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Welcome to our weekly roundup where we carefully select and showcase the most impressive, hilarious, and all-around epic photos taken by hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail. Use the hashtag #trekthePCT, #PacificCrestTrail or #PCT2018 for your chance to be featured! Here are few of our favorite photos from the week of Sept. 30 to Oct. 7 for your viewing pleasure. Happy trails!



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#rbarenergy #pct2018 #pct #pacificcresttrail #mountains #liveyourlife #outdoors #epic #nature #backpacking

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☄ | ? ? * “That we leave our homes, that we step through our doors to the world, that we travel our whole lives not because we want to collect exotic T-shirts, not because we want to consume foreign adventure the same Western way we consume plastic and Styrofoam and LCD TVs and iPads, but because it has the power to renew us—not the guarantee, not the promise, just the possibility. Because there are places our imaginations can never construct for us, and there are people who we will never meet but we could and we might. It reminds us that there is always reason to begin again.” Author: Stephen Markley #pacificcresttrail #middleofnowhere #giantsequoia #neature #natgeotravelpic #ourplanetdaily #wonderoftheworld #tasmurah #vallee #yosemitenationalpark #goforahike #oregon #choosemountains #naturewalks #backpacks #exploregon #coinpurse #timetoclimb #igersfrance #appalachiantrail2016 #paisatges #natureloversgallery

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new hats the trek


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When I finished the #PCT I was super tired and exhausted – ready to take a break and do nothing for the rest of my life. I was so #happy that this crazy #adventure is over and with such a horrible pain in my legs I said: “I HATE #HIKING AND I WILL NEVER EVER #HIKE AGAIN!” ? Four days later I went for hike. I got up at 7am with #euphoria ?? I felt so #ALIVE and full of energy again! ? Now I’m planning my next #thruhike ? I don’t know anyone who hated PCT more than me – but I don’t know anyone who LOVED it like me ? I feel like I got addicted. And that’s the most important thing in life: DO THINGS WITH #PASSION! ? #NoMoreGoldilocks #pacificcresttrail #pct #pct2018 #juicylucy #czechgirl #who #walks #2600miles #with #smile #hiker #hikertrash #mountains #HolkaSBucketListem #GirlWithBucketList #washington #washingtonstate #PCTig #trekthepct #optoutside

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Walking into the last week on trail ?

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Today it’s the 50th birthday of the PCT, therefore a throwback to one of my favourite days on trail seems appropriate. . We thought it would be fun to spend the night on top of a mountain pass. Somehow we chose Kearsarge pass to do so. At 11.709 feet, virtually no space, cold and windy AF. As a result we woke up in soaking wet sleeping bags. . Even so, we couldn’t have made a better decision. When we got to Kearsarge pass we made our beds (aka pulled out my ground sheet, sleeping pad and quilt) and made dinner (aka boiled water and threw in Knorr package). While we we were doing so we watched the sun go down, changing colour over the snow capped granite peaks surrounding us. . The elevation; the scenery; the company; the snow capped peaks; the bright blue alpine lakes below; the changing colours of the sky; the physical exhaustion from Forester pass and Kearsarge pass (and Mt Whitney the day before); it all made for some of the best dinner time television I could ever wish for. . After all, trading in a little comfort for a ton of experience, awesome views and some incredible memories isn’t that what thru hiking is all about? . #pct #pacificcresttrail #mexicotocanada #pcta #pacificcresttrailassociation #pctig #pct2018 #trekthepct #pctclassof2018 #hike #thruhike #hikers #takeahike #womanwhohike #rei1440project #optoutside #adventure #explore #enlightenedequipment

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I’m done. My 6 month, 2650+ mile trek from Mexico to Canada is over. I’m not really sure how I feel right now and seem to be at a loss for words. I would like to say thank you to my family and friends for supporting me along the way and to all the people I’ve met along the way. To my fellow hikers, trail angels, countless people that have given me rides, bought me food or even just said a word of encouragement at the grocery store; thank you. You make this trail the special, magical experience that it is. I would also like to thank everyone that donated to my fundraising campaign to helped me pass my goal and raise $3000 for the AFSP. I’m not sure if my life will ever be the same after a journey like this and I’m fine with that. . I think Forrest Gump said it best. “I’m pretty tired… I think I’ll go home now” #pct2018 #pacificcresttrail #hikertrash #hikeforacause #mexicotocanada #hikeforacause #thruhike #thetrek #sendit #2650miles #pcta

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ATTENTION ALL PCT HIKERS THERE IS A WILD PINK PANTHER ON THE LOOSE WHO WILL STEAL YOURE PACK AND DO VERY VERY BAD THINGS TO IT, BE SAFE OUT THERE GUYS. I met this man/this whole group at rainy pass just the day before, I decided to roll with them to the border since I was solo and was a little confused about the 21 mile fire alternate reroute that was just ahead. This guy never failed to make every day great, he was always in a great mood, such great energy in this wonderful group I was able to finish the trail with. I still don’t really know what’s going on here I was leading the charge right after a long morning safety meeting watching the sunrise & I looked behind me and saw snake charmer walking with no pack and pink panther had two, I started walking back south to them to make sure everything was ok because it’s very unusual for a hiker not to be carrying their pack unless something happened, turns out snake charmer was just having too much fun walking along this epic ridge line with unmatchable views & wanted it to be even more enjoyable so pink panther forcefully stole her pack and refused to give it back, it was hard to make any miles here due to the incredible beauty we were experiencing. We walked .7 miles stopped for a half hour then got up and walked only another .8 to the water and top of the pass to sit down and be lazy some more & eat lunch. #thedutch #canttrustem #teamunitednations #noman #hopper #trekthepct #pct2018 #safetyfirst #thenteamwork always remember people report ALL pink panther sightings this is a majestic animal that is critically endangered and needs our help to survive! Thanks. #2600milemarker #last50miles #takinitez #alifeaintalifetillyaliveit #themanthemythTHELEGEND #wehike #a lot #PtotheAnther #PINKPANTHER

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#pct2018 #d170 #j170

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A few days ago, I hiked the 12 miles I missed in the desert due to fire. I’m almost finished… #pct2018

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I’ve been a bad boy. Did 600 miles of walking straight without getting off trail. Unfortunately I didn’t have any service during this stretch. Sorry to leave you high and dry. It’s been quite the trip walking through the Mojave, Sequoia & Kings Canyon, Yosemite, John Muir & Ansel Adams Wilderness, and Desolation Wilderness. Being “off the grid” for so long was a truly immersive experience and the longest time I’ve had in the field, straight. Also managed to get up Mt. Whitney (highest mountain in the contagious US) and Forester Pass (the PCT high point). I made it out the other side after a solid 20 days without showering, laundry, internet or other modern amenities. One of beautiful things about living on the trail is truly appreciating and looking forward to seemingly banal and otherwise trivial luxuries of our modern lives. You can’t imagine how great a hot meal tastes after 20 shivering nights and numb fingered mornings. Sorting through some pretty mind boggling pictures, please continue to bare with me you beautiful people. #chasingsummer #pct2018 #PCT

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