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Welcome to our weekly roundup where we carefully select and showcase the most impressive, hilarious, and all-around epic photos taken on the Pacific Crest Trail. Use the hashtag #trekthePCT,#PacificCrestTrail or #PCT2018 for the chance to be featured! Here are few of our favorite photos from the week of  to 9/2/18 – 9/9/18  for your viewing pleasure.

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My last post was me in a hospital bed with what ended up being a mild norovirus. This post is me shotgunning a Dr. Pepper at the PCT halfway marker feeling totally beast mode. I ended up taking the zero on September 1st in Old Station. Juju stayed with me and it was good because the Lightning Brothers, Stellar T, Toad, Oh Well and Bella came into town. I haven’t seen most of those kiddos since Washington. We had a reunion over breakfast food and ice cream at JJ’s. Everyone moved on that day, but Oh Well and Bella stayed behind to rest the rest of the day with me and Juju. The 4 of us camped behind the gas station. They rested their injuries while I tried to keep food down. I felt pretty okay the next morning so we did a short day and camped at the border of Lassen Park. Oh Well spent that evening chasing deer away. They’ll terrorize your camp at night, so you have to sleep with anything that has a trace of salt on it. Worse than bears. Oh yeah I’ve also seen 2 more bears in the past couple days! We made our way across Lassen Park on the 3rd. The park reminded me a lot of Oregon with its dust, flat hiking, and burned trees. There was even a resort on trail. We hiked down and destroyed their lunch buffet. We did a bit more after that to camp by Feather River. That was the first time I slept through the night in a few days. Me and Juju left camp early this morning because we needed to resupply. We did 9 by 9 and hitched into Chester. I wish all town stops were this efficient. We charged electronics, got new O rings for filters, mailed my old shoes home (I carried them for 50 miles), resupplied, and ate some bomb veggie burgers all within an hour. We got a quick hitch back to the trail and climbed 9 to the midpoint where Bella and Oh Well were waiting. We had a little celebration and moved on to hike to camp. Now I’m more than halfway there, lemon and a pear . . . #pct #pacificcresttrail #trekthepct #pctsobo #pctsobo2018 #pct2018 #pctig #thruhiking #hikertrash #ultralight #pctcalifornia #california #latechishere #tinypack #cutepack #cuteboyswithcutepacks #palantepacks #freethehip #norcal #pctmidpoint #mtlassennationalpark #straightedge #drpepper

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Mile 2354 — Mile 2384 This nerd.

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Mile 2000!!!!!!! Only 640 to go. #pacificcresttrail #pct #pct2018 #warriorexpeditions #warriorhike #walkoffthewar #2000

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I have been waiting for this moment all along: I have giardia. Let’s celebrate!! ?? #giardiavictim

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I can’t believe I’m saying this: BUT I’M HALFWAY TO MEXICO! Like, what the heck?!?? As I meditate on this reality, a word keeps coming up in my head: proud. I’m proud of me. I know I still have SO MUCH to go, but to have made it thus far-sheesh?! Because this was the girl that was scared of the dark and doing anything adventurous. This was the girl that fake cried when she got “injured,” so she had a reason to quit. This was the girl who needed to be around people to have significance. And this is the girl who’s going to keep walking all the way to Mexico. I can hear the mariachi band playing at the finish line now! . . . . . . #pct2018 #andshesdopetoo #womanbackpacker #pcthiker #sheadventures #pnwcollective #outdoorlife #adventureculture #mtnchicks #likeamountaingirl #dametraveler #campingcollective #sheadventure #radgirlslife #staywild #letscamp #forceofnature #optoutside #wildernessculture #sheexplores #hikerlife #whyihike #idhikethat #outdoorwomen #wildernessbabes #sheexplores #california #stayandwander #reiproject1440

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Day 57: The healing power of feeling your feelings ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ My alarm goes off at 5:30am and I ignore it. The sky outside my tent is still dark and the air has the chilly feel of summer slipping into fall. “Ten minutes,” I promise myself. “You can stay curled up like this for ten more minutes.” So I do, thinking about how miserable I was yesterday and wondering anxiously if today will be more of the same. I decide to stop fighting it though, to just let myself feel my feelings. “It’s okay to feel however you feel,” I assure myself. And with that in mind I sit up and begin the process of packing everything I need to survive inside my bright orange pack and hiking out into the cold morning. It’s mostly flat for the first 8 miles, with bright green trees and a smoke-free blue sky, and I can’t believe how clear the air is given that we’re walking toward an active fire closure. As I hike I try to find the right combination of clothing for the morning temperature, but I only wind up taking my puffy jacket on and off, on and off, feeling hot then cold then hot then cold, over and over. The terrain is relatively easy today, and yet the miles move slowly. I have a mileage hangover from yesterday for sure; each time I’ve hiked a 30+ mile day I’ve woken up with increasingly heavier legs, swollen feet, and overall fatigue. Can I stop hiking 30s and still get through the Sierras before the snow comes? I think about this as I make my way down a steep side trail to collect water, doing trail math in my head. It was so easy back at home to tell myself I’d be doing 30s every day with relative ease by now, but I had never done a single 30-mile day at that point and you don’t know what you don’t know, right? But what I do know is this: I desperately want to hike this entire trail, but I might need to slow down. Will that mean getting snowed out of the Sierras? Maybe. But as today comes to a close and I set up camp in a small grove of trees I can feel that there’s something inside of me that says it’s time to give myself what I need. It’s time to give myself what I need, and to trust that whatever is meant to happen next is exactly what will happen.

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#pacificcresttrail #pct #pct2018

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#mtrainier what a beauty! #onthewaytocanada #pct2018

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Random pictures from the last leg of the journey. Can’t believe it’s over. #pacificcresttrail #pct2018 #mexicotocanada

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September 7th. Done. What a ride. The PCT is awesome. #pct2018

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Trail magic. Sweet sweet trail magic. My first encounter with it was back in the desert when trying to make it to scissors crossing, a long scorching pretty much waterless stretch. After only completing my first ever 20 two days before I was asking a lot from my body to do it all over again so soon. I had maybe a cup of water left and 11 miles remaining when I came across some dude with a van at a random road playing some tunes and exchanging stories with other hikers who were taking refuge from the heat. I sat down and was so thankful. There was gallons on gallons of water with fresh vegetables and pita bread. It gave me life quite literally in the form of water. Before it I was over heated, exhausted, I was starting to doubt if I could get to the water cache. I had 4 miles remaining when the sun set. It was Pitch black but still felt like an oven. I sat down every other song disregarding spiders and scorpions tell I arrived to the over pass. It must have been a 18 hour day. It was a whole new type pain. It made me question why i was doing this. It was only the third day. Since then I have found refuge in various forms of trail magic. Coolers full of sodas and beer and fresh food, full on bbqs and impressive displays of lavish meals, seeing a sign with encouraging words in the middle of nowhere at a time of need, hiker trash, of course the views, hitches, etc.. Never expect it but grateful when presented it

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