Does There Have to be a Good Reason for Hiking the PCT?

Everyone asks, “Why are you hiking the Pacific Crest Trail?” Here are just a few reasons. I’m sure that I could come up with more. I don’t know if there is ever just one reason.


I feel the need to constantly understand more about myself as a person in an attempt to reach a higher level of purpose and self-worth. Do I even know myself? We’ll find out soon.

I’m Getting Old

Although I’m young at heart, the calendar just keeps reminding me that it’s time. Today is the day. Don’t wait until it’s no longer a feasible option. Tomorrow is never promised, so you should make today special. What is more special than watching the sunrise on a beautiful spring morning from the PCT? My stepsister passed away from cancer a little over a year ago. I’m the same age now that she was when she died. I just keep thinking about how much she is missing. She still had so much to do and see. It doesn’t seem fair. When I traveled to Scotland earlier this year, I was talking with an older lady who was fulfilling a lifelong dream of visiting the region. She had a lot of difficulty walking and was trying to enjoy her visit but was very limited. It broke my heart.

I Love Hiking

The idea of walking for 2,650 miles is ridiculous. The idea of hiking 15 miles today sounds amazing. It’s just one foot in front of the other while you take in the beautiful scenery and dream about cheeseburgers. If you think of other ways that you could spend your day, hiking is better. You’re not sitting or just standing around. You get to walk. The air smells nice, you get to see cool rocks and bugs. I also love plants and rainbows. Especially double rainbows, all the way.

My Children

If I can teach my children one thing in life, it would be to follow their dreams. Don’t be a wimp and get all scared about stuff. Just get out there and tackle the world, even if other people think you’re crazy.


I grew up near Yosemite, but I have not lived in the state for over 25 years. I miss California. I miss the people and the weather mostly. I can’t wait to spend a large portion of my hike making my way through the Mojave desert and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The People

Random people have told me that they are proud of me for hiking the PCT. I’m not sure why that is so sweet to me, but I like it. I’m really excited about meeting new people… hikers, trail angels, bartenders. I like nice people.

Challenging Myself

My son asked me if I thought I could make it to Canada. I told him that once I decide I’m going to do something, then it’s most likely going to happen. Hardship is inevitable, but you just keep pushing on, one day at a time. I honestly feel like the most challenging part of this journey is getting off the trail, whether or not it’s prematurely getting off or reaching the Northern Terminus. I don’t even want to think about that right now.

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  • stealthblew : Dec 9th

    My response to those who seek justification for other’s action would be…Because it is there.

    Have a wonderful adventure.

    • Poppy Pai : Dec 10th

      here here

      • Poppy Pai : Dec 10th

        hear hear? You know what I mean 😉


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