Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse or the PCT?

Zombies in 2021?

It seems Nostradamus (loosely) predicted zombies coming in 2021. With the year we had in 2020 if zombies show up that should come as no surprise to anyone. To an outside observer, it might appear that I’m preparing for this upcoming zombie apocalypse. I have new weapons ( an ice ax and trekking poles), I’m training ( gotta outrun those zombies), and of course I have 5 months’ worth of food in my living room. If those zombies show up before April I am ready!

But seriously…

Though fun to think about, my zombie strategy (and if we ever meet on trail I’m happy to share), I’m deep into prepping mode for my upcoming  PCT thru hike.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a long to-do list. Unfortunately, rather than getting shorter, it appears to be growing. It seems every time I check something off the list I add 2 more things. There’s even a checklist of checklists. I have a list for 2 months out, 1 month out, 2 weeks out, 1 week out, a checklist just for phone stuff, etc.  It’s a bit out of control.

My prepping can be broken down into 4 categories.

  • Food resupply–  I plan to do the popular option of sending some resupplies but mostly buying as I go. To prep for the 8-12 boxes I plan to send myself, I’ve been slowly buying food when It’s on sale for the last 2 months. Every week I look at the latest flyers for my favorite stores, check my coupons and apps and add to my ever-growing resupply corner. This deserves it’s own post so that’s all I’ll say for now. Except that I am currently trying to track down some Girl Scouts selling cookies right now.

  • Gear– This has been what has taken up the bulk of my time spent prepping. Between researching, buying, and testing my new gear It’s almost been a part-time job. Now while the other categories here are gearing up (pun intended) this one is winding down. Nearly all my choices have been made. I have a bit more testing to do and may switch some things out still. During my AT hike, even with zero backpacking experience, I did very few change-outs for gear due to the massive amounts of research I did beforehand. I’m hoping all my research will have the same effect this time around as well.


  • Training– this category hasn’t received the attention it should. During non-Covid times, I’m very active in the gym/outdoors 4-7 days a week. Now, during Covid, I haven’t adapted as well as I would have liked. Pounds have been gained, muscles are soft, it’s not ideal. The cold weather here in Tennessee hasn’t helped, but with warm weather in the forecast that’s about to change.  I have several day hikes planned and a couple of overnights. Also, with daylight savings, I’ll be able to get outside in the evenings during the week too.

  • Stuff I’m leaving behind– This category is all the details, big and small, of putting my “regular life” on hold. It’s also probably the category giving me the most stress. It includes Items such as; cleaning out, servicing, storing, and changing insurance on my car, packing and storing my belongings, renting out my house, refinancing my house, changing my mail to my sister. I’m also a big sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters so I’m having to organize Zoom activities for us so that my little doesn’t get bored or not feel included in this big part of my life. And I desperately need a haircut.

The biggest question now is: Now that I’ve told you the zombies are coming in 2021 how many of you hiking this year will be like me and approach a town wondering “Has the zombie Apocalypse started yet?”

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