It’s the start of something new (and something familiar)


Thank you friends, family and random internet browsers for joining me here for recaps of the absurdity that will be my life these next 4-6 months. My main purpose of keeping this blog is to let all those people who asked me to stay in touch to have a place to congregate and look at my trail endeavors without me sending out a copy and paste text message to everyone. Additionally I am excited to keep up with this blog as a reflection of what goes on during my trail life. I have a few ideas on how I want to run this blog: write in it at least once a month (but my overachieving  goal is four times a month) explaining a single moment in the most descriptive way so you non-backpackers can grasp the ridiculousness of some things that happen on trail, and share my special trail poetry (raps) and other heart felt moments/lessons that miles and miles of walking will make you think about and force you to learn. Although another part of me just wants to blabber away aimlessly about what ever I feel like sharing, so hopefully I can find some balance.

Before trail.

A part of me feels like I have not done enough research about what I need on trail and when I need to have it. The internet is slightly too vast for me, I just got overwhelmed with all the information and wish I knew people personally to ask all the stupid clarifying questions. I do have a fully packed backpack that cannot fit another item in it so I think I will be set for most situations that might come my way. I decided to carry the bear cannister the entire length of trail because I’ve met people who did that on the Appalachian trail so I can probably do that too and avoid learning how to do a bear hang. I’m too lazy to learn how to swing a bag of food over a tree but I’m not too lazy to carry extra weight for 200o miles (might regret this decision). Luckily I feel 5 times more in-shape to take on this trek than I did on the AT.

Life’s a dance and I’ll just learn as I go…. hopefully.


What I’m excited for most on trail is the reminder about how generous people are! So on this blog I want to also keep track of people who deserve a shout out for helping me make my trail experience possible or just that much easier.

Pre trail shout outs of gratitude!

Barbara O. my co-worker at the Spa who gifted me plenty of ‘Good-to-Go’ meals and variety of protein bars. Awesome because I’ve only knew her for maybe 10 days and she knew exactly what kind of nutrients someone backpacking would appreciate. Much love Barbara good luck at the Spa desk without me!

Deborah M. a Spa regular who respected my work, my faith, and my excitement for my new adventure she decided to gift me a full box of Cliff bars. Those bars will never go to waste; they will be eaten as my second breakfast, Elevenses,  luncheon, and my afternoon tea.

Duncan M. a good friend o’ mine  who took his lunch break to drop me off at the airport as well as taking on the responsibility to mail me my gear box I need before entering the Sierras. Two simple tasks that are actually quite pivotal to the success of this Thru-hike. Thank you Duncan we’ll see if the part two of this task gets accomplished in 700 miles ♥

And most importantly my Cousin Sean R. and his Fiancé Jenna. not only did they lend me this computer but they picked me up at the airport and will be driving me to the southern terminus tomorrow. Nothing better than unconditional family love! I mostly appreciated the basket of trail goodies they set on the bed for me before I arrived. Their wedding is my only plan for post trail life we shall see if I make it there on time or Way too early and I decide to yoyo the trail back to San Diego.  (yoyo is when you walk N0rthbound and once you finish you start to walk southbound and do the whole trail twice in opposite directions (or SOBO to NOBO))


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