Fourteen inches and other things to shout out

I got my hair did.

Here is the life story of Linnea’s hair: crop cut (bangs and chopped at chin length) from the

appearance of hair on my head until the ripe age of thirteen. Then I decided that change is bearable when it is at the pace of hair growth and I have been growing it out ever since.

The short hair…

Until today when I got fourteen inches off. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Like I said, change is ok when it is over the

course of ten years. But when a pair of scissors just snips years of keratin’s hard work right off in a microsecond, it is close to mortifying. Luckily, fourteen inches off my late hair is short enough that my current hair is past my

Growing it out…

chin. So it wasn’t a complete rewind, but definitely will take some getting used to. Ponytails and buns for daaaaaaays. All for you PCT, this was all for you.




The long hair.

I have made a lot of additions to my life to make up for this major, major subtraction. I have bought almost all of the gear, which, I guess, is a major subtraction from my bank account, (gear post to come), practiced using it, started putting together some drops, and began the cycle of getting really, really nervous then telling myself everything will be fine, and then getting really, really nervous again. Because I leave for the trail in ten days! Wooo ahhh wooo ahhh woo I dunno how to feel, so much nervous and so much excited.

Soooo to distract myself from that, I wanted to do some shout outs to the people who have given loads of advice and guidance. My friends are pretty damn cool, and I am lucky enough to know a solid number of people who have not only attempted the PCT, but completed it. Naturally, I am abusing the shit out of their experience and getting all the information I can out of them so I can plan as little as possible and still achieve maximum success. So here’s a little sumthin sumthin to all the people who have answered my plethora of questions, offered me their gear and rides to kick off, and given me all of the advice. I owe you all cookies.

Nancy “Why Not” Huber

My ex-dentist is the shit. She has done the PCT multiple times, the CDT, AT, the Te Araroa in New Zealand, climbed Kilaminjaro, and I don’t even know what else. She retired early so she could do more cool things like that and she had already done a lot while she was making my teeth nice and shiny. The amount of adventure she has accomplished is waaaay beyond the average person and I am real jealous of her lifestyle.

Granted, she was always more than just a dentist. She has always been a good family friend and that has continued into my attempt at the PCT. She has southbounded and northbounded it, section hiked it and through hiked it. Her advice has covered everything from stoves to trail fairies that I can stay with before the start of the hike. I have no doubt that if she is not busy doing some other crazy hard hike or climb, she’ll join me for part of the trail.

Dani ‘Genius’ Kelley

When we crossed paths with Dani and Jimmy on the PCT

When we crossed paths with Dani and Jimmy on the PCT

Dani is the reason I want to hike the PCT. I’ve mentioned her before and probably will a lot more. When we crossed paths near ­Carson Pass, and when I saw her awesome tanlines and listened to her amazing stories, that was it. I was gonna do this thing too, one day. She has the extra cool story of meeting her fiancé on the trail. Pretty damn sweet. Stoked for that wedding. Anyways, she has skyped with me, chatted on the phone, texted, facebooked, everything. Pretty much used all forms of communication that modern technology and social media provide. She has offered me gear and her family has offered to drive me to and from the airport. Her advice has been sososososo helpful and I am so freaking grateful that she has been willing to share it with me. Can’t wait to trail talk with her after!

Tyler ‘Lucky’ Wood (aka Woody out here on the mountain)

Woody is one of the coolest people I have ever met. He is the definition of the outdoor spirit and always does it with a purpose. Those of you who hiked in 2015 and passed “Lucky” who was doing a Hike for Heads thing, that’s this guy. He hiked the entire PCT while raising awareness and funds for people with TBIs and has even done a TED talk (see link). He has answered questions before I even asked them and is probably just as excited for me to do the trail as I am. I hope ya make it to a section!

Stewart Moore

I wouldn’t be on the Trek if it weren’t for Stewart. I saw his blog and decided to sign up. This guy is hiking the AT this summer (link to his blog below) and has done tons of long backpacking trips. He pushed me towards the Sawyer Squeeze system and gave me advice on shoes and stoves and more things. We are starting our treks one day apart! Good luck dude, AT is gonna treat you well.

That’s all for now. Sorry for the long break, skiing got in the way. Bummer.

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  • Nancy Huber : Apr 19th

    Linnea….. AW! Thanks for the kind words. I’m so excited for you as you embark on a great life adventure. It’s addicting! Enjoy the heck out of it and keep writing.

    • Linnea Delucchi : Apr 19th

      Will do! Thanks for the advice and if you find yourself on the trail…. lemme know!!


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