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Here are few of our favorite photos from the week of Aug. 19 to Aug. 26  for your viewing pleasure.

Happy trails!


Day 102 THE END| Although hiking south to reach the terminus was not the ending I expected, it still felt amazing. My 102 day vacation on the PCT has come to an end. I am flying back to the Bay Area tomorrow, and I start school the day after. This trail has been an incredible journey filled with many ups and downs. I’m not going to lie and say I enjoyed every moment but when the lows came they just made the highs that much more worthwhile and reminded me why I love backpacking. I’m sad it’s over but I’m also excited to see friends, family, eat more real food and have a chance to relax a bit more. For anyone thinking about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or even just a first backpacking trip, I can’t reccomend it enough. Even if we haven’t ever met or haven’t talked much I’d be happy to help anyone with logistics and planning. Thanks to everyone for following along and for all of the love and support along the way. I’ll share some more photos over the next month or so and eventually I’ll compile some of the footage I took into a video. I do want to attempt the Continental Divide Trail at some point, no idea when yet, I’ll keep ya posted. . . . . . . #rx100 #sonyalpha #optoutside #neverstopexploring #theoutbound #wildernessculture #hikingadventures #hikingtheglobe #instanature #choosemountains #discoverearth #ucberkeleypov #collegeoutside #pct #trekthepct #backpacking #pacificcresttrail #pctig #hokaoneone #pct2018 #thetrek #ultralight Thanks for the poles @lekiusa

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No, I’m not above showing some leg to get a hitch.

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Part 1 of 2 Mile 2097 It’s been a while since my last post – 1000ish miles – mainly because I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say. But a general update is I’m still walking and having a gr8 time. When I think back to NorCal it all kind of blended together. The heat was unbearable, the climbs were brutal and the smoke obstructed any views beyond 100ft away. Hiking became a chore. I think I just wasn’t in the right mindset, I would do anything I could to escape the monotony of what I was actually doing – which mainly involved becoming complete reliant on audiobooks, podcasts and music to get me through the day. I can’t really focus on more than one thing at a time, so when my headphones were in I was completely removed from what was around me. I’d stroll through incredible vistas and not even notice. I might as well just be walking on a treadmill, and yet I was walking down a trail people dream of getting the chance to hike. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I started to realise that I was throwing it away.

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Nothing quite like a stroll through Kings Canyon to make you feel small.

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Well, I’ve crossed over the Bridge of the Gods into Washington. It’s a privilege to be here, a lot of work went into getting to this point. Only 500 miles of northbound trail left. I will be trying to finish as much of Washington as I can before my parents come visit, and I’ll be taking a few days off in Portland. From there I will be tackling the section of Northern California I missed due to forest fires, and completing Oregon up to Bend. I still hope to finish at the Northern Terminus at the Canadian border, although fires around Canada are currently causing this to be a potential issue. Nonetheless, it feels astounding to be entering the final leg of my hike. There are parts of normal life I definitely miss and am excited to get back to, but there’s absolutely nothing like time spent out here that makes you feel whole and truly alive. Here’s to Washington ? • • • • #pct2018 #thetrek #hikertrash #outbound #trekthePCT #wildnout #thruhike #pctig #natgeotravel #mountainlife #trailblazers #adventurecalling #keepitwild #discoverearth #roamtheplanet #earthpix #liveoutdoors #wildernessculture #staywild #wildcalifornia #backcountry #neverstopexploring #landscape #splendid_earth #optoutside #hikingtheglobe #pct

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After about 3 months of backpacking, we finally made it Oregon. Can you believe California is almost 1,700 miles of the whole PCT? Sometimes it was hard to believe we were still in California, but it has all been worth it…no matter how bad the mountain lion scares have been. Now we are going to head into Oregon with the hopes that we can get as close to the Oregon 14 day challenge as possible. With less than 2 months left on the PCT before I finish, I would truly appreciate a quick donation to: Venmo – @KyleCWicks or a donation to my GoFundMe – Any amount would be greatly appreciated and would go directly back to fueling my journey of hiking 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada! I promise to thank you in the most glorious of ways too. Feel free to put a comment describing what you want me to put your money towards…I.e. food, lodging, beer, postcards, etc. HERE WE GO OREGON!!!

