Podcast Prep


You are receiving this page because you have been invited on as a guest of Backpacker Radio.  This means you are interesting and also prefer to be on the outer-side of doors.

Before your interview, here are a few tips to ensure the best possible interview on your end.

  1. Internet speed is paramount.  Slow internet connections will result in lag times in the recording- you know that strange skipping sound that makes it seem like you’re driving through a tunnel.  If possible, we encourage you to plug your computer directly into your modem or router via ethernet cord to ensure the fastest possible internet speed.
  2. Audio quality is…also paramount.  Though not a requirement, if you have access to a fancy USB mic, we strongly encourage that you use it.  Built in computer mics sound a little bit like you’re talking through a tin can.
  3. Subject matter. If you have any subjects in particular you’d like to discuss, please reach out to Zach ([email protected]) outlining these topics.  We don’t want any juicy stories to go unheard.
  4. Conversation flow. Interviews on Backpacker Radio are very informal.  Swear words are allowed.  Fuck.  See?  No worries.
  5. Other Questions? Just ask.

Here’s a baby dolphin.