T-100 Days: Physical Preparation For The PCT

In exactly 100 days I begin my adventure. I’m aware that there is nothing I can do to truly prepare my body or mind for the intense and rigorous nature of the PCT, but every extra mile I walk now will help.

Have you ever heard of those couch to half-marathon training plans? I’ve done quite a few of those in my day, but none quite as ambitious as the one I’m about to share with you. See, this is my own modified couch-to-beast training plan, but this time it’s average American individual to a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker. Ambitious? Yes. But doable.

Strictly Exercise

I want to focus on strength, flexibility, and endurance as I near my departure date. Leg and core strength is critical to traverse thousands of miles nonstop. I’ll continue to build the necessary muscle by weightlifting  three times a week, and keep it limber and my body flexible through daily yoga.

Additionally, I’ll walk for at least three consecutive hours per day to build endurance. Constant walking now will help my body adjust to the rigors of constant walking on the PCT.

Finally, I’ll be doing cross training to keep some fun in my workout routine. My cardio and confidence booster for the week will come in the form of a martial arts class on Friday and a self-defense club on Tuesday. And though I’m aware that these skills don’t necessarily give me a strong hiking body, they’ll help me stay mentally in shape while I train.

Other options I might include in my routine are indoor cycling, ice skating, and Pilates.

Staying Healthy

Another major focus for my physical prep will be sleeping. I’m going to get eight to nine hours of sleep, every night, no excuses. This will help me not only de-stress from my challenging academic schedule this semester, but will also help to keep my body healthy, which I definitely need.

The last focus of my physical prep will be nutrition. I need to fuel my body with plenty of protein, fats, carbs, veggies, and nutrients. I’ll mostly be eating salads heavy with protein, toast with peanut butter, baked potatoes, or whatever is the healthiest thing I can find in the cafeteria.

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