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Aaron Ibey

Hey guys! My name is Aaron I'm 20 years old from Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm setting out to hike the Appalachian Trail in early March, I can't wait! I recently graduated High School last spring and decided to take a gap year before I head into the "adult world" (whatever that means...). I'm a photographer, skateboarder, and adventure enthusiast. Along the way on my hike I will be photographing my trip along the AT, in hopes of creating a photo book of the A.T. as well as the people that help the A.T. both on and off trail. I'm very excited to blog for Appalachian Trials! Happy hiking!

Alan Goodwin

Just a 29 year old guy from New Hampshire who will be attempting to hike the AT starting in late March 2016. Everyone has their own reasons as to why they are hiking the trail. I suppose mine are similar to others – need an adventure, need a change, have big dreams, want to live life to the fullest etc. etc.My goals of this blog are to hopefully provide everyone a little bit of entertainment, a little bit of inspiration, and most importantly to let my parents know that I’m still alive.Working 8-5 for the next 35 years (with a few vacations mixed in) scares the shit out of me. People live their lives in a magnitude of different ways. Find something that you love and do it because you want to, not because society told you to. (this whole paragraph is such a cliché)I’ve had people ask me if I am hiking for a charity or for a cause. My answer is no, I suppose that is selfish, but you shouldn’t donate to a cause because someone is hiking the AT, you should donate because you want to. If you feel strongly about one specific issue you should contribute in any way that you can. Whether that is cancer, ALS, or the heroin epidemic is a huge bitch right now.If anyone wants to send me anything along the way (another selfish statement) snickers and whiskey are encouraged items.

Alex Frank

Hey! My name is Alex (at least for the time being). I graduated college about three years ago and have been working since then. After a long career in the corporate world, I decided that it was time to retire and start a new adventure. This trek has been a dream of mine for years now and I can't wait for the experiences to come. For me, the spiritual journey is just as important as the physical one. I will be attempting to hike the Appalachian Trail NOBO, starting mid April!

Alex Mohrman

Alex is currently studying Environmental Science at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. As soon as she graduates this May she will be trading the beach for the mountains and embarking on a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail!

Amy Bee

I love backpacking, but it is not something that comes easily to me, which is why I am so enamored. As a person that struggles with a mental illness, it is common to live in my head and be at the whim of my emotional impulses. Backpacking demands I get out there in the physical world; it helps me to be present, to work, to overcome obstacles, and find success on top of mountains. It pushes me to be tenacious and accept emotional transience. Besides, the best places in the world are the ones you have to walk to! I will be thru hiking the PCT in 2016- you can follow along here, and read about past PCT adventures at gottahike dot com.

Andria Schmitz

Well hey! I'm Andi, a traveler currently pit stopping in the Midwest. I'm a jogger, tea enthusiast, banjo listener, and in December, a recent college grad! My post-college plans are slightly deviated from the norm, as the AT is first on my list. Follow my wanderings and we'll most likely learn a few things together as I journey north to Katahdin.

Ashley Schellhase

Appalachian Trail Southbound 2016 | Pacific Crest Trail Southbound 2017 | GA hiker trash

Aundrea J

Hey Hey Hey! Aundrea here, I am an aspiring 2016 Appalachian Trail Thru-hiker.Mother of a pug and a plus size feline . Lover of life, laughs, and leftovers. Wanderer, adventurer, and beverage enthusiast. I dream of mermaids and motorcycles and meeting a man who can dance.


Growing up in the south as a displaced northerner, I've never been able to fit in perfectly anywhere. After subsisting on little more than dirt and pennies as an AmeriCorps and SCA intern at Bear Mountain State Park, I rekindled my love for all things green, dirty, and 100% natural. Follow my adventures as I head northward on the Appalachian Trail on February 27. I promise I'm sort of funny.

Ben Moster

Hey folks Ben here! I recently graduated from Kent State University in December with a Bachelor's of Science in Aeronautics. In my last semester I spent more time studying the AT than I did studying for classes. I've got some time to kill before I start a new job and I can't think of a better way to spend this time than on an epic adventure.

Beth Harper

Hi! I'm Beth. I like singing disney songs in the shower, coconut flavored anything, and really terrible puns. You can usually find me rereading one of my favorite books, searching for treasures in thrift stores, or lying in the sun and pretending that I can tan. My husband Jordan and I fell in love with hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We are thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail NOBO starting in March.

