Peg Leg on the Trail

Who is Peg Leg?

Hi all! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Madison, but on trail I go by Peg Leg

The name came from the silly way I walked without bending my knee, due to some serious ITB issues while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail last year. Fortunately with the help of an amazing thru hiker physical therapist I was able to continue hiking and complete the PCT.

I am an avid hiker and lover of the outdoors. I first got into thru hiking in 2017. That year I hiked 1300 miles of the PCT in between semesters of college. I was hooked after that. I have been working and saving money to get back out there ever sense.

In 2022 I was lucky enough to be able to attempt a SOBO/flip-flip of the PCT. I started July 8th near the mid way point and headed north from there. I had to jump around some major fires in Northern California and Oregon but was able to go back and piece all of the miles together.

After completing the northern half of the trail I “flipped” back down to complete the final 1100 miles, this time heading south. All in all I was able to complete 2500/2653 miles. I only missed a few small sections of trail were closed when I passed through due to active wildfire.

Towards the end of my hike my ITB injury resurfaced, but I was determined to finish my hike regardless.

I completed my thru hike on December 7th 2022 and then  spent some time in San Diego with my trail family before heading home. But by the time that I finished hiking I was unable to bend my right knee. And this would persist for over a month after going home.


From there I headed back to Massachusetts where I am originally from and where my family lives. And I was able to spend 10 weeks recovering and spending time with family. I occupied my time planning for my next adventure as well

My body healed up right in time thankfully. Then I was able to strengthen and train for about a month before flying south to start my next thru hike.

Now I am about to embark on a walk from Alabama to Maine, known as the Bama to Baxter hike. I’m so looking forward to all of incredible things to come.

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  • Auz : Mar 22nd

    Just read your entire trip so far. Can’t wait to read more of the trip. As a fellow Massachusetts resident as well. I’m looking forward to getting back out and doing more of the new England scenic trail. Did 8 miles sobo last April or may with My gf/fiance (her first real backpacking trip and asked her if she wanted to spend the rest of our lives together at the top of mount grace) found out later on she was pregnant with my daughter (her 3rd) then took off to nobody hike to mount monadnock from royalston on the net in late September early October for my 36th birthday. Hope this trip goes amazing for you.

  • Jeff Greene : Aug 16th

    Do you have any sort of record of your PCT hike? I follow a lot of PCT hikers this year, and have enjoyed your AT posts, and would enjoy reading your PCT adventures.

  • Daren Ransbottom : Sep 30th

    Go Peg Leg go! Just started reading your posts about a month ago. It’s been fun to live vicariously through your journey! Glad you got your shoes! So much trekking idk how you or any thru hiker do it! Canadians are awesome though. My wife and I went to Niagara when our first baby girl was 6 months old. Crossing the bridge to Canada gave us a thrill. It was pretty warm out and I had our daughter in a backpack carrier facing forward. We were maybe 20-25 people deep in line at the walking customs crossing. After a few minutes of waiting in line the cbsa came out and said “you, with the baby, come in” wasn’t sure what to expect but when we walked through and he return to his post, he started our interaction with. “I can’t believe those a**holes didn’t let you come to the front of the line”. We had all the documents needed to enjoy the candian side of the falls so we were on our way. It gave me a new respect for our neighbors. Anyway, keep on keeping on. Look forward to read about the rest of you trek!

    • Sunny Eberhart : Jan 6th

      Well look what Bama to Baxter turned into!
      Now, only a few more days to complete your ECT trek. Take pride in this accomplishment, Pegleg—I’m certainly proud of you…

  • Richard Warner : Jan 10th

    Been flowing you sine Alabama this spring sad news when you said hike is almost over congratulations but I miss reading you adventures Thank you for sharing

  • James Denton : Feb 3rd

    I met “Trucker” on the Natchez Trace yesterday. He told me about your collaboration and his journey. Godspeed to you both.


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