My last post was about 20 questions I’ve been asked.  

I was asked a 21st question today, one that I hadn’t been asked previously. It was from my accountant. He is not an outdoors guy. Here it is:

Q: So, this hike you are doing – is it some sort of organized tour?

A. No. 

In fact, the way today went, it’s more like the height of UNorganized.  My ride to Springer Mountain has a family emergency, and won’t be able to get away for a road trip to Georgia.  So I’ve spent the day figuring out how I will get to Georgia.  With a dog.  That’s the monkey wrench. If I traded him for a Chihuahua, then I could bring my new mini-dog on a plane in a pet carrier.  I could even trade for a short haired Chihuahua and eliminate a lot of fur and mud.  Heck, I might as well order up a light colored dog so the ticks would show up more easily.  

But I guess I’m stuck transporting a 45 lb, longish furred, mostly black, border collie.  Luckily some friends and acquaintances have volunteered to assist with the task.  

I could have – still can – rent a car. But the logistics are tougher than it looks. I’d still need a ride to Syracuse early in the morning. And if I leave as planned on a Friday there’s no dawdling permitted en route. Because all the car rental places near Dahlonega have short hours on Saturday and none hours on Sunday. I just don’t think I could drive 14 hours nonstop solo.  So I’d have to arrive on Saturday. Then I’d have to find a hotel.  The first place I called required 3 calls just to get a yes or no reply to the question: “Do you allow dogs?” No one knew. The answer was no. 

Then I’d need a cab from the car rental place to the hotel. Followed by a shuttle the next day to the AT.  

So hats off to JB and AG for their transportation offers!

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  • Karla : Mar 1st

    Hope to see you on the trail! It sounds like we’ll be leaving about the same time…I’m getting excited! Glad you were able to work out your transportation.


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