Brenda Whaley

Hi, my name is Brenda Whaley. I'm a 60 year old mother, grandmother, retired teacher, dog lover, bike rider and thru-hiker wannabe! Happily retired and living an active life, Larry my husband of 43 years, and I were looking for a little more action than breaking in the porch rockers. What could be more in tune with that idea than hiking 2,189.2 miles on the Appalachian Trail? We moved to Piedmont, Alabama next to the Chief Ladiga Bike Trail where we ride our bikes on an average of 100 miles a week. We found that The Pinhoti Hiking Trail connects with the bike trail. Having hiked the AT approach trail to Springer Mountain in Georgia our interest was peaked, so to speak. We will begin our flip/flop thru-hike adventure April 2016.


In no particular order, part time: brewer, hiker, kayaker, driver, traveler, photographer, and cook. Someday I'd like change that to full time for one or more of those. I've known about the A.T. for as long as I can remember. My grand parents lived in Harrisburg and hiked sections of it. I'm not sure when I got the notion to do a thru-hike. I'm fairly certain it wasn't in my head upon graduation of H.S. or after getting out of the Navy as those would have been perfect times to do such a thing. Guess I was too worried about getting on with life and doing the "responsible" thing. I want to change that. And I'm hoping 2016 is a good year for a NOBO.


Hi guys! I'm Cat! I am a recent graduate of the University of Georgia and now I am out adventuring through Colorado while in grad school for military counseling. I love school, Colorado and my job at REI but I am choosing to leave it all for 6 months to walk through the woods with a true friend who was crazy enough to join me. From Colorado to Georgia to KATAHDIN!I am excited about joining this community! Please feel free to reach out to me -- I would love to hear from you!

Charles Edwards

Recently retired 63 year old husband, father of two and grandfather of 1. A 40 year career in adult and juvenile corrections now behind me, I look forward to a bucket list adventure of a thru hike of the AT. Now with the time, health and resources I can actually attempt this adventure. Please, keep me in your prayers!!!

Claudia and Andrew Carberry

AT Class of 2016! We loved life on the trail and didn't stop there. New Zealand called and we spent 3 months volunteering on local farms and hiked many trails on both islands. We've settled back in Arkansas where we have section hiked the Ozark Highlands Trail, Buffalo River Trail, and plan to section hike the 200+ mile Ouachita Trail in 2020. We also provide nutrition consults for hikers with our site Charge the Trail: Nutrition for Long-Distance Hikers.

Cole Farnum

I'm Cole and I'll be starting my NOBO thru-hike on New Year's Day, January 1st @ Springer Mt. My passions include learning, teaching, physical challenge, the combination of the three being the biggest of them all.

Colleen Goldhorn

Hi! My name is Colleen, but I'm better known on the trail as Spot. I am a PA native who now calls the mountains of Colorado her home. My days are spent as a graphic designer and photographer, but I spend every available minute of my free time outside. A few years back, I discovered the AT and since then it has been the #1 thing on my mind. Since 2016 I have hiked over 1,000 miles of the trail, with plans to some day stand on top of Katahdin with all 2,200 miles under my belt. You can usually find me somewhere in the mountains either hiking, skiing, or rock climbing. Happy trails!

Corinne DuBois

My name is Corinne, but you can call me Cori. I am a 25 year old piano technician and bagpiper finally realizing a childhood dream of thru-hiking the AT. I love music, literature, hot chocolate and laughing. I hope to emerge from this journey of a lifetime (at least) alive, wiser, stronger and with tons of great stories to tell.


Hi, I'm Jon! I'm an Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker NoBo Class of 2016! My journey officially begins on March 7th, but I feel like I've been on it for about six months now. I'm a beard fanatic and a lover of all things outdoors. I have tattoos, piercings & a kind nature. During this journey I want to grow as a person and experience the outdoors from a different perspective. I want to become more emotionally aware and connected and always see the world through curious eyes. I'll be thru-hiking with my friend Josh so get used to seeing him on here! Hakuna Matata and Good Vibes.

Dave Michel

Trailname - Pitchit. Newly retired, went for a walk in the woods on the AT March 21, 2017 on a Supported Thru Hike with my wife, Tidbit. I'd sectioned about 60% of the AT; found out I'd done the easy parts! In 2009 I broke my ankle between Lafayette and Madison in the Whites; but the rest of NH and south Maine were harder! I made it 2070 miles when a stress fracture on my right, 3rd metatarsal sidelined me. Close. Will go back to finish the unfinished part in Maine in 2017.

