I am done! My gear list for the PCT

I don’t know if I would call myself trained, but I am using my setup for like 5 years now and I have done some long distance-hikes before.

Before every overnighter, I  would get a huge banana carton from the cellar, which is filled with my gear. In there is some stuff I never use, but most of it is used on nearly every trip. That’s the reason, why I am not afraid of the big gear topic most aspiring thru-hikers are going through. I use my lighterpack to check if nothing was forgotten and pack my pack. I know where everything belongs and would even find most of the gear even in the dark. Additionally, I made a gear list for all the nonmetric ounce lovers right here on the Trek, check it out here! 

Never change a running system, they say. But in fact, I will do some major changes for the PCT. Including 2 of the “big 3”:

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A new (seagull) backpack

I am using a “Rayway” since 2017. I bought the fabrics and the instruction from Ray Jardine’s shop and made the pack myself. It served me for about 2.500 km. That’s why it has a lot of emotional value for me. Since Korsika, where we carried 8 days worth of food on our backs, I was unsure about it enduring the PCT with additional bear canisters and/or 4-6 L of water attached to it. When Annika decided to let a friend of ours make her a new backpack I began to think about this opportunity.

Lea hiked the PCT in 2016 and said it would be an honor for her to make a backpack that roams the PCT. She is well trained in MYOG, so it is no wonder, that Annika’s pack turned out to be so wicked, that I immediately decided, that I wanted to have my own. Since I tried on Annika’s pack for the first time, I knew that it could last way longer, than my old Rayway. It would’ve died along the way and I wouldn’t want to buy a new pack while being on the trail.

The pack is made from X-Pack with a custom print on it. Ripstopbytheroll.com offers this feature. And I have to say: the print is perfectly detailed.

Plus: I LOVE my seagulls here in Kiel and this backpack is personalized because it is adapted to my body measurements. Love it!


A new tent

We were fine with smaller tents and China copies that weigh around a kg. Buying a Z-Packs, letting them ship it to Germany, and paying the customs would add 200 € to the price, so we never did that. It was just too high to buy one just for short trips. But for the PCT, we decided to buy the Porsche. Every couple advised us, to take the Triplex, as the Duplex could be too small. The Triplex safes us 600gr, which could be 2-3 additional meals.

I am not worried about a new tent, as we are used to this type of tent, we even learned this cool trick in Sweden, where they add two more poles to the tent, to tighten it. We didn’t change the system here, we improved it! Plus we saved the shipping and customs, as our awesome trail angel in San Diego received it for us! Thanks, Leon!

Luxury Items

We went to Corsica to get rid of extra equipment. Instead, however, I will add some luxury items:


Yes, I know, everybody is talking about, how there is no time to read on a thru-hike, but on Corsica, we also had really challenging hikes and we were busy until 8 p.m. but when I was done journalling and eating and laying in my sleeping back, I wished that I could read a bit. That’s why I put an E-Book Reader on my wishlist for Christmas and filled it with nice books.



A Couple who was in our Tramily on Corsica taught us how to play backgammon and it is really fun to play. Plus: not much is needed. So my girlfriend built an ultralight version (38gr) of a backgammon board from Tyvek and we will carry this little piece with us and enjoy one or the other round in the shade of the desert, or when we have to call it an early day in the Sierras.

I have no idea if I will use both items, but like I said: I am used to my gear and I know what I like during my free time on the trail. So I might use the stuff. Time will tell.


Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

You might ask yourself what I need it for, but the simple fact that you are reading this post, shows it: I need it for the Trek. And I hate typing on the phone. Will see if it works, or if it goes straight back home.


There is not much to say. I have long hair, the brush is UL and it works. I like it.

That’s it

That’s it for now. Bags are packed, and the goodbye party was a blast. The house is empty. We read us next week, after our first San Diego Impressions.

What are your favorite books to read, while out there? What are your Luxury Items? Tell me in the comments or on Instagram

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Comments 8

  • susie : Mar 17th

    BON VOYAGE! Have a great Adventure & good wishes w/ALL!

    • Björn Dziambor : Mar 19th

      Thanks, Susie the flight will be tomorrow morning, we are starting to become excited!

  • Greg Ford : Mar 17th

    Great writeup on your gear. Your discussion of backgammon reminds me of a Packgammon game my dad brought on trips. Similar to yours, the board was made out of a (heavier) fabric. I fondly remember evenings playing backgammon in the tent before going to bed. Regarding the need for a keyboard: I have had pretty good luck using the dictation feature on my iPhone, even in airplane mode. Was helpful for documenting the day’s activities before going to bed. I suppose the dictation feature uses more battery life, though.

    • Björn Dziambor : Mar 19th

      Hey Greg, you give me hope, that we will use it as you did! I will test both, and might even send the keyboard home if it turns out to be useless. Thanks for your comment! Happy Trails

  • Sure Foot : Mar 18th

    HEY VETERAN HIKERS! Much love from a pre pandemic hiker lol! If there are any Military Veterans out there on trail this year (and you’re open to it) please connect with me? I’m building a documentary for Veterans and how the PCT and life after affects our mental health. Social media me on Instagram @Matthew.landis or Twitter @togetherweclimb CHEERS!

    • Björn Dziambor : Mar 19th

      Hey Matthew, I already replied to you a few months ago! Text me on Insta!

  • Mercy : Mar 21st

    I use my e-reader on every trip! Never done a thru-hike, but on my shorter trips I’ve always appreciated having something to do at camp and to help me fall asleep at night. Personally I love to read completely mindless books – something where I can just turn off my brain and relax! I like mysteries and detective stories the best myself 🙂

    Happy trails!

    • Björn Dziambor : Mar 24th

      I have a mix, but mostly mindless stories as well on it! ?


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