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Officially walked the entire state of California from home! I truly can’t believe it! I’ve learned so much about myself and my surroundings since walking over 1,700 miles. I feel so in tune with my body and have now really seen what it’s capable of. I’m a firm believer that if you lead with the mind, the body will follow and on this trail, so much of it is mental. I spent the last 5 days hiking alone, camping alone, and eating alone, all while pushing 35 mile days to catch my friends. I learned a lot about myself and even more about the purpose of this journey. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. I’m so grateful for all the love and support back home and on the trail. I say this time and time again, I wouldn’t be here, in the shape that I’m in, if it wasn’t for the people in my life. Now on to this 2 week Oregon challenge with some of the strongest, toughest, most open minded people I know! Let’s get it!! ?? #CA?OR #IWalkedHere #pct #PacificCrestTrail #thetrek #trekthepct #Oregon #2weekChallenge #GoPro #zpacks #backpacking #hiking #thruhike #hikertrash #WithMyBoys #WheresMidnight #livelife #lovelife #CollectMemoriesNotThings

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2000 miles and still going strong? ??

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You can always find me where the skies are blue ??

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Day 132: The Smoke. . Well, it finally happened. The smoke finally won. I was 20 miles into my day and stopped at Elk Lake Resort (Mile 1952.6). I had a chicken sandwich, a beer, a Pepsi and a chocolate milk shake. After the inevitable bathroom run, I headed back to trail. I walk about .4 miles and stopped. My body felt great, but my mind did not. . 2 years ago, this month, I went on my very first backpacking trip around The Three Sisters. It’s quite possibly one of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever seen, and holds sentimental value, considering it was training for the PCT. The fact that I was going to be walking through it without seeing shit was deplorable. . I walked to the highway, stuck out my thumb and waited for only about 5 minutes for a hitch. It was a white van driven by a woman, accompanied by her sister and their 3 sons. They asked me about the trail, asked me how I was handling the smoke, in which of course I lied and said it wasn’t bothering me. . Halfway into our drive, a car in front of us hit a fawn. It slid across the road and ran off. I think it was okay, but it was still shocking to see. As it limped away, I hoped that it’s mother was close by. . They dropped me off at a hotel, I checked myself in and before even showering, I laid on the bed and cried. I cried so hard that when I passed the mirror to the shower, I caught my reflection; my eyes were red and rashy. . After buying some Taco Bell, beer, a big gulp of Coca-Cola and a vanilla frappuccino, I went to my hotel, sat in bed and watched tv. I sat there lonely and sad and mentally yelling at myself for being a little bitch. I fell asleep with the television on, hoping that a lot of sleep would bring me higher spirits and motivation (btw i didn’t quit – this fat ass will be walking again on Sunday). . #pct2018 #pcta #pctig