Dawn Webster

Dawn plans to end a 5 year "optimistically quarter-life crisis" with a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. This journey has already included becoming a physician of acupuncture, herbs, and traditional Chinese medicine and traveling throughout 40-ish countries, often with trumpet in tow. Why not reintroduce myself to American culture with a walk in the woods?

Deb Beck

I'm a 50 year old photographer, writer, wife, mom and grandmother. I attempted a 2014 thru-hike but due to injury I sadly came off the trail 225 miles in. I am currently planning my return to the trail in February 2016 with the love of my life. We will start over at Springer and hopefully this year we won't have a foot of snow underfoot.In 2014 I wrote "On the eve of setting out to explore the life of a thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail I’m ready to embrace that sense of freedom and adventure. I love the outdoors, sleeping in a tent, yet I despise wearing shoes and hate the cold. So beginning our hike in mid-February will be a testament to my determination to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail." Those thoughts have never been more true. There isn't a thing I would change going back out in 2016.A perfect day for for me is hiking, where I can let my mind wander and photograph the beauty surrounding me and finishing out the day chilling with fellow hikers, sharing our experiences.


Hi there! I am Debi. While toiling away in the corporate realm, I read an in flight magazine article about the Appalachian Trail and thought "someday". Many years, career and lifestyle changes later, I have decided that "someday" is now. Cooking has always been my passion and now it is my profession. Some would say I live a nomad life. I say I live a blessed life with the support of a great family and framily. Planning my 2016 thru hike has been a borderline obsession for over a year now- let's do this!


I quit my job in 2013 to thruhike full time. So far, so good! This year I'll be on the Pacific Crest Trail. "Thruhiking is sweet misery."

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer started backpacking in 2011. Since then she's completed over 6,000 miles on America's hiking trails such as the PCT, CDT, and Colorado Trail. A glutton for punishment, Dora is now planning her biggest trek yet; 5,000 miles in one season. Details on which route she will be hiking will be announced soon :)


Hi! My name is Jamie. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapist, following my dream and thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail! I have been an avid hiker since I was 7 years old! I also play ice hockey and soccer and am just generally pretty active. I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades with a background in art and education and I love being inspired by the outdoors! I look forward to meeting everyone this year on the trail. Happy hiking everyone!

Duke Conrad

I'm a former teacher and administratort and recent graduate from work . I'm also a husband, father of two and friend to many. I live in Suffolk, Virginia and I had a rather strange experience about 5 years ago that I can only describe as an "epiphany" of sorts. It was about doing a thru-hike on the AT. Short story made long, the plan is to flip flop starting March 13, 2016. Stay tuned.......and follow my brother, "Shrek" , newcomer to our adventure, niece "Scout"and I (Chopper/Bandanaman) as we start our great adventure!

Dylan Siebenhaar

I have modest credentials and probably even less credibility. I have a high school diploma and several years of drudgery behind me as a member of the workforce. I recently quit my job to walk the Appalachian Trail for reasons still obscure to even myself. I have ideas that I hope to express to you as lucidly and honestly as possible.

Dylan Tonkin

I have spent my lifetime chasing big rapids, mayfly hatches and whistling wings. I was the kid who grew up in the outdoors away from video games and TV. As a youth I spent time hiking the trails of PA including the AT. I was the kind of kid with the full length map of the AT on my wall growing up. I finally took control of my life and thru hiked the AT in 2016. It opened up my eyes to so many new and exciting things and helped me to develop a better understanding of the world, and more importantly, myself.

Eliane Coates

Hi my name is Eliane, you can also call me Elle. I am from Frederick, Maryland and recently graduated college from the University of North Carolina Asheville. In Summer 2015, I served as the Visitor Service intern at ATC Headquarters in Harpers Ferry, WV. Here, my dream began to thru hike the trail and I will head NOBO in March 2016.

Emily Holzhauer

My name is Emily and I’m from the middle of nowhere Illinois. In December 2015 I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Southern Illinois University. Much to my mother’s dismay, I will be setting out to thru- hike NOBO March 2016.

Eric St Jean

Eric was the name given to me at birth. Originally from the Great White North and raised in the Land of The Free you may hear me say "y'all" and "eh" in the same sentence. After spending years in New Hampshire's Whites and catching the essence of AT thru hikers I am happy to finally say that it is my year. Happy Trails! #AT2016

Erin Briggeman

Hello, I'm Erin! I'm taking a shot at thru-hiking the AT starting late April 2016. I make illustrations, I make cookies, I make puns, and I'm pretty stoic about getting rained on, so as far as I'm concerned, that's the whole checklist of AT pre-requirements completed. Let's go do this thing.

