organizations recently or already know about them?

01:26:12 – Do you have advice for anyone interested in getting into outdoor education?

01:27:54 – What’s next for you?

01:28:48 – Thank you!


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Triple Crown of things people start to complain about as they get older

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