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PCT 2018, 2652 miles in 66 days and 8 hours. 6/3/18 – 8/8/18. PART 1 June 3/started at 1pm at Border ?? 8 hours = 20 miles June 4/ day 1 = 33 miles June 5/ day 2 = 35 miles June 6 /day 3 =37 miles (resupply Warner Springs ) June 7/ day 4 = 32 miles (15 mi official trail +15 mi fire reroute + bonus 2mi to go get water) June 8/ day 5 = 37 miles June 9/ day 6 =39 miles June 10/ day 7 = 40 miles June 11/ day 8 = 26 miles (resupply at Bear City) June 12/ day 9 = 37 miles June 13/ day 10 = 40 miles June 14/ day 11 = 41 miles June 15/ day 12 = 44 miles June 16/ day 13 = 24 miles (resupply at Água Dulce). June 17/ day 14 = 41 miles June 18/ day 15= 41 miles June 19/ day 16 = 32 miles (resupply Tehachapi) June 20/ day 17 = 30 miles June 21/ day 18 = 45 miles June 22/ day 19 = 37 miles (resupply Kennedy Meadows) June 23/ day 20 = 40 miles (Sierras) June 24/ day 21 = 33 miles (Sierras- Forester P. + Glen Pass) June 25/ day 22 = 37 miles ( Sierras -Pinchot P. + Mather Pass) June 26/ day 23 = 34 miles (Sierras- Muir Pass) June 27/ day 24 = 40 miles (Sierras- Selden Pass+ Silver Pass) June 28/ day 25 = 30 miles (resupply Reds Meadow , Sierras Donohue Pass ) June 29/ day 26 = 37 miles (resupply Tuolomne Meadows ) June 30/ day 27= 40 miles (Sonora Pass ) July 1/ day 28 = 40 miles July 2/ day 29 = 40 miles July 3/ day 30 = 33 miles (resupply SL Tahoe ) July 4/ day 31 =45 miles (Donner P) July 5/ day 32 =37 miles (resupply Sierra City) July 6/ day 33 = 45 miles July 7/ day 34 = 43 miles (resupply Belden) #pct2018 #pct #zpacks #crowntrailsheadwear #tailwindnutrition #oakley #altrarunning #injiinjisocks #blackdiamondpoles #westernmountaineering #playtypus #petzlactik #cliffgels #backpackerspantry #bioproprotein #hiking #triplecrown #longdistancehiking #brazilianhiker #mexicotocanada #fastpacehike #outdoors #trekthepct

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On day 55 (August 24) my feet took a beating. I shamelessly admit that I haven’t washed my socks since Ashland, so the rocky trail of the Trinity Alps and Castle Crags destroyed my feet. But the hazy views of the crags were so great that I toughed it out (Gimli gave me his shot sleep socks to help me get through the rest of the 32 mile day). The views are still hazy, but they’re views and they’re insane. It’s been sick to hike with Gimli, the 25 year old piano tech from New York that races sailboats on the weekend, Juju, the 34 year old IT guy from France that’s optimistic as heck, and Comrade, the 32 year old Russian chemistry PhD who’s currently writing a book. Onward! . . . #pct #pacificcresttrail #trekthepct #pctsobo #pctsobo2018 #pct2018 #pctig #thruhiking #hikertrash #ultralight #pctcalifornia #california #latechishere #tinypack #cutepack #cuteboyswithcutepacks #palantepacks #freethehip #trinityalps #castlecrags #norcal

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Yesterday, I finished hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT has been an incredible journey, with lifelong friends, endless laughs, beautiful views, and amazing support. But, it is so much more than that… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s touching the Mexican border. It’s nervously sticking your thumb out the first time you hitch. It’s cowboy camping and realizing it’s not so scary after all. It’s having your hiker hunger hit at Paradise Valley Cafe. It’s getting knocked off your feet from the wind after Whitewater Preserve. It’s watching a rooster terrorize Hiker Heaven. It’s getting lost more times in the forest at Casa de Luna than you’d like to admit. It’s desperately searching for shade under a joshua tree. It’s pushing through the pain of so many blisters. It’s looking up at the stars while you night hike the LA Aqueduct. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s hearing the applause as you walk up to Kennedy Meadows. It’s the views on Mount Whitney that take your breath away. It’s your heart racing looking down the chute at Forester Pass. It’s stabbing yourself with your ice axe too many times. It’s your feet going numb after another river crossing. It’s finally getting to send home your bear can. It’s the moment you realize you may just have your trail legs. It’s the mist you feel from Burney Falls. It’s sweating profusely in rain gear while waiting for your laundry. It’s feeling free in the bed of a pickup truck. It’s that moment you put on new shoes. It’s checking Guthooks and not being on the red line. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s crying in the middle of the trail and not really knowing why. It’s the unexpected trail magic right when you need it most. It’s hugging the Oregon/California tree. It’s the intense blue of Crater Lake. It’s atrocious sock tans that you wear proudly. It’s looking at a river and thinking ‘good flow.’ It’s feeling the wind as you cross the Bridge of the Gods. It’s realizing that plan A never works out (and rarely does B). It’s the views through Goat Rocks Wilderness. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s not losing sight of your dreams. ???

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