Ethan Deshields

Greetings! My name is Ethan, I am 23 years old from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'll be meandering NOBO in March of 2016! If you wanna see all things from great humor/puns to plain griping, to my love of enchiladas and Jesus, then you've come to the greatest thing since free WiFi! This is the journey of me.

Eva Briggs

I'm a family doctor in upstate new York and have always enjoyed the outdoors. My undergraduate education is in forestry. I'm a search and rescue volunteer and my border collie Boomer will be hiking with me. I've wanted to hike the AT for 40+ years and decided that 2016 is the year to go for it!

Fast Eddie

I'm a 63 year old medically retired (limbic encephalitis) airline pilot. I've been married 35 years to a wonderful woman. We have two independent and thriving children. My hobbies have included reading, music, motorcycle touring, and competitive aerobatics in my small bi-plane. I don't compete anymore because of the LE. I got into long distance hiking on the Northern Route of the El Camino de Santiago, about 700 miles including side trips. Looking forward to the challenge of the AT and the characters I'll meet along the way. If you see a black hatted, white bearded old guy just staring into space, please aim him at the next white slash a give a little shove. Thanks. I am doing this as a pledged hike. If anyone is interested in contributing they can go to and sign up as a sponsor. The organizations I'm targeting are the Mayfield Education and Research Foundation and the Red Rock Community College(Tyler Hagaman Scholarship for Physicians Assistant students. Mayfield funds Neuroscientists who have promising ideas to help understand a wide variety of neurological disorders including limbic encephalitis. The Tyler Hagaman Scholarship is aimed at Physicians Assistant students to help them finish this great program. Tyler died during his last year in the program. It didn't take long to recognize in Tyler many of the characteristics that he shared with his peers and friends; a love of the outdoors and outdoor adventure, a playfulness that he was never shy to express, and a big and willing heart which, I think, is a generational continuation and gift from his parents. This scholarship is a fitting way to remember Tyler.

Gabe Burkhardt

Howdy! I’m Gabe. I am a… Househusband? Digital Nomad? Professional bucket-lister? I guess so, maybe. I’m currently in Bucharest, Romania and not having any luck with my part-time quest to hunt down the elusive herds of vampires that supposedly originated here (I’m convinced HBO has hired them all and moved them to Louisiana to handle the stunt scenes for True Blood). Time for a more realistic goal. This will be the third time I’ve hiked along the Appalachian Trail, but I’m determined to keep hiking until I figure out who I am and what I want to be when I grow up (or I get to Katahdin).I firmly believe that the pen is mightier than the trekking pole. Armed with an ApplePencil (affectionately known as Slim) and a trusty iPad Pro (Gertrude), I will force those 1000ft summits into submission (I’ve received written assurance from a very reputable source that there won’t be any ascents greater than this), and tame the ferocious tribes of bearded backpackers that inhabit the brown strip of paradise known as the AT.If you’re still hungry, you can find additional digital sketches and pebbles of wisdom at

Greg Ward

Born and raised in Montana, a deep curiosity for the outdoors seemed to just come along with my DNA. My second lifelong passion started in the kitchen watching my mom cook three meals a day. Cooking is a love of mine, mostly because it involves eating the end-product!! My life progression has been an amazing adventure, leading to my position as a Backcountry Chef. This has allowed me to experience the deep trails of the Western United States and Alaska. The scenery has been stunning, the relationships lasting, and the wildlife mesmerizing. As I cross the half-century threshold into my 50th birthday, my next step is to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. My family supports my lifelong desire to travel 2,189 miles by foot: to slow down, to reflect, to be fully thankful. I invite you to join me and follow along on my Big "5-0"Adventure. Always follow your heart. Cheers!


HaHa attempted a thru-hike in 2015 and made it 1300 miles before breaking her wrist. !Que lastima! She's returning to the trail this summer to complete the NY --> ME portion with her beagle buddy Roan. (Yes, Roan like the Mountain!)


I was born in PA in 1991 and raised in the town of Blacksburg Virginia just a bit away from the AT. After completing a degree in Environmental science I moved to New Jersey for a few years and realized I really wasn't into the desk job thing. I decided that now was a really good time to hike the AT so after being reassured by my mother I decided it was a swell time to give it a try.I like home brewing, cooking, nature, and laughing.

