Do You Understand Why I’m Doing This?

Why I think people think I’m doing this.

–I’m a lost young adult of the millennials.

–I don’t want responsibility.

–Ego trip.

–Dirty hippie.

–I don’t want to work.

While some of the above listed reasons may have some truth, more importantly I’m hiking to:

–Nature charges my soul, and gives me a sense of strength that feels like charging a battery to full life.

–Educate myself with life’s experience – this is what living is to me.

–Live in wilderness for an extended period of time.

–To have no distractions of modern society, to find quiet so my soul can be loud and heard.

–I don’t want to worry about time, and not having enough of it. Rather just look forward to the night’s sunset, and tomorrow’s sunrise, and have that be enough.


On most days I feel like “God” or whoever brought me on this earth, created my spirit to love and take care of or protect nature. I see the love that my parents have for me as their child, and I look to see where this love exists in my life. Thus far I only feel that unconditional kind of love and connection with the land. I connect so deeply with it, in a way I can only express it outwardly as being a type of artist .

I guess mostly that is why I’m hiking and that is what I’ll tell myself on the bad days. That even the worst day outside is better than a good day in the office.

Also side rant.

I’m rather worried about people’s dependence on their phones while hiking the PCT. According to my research many people rely on their phones for maps, entertainment, photography, or even an episode of “The Bachelor” in their tents at night after a day of hiking.

I hate seeing phones out in wilderness, I hate seeing phones out around the campfire. I’m worried about how many people will still be connected at the hip with their devices as well as the trails being overpopulated with people.

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  • Kevin : Mar 4th

    The trails being overpopulated is a myth. There’s only a few hundred people that complete the whole 2,700 miles. That’s one person per 7 miles and if they are in groups of 4 that is people every 28 miles. And you only need to be 100 yards away from someone on trail for them to not exist. And the day hikers stick by the trail heads. I’m quite sure you can make the trail to be as lonely as you want it to be (with a few exceptions)… As for phones, well, you are seeing them if you choose to be around people. But it’s not like people are having conference calls at Crabtree Meadows…. (You’ll have more peace and quiet on the PCT then you will hiking around Jenny Lake there in Jackson I can tell you that).

  • Steve fopeano : Mar 5th

    You are not alone on the phone issue. That is my biggest unresolved decision for my AT hike in a year. In fact not having a phone for six months is becoming a motivator! But then I wouldn’t be able to read your posts or share my thoughts. Hmmm

  • sportstimme : Mar 5th

    thank you so much bro?

  • Chris Guynn : Mar 5th

    A phone is a tool. It can be used for maps, a compass, tell loved ones you are in fact still alive or to even if available call for help. In can also be used to watch movies, social media and stuff. How someone uses it is 100% up to them(see hike your own hike). Personally while mine is usually left in airplane mode to conserve battery it will always come with me on a hike.

  • Cecilie : Mar 7th

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