7 Things You Should Never Take Out of Your Backpack

It’s tempting to shuffle these items around when you are off the trail but prevent yourself the trouble and just leave these items where they belong: in your bag.  Keep it simple and happy trails!

1. Crocs

Yes, they’re ugly. Yes, people will look at you as you awkwardly squeak by but they are bomb proof on the trail. Depending on the size of your shoe, Crocs can weigh anywhere between 12 and 16 oz. The adjustable heel strap makes it effortless to attach to the outside of your pack and the holes provide plenty of ventilation. For those who complain about their feet sweating in the rubbery shells, there is an easy fix for that problem: put your boot insert in them when you get to camp. This will put your bare feet against cloth rather than plastic.

2. Gorilla Tape

Gorilla tape–Duc tape’s stronger cousin–will become your best friend on the trail. It redefines multifunctional. It can be used from anything medical related to basic shoe repair.  How could anyone  justify carrying around a huge roll of gorilla tape in your pack? Simple: Wrap small strips of it around your trekking poles or a pencil stub. You won’t regret it.

3. Deet

There are lots of bugs in the woods and many of them are after your blood. Save yourself the slapping and itching and invest in a 1.25 fl oz bottle of Deet.

4. Headlamp

Just leave your headlamp in the brain of your backpack. Never take it out when you are off the trail. You will inevitably forget to put it back and realize it when you are 20 miles into your hike. Not good.

5. Lighter

Always keep a lighter with your cook set. Also, do not ever remove this item from your bag. These are the kind of small items that never get replaced and will really mess you up in the backcountry.

6. Gold Bond

A 1 oz bottle of Gold Bond will make your feet happy, your skin happy, and your tent partner happy. Leave the deodorant behind. Powder is much more versatile and lighter. Do make sure the top will not spin open and deposit powder drifts in your bag.

7. Purification Tablets

I prefer Aquamira because it’s easy and light. I keep them on an outside pocket for easy access. Forget to replace these babies and you may be looking at a raging case of the trail runs.

Keep these items in the bag!

Keep these items in the bag!

lead image: Garry Knight

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  • Jason Walker : Dec 20th

    Small blue tarp and small lightweight cord. Can come in handy almost every trip, at the very least it makes a nice dry spot to take a break on.


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