How I Am NOT Prepared for the PCT

I Am a Hypocrite

Now I’m writing a post with lists even though I believe it’s one of the many things that is wrong with today’s society. But I’m also a hypocrite. So who cares—here comes a list of “How I am not prepared for the PCT!”

How I Am NOT Prepared for the PCT

  • I’m not making any money right now, and I haven’t been doing so for almost one year now. So I’m already (kinda) broke. We’re off to a great start.
  • I’m not working out (read – about why).
  • I’ve never done anything like this before. Not even close.
  • I have not tried or used most of my gear for the PCT. Because the idea of chafe excites me.
  • I have an irrational fear of flying insects. Like throw myself in fire kind of fear.
  • I have never been to the US or eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Those two go kind of hand in hand.
  • I have never fought a black bear or rattlesnake.
  • I do not have a visa to the States.
  • And I’m young, dumb, and broke.

    The fool. (Abisko, Sweden)

I Am No Fool

And also a bonus list (I’m an even bigger hypocrite) of “How I am actually prepared for the PCT.” So you don’t think I’m an absolute fool.

How I Am ACTUALLY Prepared for the PCT

  • I’m speaking a LOT of English every day here in Colombia. Which, as a foreigner and not having English as my first language, will be very necessary. Go me!
  • I’m already living out of a backpack and have been doing so for the last nine months. So six months in the States —easy peasy.
  • I’ve been wearing the same clothes, more or less, for the same amount of time—nine months. They’re all dirty, broken, and overall destroyed by the washing machines in South America. And once again, I’m very prepared.
  • I’m not with my family and friends back home, so I’m already (kinda) used to not seeing them every day.
  • I will (hopefully) not be homesick. Even though I will probably cry my eyes out on my little brother’s graduation, which I will miss, as the horrible big sister I am.
  • I’m dirty like 90% of the time. Not “one week’s worth of hiking” dirty, but still very dirty. Actually more than I should be, considering I have access to warm showers.
  • I learned how to walk and talk in the wilderness of Lapland in Sweden during the many summers we spent there growing up.
  • I’ve tried hitchhiking a few times already. It’s been good to practice the look of sweet and harmless without giving out too much of a “please kidnap me and throw me in a ditch” kind of vibe.
  • And lastly—I was born above the polar circle, which means the blood of the Vikings runs through my veins. Pretty big advantage.

The face of someone who has her shit together. (Acacias, Colombia)


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Comments 4

  • Journey Fleishman : Jan 15th

    I loved this post!!! Excited to follow along with your hike!!!

    • Sara Falck : Jan 23rd

      Thank you!! Your msg made me happy!

  • Alejandra May : Jan 18th

    Hey girl! I will be hiking the AT this year but am feeling very similar! Thanks for posting this and making me feel like I’m not alone. I will try to follow your hike but I’ll probably be somewhere along the AT so I’ll try my best. You got this!

    • Sara Falck : Jan 23rd

      I’m glad that someone else out there can relate! Thank you! Good luck with your hike, WE got this!


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