Day 1-5: Campo to Julian

Here we go!

We woke up in a treehouse in Scout and Frodo’s back yard with my hiking buddy Leah. Enjoyed a restful night of sleep and had breakfast waiting for us prepared by Frodo and the lovely team of volunteers. Frittata’s with sour cream and salsa, steel cut oats and fresh cantaloupe. 

The energy of the day was a mixture of excitement and nerves as everyone began to prepare their packs and wait for the shuttle to arrive. We had decided to take an Uber to the terminus and a few other hikers planned to join us. We snapped a few last minute pictures with Frodo as we watched the car pull up.

Leah, Lene, Lost Boy and I jumped in the car and headed to the southern terminus. I was so ready to be on the trail! We all chatted in the car, dreaming about what our journeys will look like. One thing I’ve already noticed is how easy it is to call someone a friend and chat like old pals.

As we got closer, the border wall emerged, taller than I expected. Down the dirt road we drove and there it was, the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. “There it is!!!” I exclaimed, as I locked eyes with Lene, our eyes widening.

Starting our Hike

We started down the trail, eager to get started. It quickly became evident that the day would be hot and long. I could feel my lips began to dry and immediately took out an electrolyte packet and dumped it in my smart water bottle. Music was a very helpful motivator to get through the hottest hours of the day. The trail provided moments of shade and a light breeze that I thanked Mother Nature for providing.

After a total of about 15 miles, we made it to hauser creek around 5:30pm. First order of business, putting our achy feet in the cold stream. Such sweet relief!!! We found a nice campsite and pitched the tent. Dinner was herb quinoa with a slice of spam wrapped in a tortilla! Honestly pretty good besides the fact that I spilt some of my meal on my wool base layers. Oh well!

Getting into bed felt like a luxury. Staring at the stars was the end to an amazing day.

Getting in the Groove

The next few days blur together. The highlights go as followed:

On day four we had our first bit of trail magic!! After a long 15 miles we had made it to a campsite. The stream had ran dry and we were running low on water. We had a tough decision to make, hike on or reserve water. We were in a state of delusion, laughing at everything and eating rice and bean burritos. Just then, I see a white car appear on a dirt road from up above. I waved vigorously at the man driving carefully down the hill. He made it down to us and said “Do you y’all need anything? I have water and snacks” “Yes please!!” We all replied. It is true, the trail truly provides. (Thank you trail Angel Robert!)

The desert truly surprised me in so many ways. Each day presented a new diverse environment. The greenery, succulents, vast vistas of the mountains ahead, and of course the sweet animals. I’ve seen bunnies, lots of little lizards, and a horned lizard! I have yet to come across a rattlesnake which comes as a surprise to me. 

Trail Town Shenanigans 

On day five, we made it to the town of Julian, CA. We had officially hiked 77 miles of trail. We rested our tired bodies at the Julian lodge. Took a shower (SO MUCH DIRT) and did our laundry. We are slowly adjusting to the chaos of town days and trying to complete our chores while we have time. The best part of this stop was the free pie and ice cream at Mom’s, what a treat! I have so much gratitude for the welcoming folks in town and the amazing hikers that I get to experience this journey with. 

Until next time!


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  • leo : May 4th

    You are not in the desert and won’t be for quite awhile. You are in the chaparral


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