Hollywood Coquito

Howdy, my name is Victoria, just call me V!I like solitude, hiking, training dogs and spending time with Andi, my partner in crime. Andi (You can see her in the photo with me) and I are AT Thru Hikers In Training


Trail name: Rucker! Completed a NOBO thru-hike of the AT in 2016. Attempting a SOBO thru-hike of the PCT in 2017. Born and raised on a farm located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Currently residing in Charlottesville, VA. Favorite Mountain- Mary's Rock, Shenandoah National Park. Favorite trail food-Maple, brown sugar oatmeal with a packed out mushy banana and instant coffee. Favorite piece of gear- a plastic spoon I got for .99 at Mountain Crossing, GA. Most quoted book- The Alchemist

Jacqui Reed

Hello there, I'm Jacqui. I'm 29 and the first epic journey of my new year will be this thing they call a thru-hike. There are so many wonderful things about life I couldn't possibly list them all, but my favorites are: hiking, writing, reading, football, OCR, animals, photography, and Daryl Dixon. I feel more at home in the woods with my dogs than I do in a crowded room or a party. You'll see me (or read about me) NOBO March 2016 on the Appalachian Trail with my long-time best friend Kimmy and my dog Panda. You can't miss me, I'll be the one just winging it.

James Scott

I was a 34 year old tech support analyst, but in 2016 I quit my job and moved out of my apartment to go hike the Appalachian Trail! It took me six months to get from Springer to Harper's Ferry, so in 2017 I'm back to try to knock out the northern half, starting at Katahdin. I'm no hiking expert, in fact I've generally been fairly ignorant, but you can laugh along at my mistakes and mishaps, while hopefully I learn a thing or two about this hiking thing.

Jamison McLean

Out of shape, 40 year old gamer, trying to have a little adventure. Starting in May of 2016, I'll be doing a flip-flop hike of the AT, to raise money for Extra Life, the children's charity. I'm a big fan of the following: Pizza, beer, sitting on my ass and binge-watching TV shows, and riding my Harley. I don't sound much like a good candidate for a thru-hike, do I? To support my quest for Extra Life, go to

Jennifer Meadows

Hello! I am a future 2016 AT NOBO thru hiker. My journey has started with making preparations for an 11 April 2016 start date from Springer Mountain, Georgia. This hike is dedicated to my Mom and the Green Berets I was fortunate enough to live and work with in Afghanistan.

Jeremy Morris

"A truly remarkable 23 year old Paramedic from Western Massachusetts" -USA Today "Jeremy has been totally successful in everything he's ever done, ever." -People Magazine "You're hiking the AT in one shot? Southbound? You're so neat!" -James Franco "I don't know who you are. Leave me alone. Take your latte and leave before I call the police." -Cashier at Starbucks Add me on Snapchat! Jeremy.Morris

Jolly Green Giant

Howdy eventual blog fans! My name is Morgan Mons but you can call me the Jolly Green Giant for short. Anyways, I cane up with the psychotic idea to live outside for 5 or 6 months on the AT when I was spending time up in New Hampshire with mi Familia and I noticed a couple white blazes on top of Mt.Washington and I truly thought that someone decided to graffiti a perfectly rectangular white blaze because they were polite but unruly ruffians but with further questioning I was enlightened to the wonders of the AT and all that it has to offer so here we go!

Josh Lichti

Hey Folks! My name is Josh Lichti. You can find me on the trail as "Clawhammer". I am a 30 year old Ontario born tree planter who currently lives in Vancouver. I have a weird, rare condition where I can't stop playing my banjo! In early June of 2016 I will begin the SOBO journey of the Appalachian trail.

Josh Wender

My name is Josh, but you can call me Der, Tweak, or Mr Khaki Pants. I'm currently working at an advertising agency, but I want go back to school for a Masters in Under Water Basket Weaving soon. I like to get outdoors as much as possible, hiking is my preference. I also enjoy food, a good book, peaking under scabs, and laughing at my own jokes. I try not to take life too seriously and collecting experiences is my main goal.

Katie Brown

Katie was born and raised in Connecticut, but now calls the great state of Utah her home. In 2009, Katie earned the trail name ‘Wilderness’ on the most poorly planned winter camping trip of all time. In 2015, Katie finished her 3-year section-hike of the Appalachian Trail, but she decided to just keep on walking because she was really good at it. Katie is a better dancer than Drake and has been told she has a nice smile. Katie finished her thru-hike of the CDT in September of 2016. She plans to continue walking towards her Triple Crown, as well as every other long trail that exists in the coming years. Next up: the John Muir Trail.

Katina (Arachne) Daanen

In 2016, I set out to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail as a flip-flopper but my attempt ended after 1300 miles. I started in Shenandoah National Park summiting Mt. Katahdin on August 23, four months later. During the winter, I decided I should finish what I started and headed back to the A.T. on May 2, 2017 departing from Springer Mountain. I arrived at my 2016 starting point at Rockfish Gap on June 30. I’m also a paddler who has canoed the 428-mile Wisconsin River from source to mouth and twice completed the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

Kelly Edwards

I'm Kelly. I graduated in May with a bachelor's degree in English and Anthropology, and right now the big question everyone wants to know is what I plan to do with it. Currently, the only answer I have is, "hike the Appalachian Trail." When I'm not hiking, you can often find me at a yoga studio, hanging out at goat farms, or running. You can follow my adventures (including the AT) on Instagram @kelly.edwards_

Kelly Souva

Hi! I'm Kelly! Unfortunately my thru hike isn't going to happen as planned so instead I'll be starting a long ass section hike at the NOC on March 20! I'm a 27 year old lover of nature, reading, kayaking and backpacking. Eventually (maybe) I'll graduate from U Toledo with a degree in Environmental Biology.

Kendra Jackson

Hi! My name is Kendra, and I'll be starting my NOBO Appalachian Trail thru-hike on March 4th, 2016. I'm a proud Mainer, and a recent Husson University Marketing Grad. Joining me will be Tyson, my best friend for over a decade and the love of my life. This will be the first of many long distance adventures, so follow me on my journey from Springer to Katahdin!

Kenna Bresser

I'm going to hike the AT in 2016 and it's going to be in tents. (get it?) However I'll be in a hammock so it won't literally be in tents but no need to get hung up on it. I'm an outdoorsy nerd who is excited for going on an adventure. Rocky roller-coaster ahead of me and it's going to be epic.

Kimmy Morris

My name is Kimmy but you can call me Sprout. I enjoy music, nature, & all things related to coffee. I'm a 28 year old mom & wife who accidentally discovered a love of hiking after spending all of my life living in Alabama. Turns out the world is not all square, flat, & beachy! Who knew? I then convinced my best friend, Jacqui, & her dog to join on a little walk from Georgia to Maine. I will be heading out NOBO March of 2016. Stay tuned because this could get interesting!

Kira Thornley

I'm Kira. I have a neat life with a job, a boyfriend, and great roommates (my parents). In 2016 I'm leaving the job and the roommates and taking the boyfriend to ride into the sunset. Or just hike the Appalachian Trail. If you like what you see, check out some of my other stuff at!

Laurel "Duchess of Slug" Seus

Hi! I'm Laurel and completed a flip-flop thru hike hiking NoBo solo from Spring Mtn. to Damascus and continuing SoBo from Mt. Katahdin back to Damascus with my boyfriend. I'm a twenty-something recent University of Tennessee graduate who grew up in the Smokies and decided it's time to take the ultimate tour of my home mountain range. In addition to mountains, I enjoy riding all kinds of bicycles, scaling rock faces, and begging for affection from dogs.

Leah Bear

I'm 30 years old from Destin, Florida. I love to play in the sand but also enjoy conquering mountains. Anything outdoors will usually keep me smiling. I'm also a mutt lover, avid jogger and travel enthusiast who can always appreciate a local brewery. An Appalachian Trail thru hike has been on my bucket list for far too long and I think it's time to give this dream a go come early April. I just hope this beach girl can handle whatever mother nature throws at her. I like to think that stepping out of our comfort zone is one of the best ways to, here we grow. Here's to new experiences and happy hiking.

Leah Cornwell

Passionate about the outdoors, a self-proclaimed gear geek, a former All-American athlete and Firefighter/EMT, a current client advocate for the homeless in Gainesville, FL, and mom to a wonderful 3 year old (golden retriever) named Shelby. I will attempt the adventure of a lifetime in a 2016 Flip-Flop thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. I can't wait to test myself, to find myself, and to be part of something bigger than all of us through this adventure!

Les Mayo

Well, first and formost, I'm a hiker. I've been known to enjoy a good cocktail and sometimes I eat fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I also eat meat. I'm a world renowned hitman and double agent. Hobbies include quantum physics, million dollar backroom poker games, assassinating public figureheads, and feeding the ducks in the pond. I've negotiated peace treaties between extremist religious factions and I've also been to the moon on more than one occasion.

LightFoot Tracks

Hey! We are Heather and Dan. The meaning adventure and travel for us has evolved over the years from party backpackers who's idea of exercise is popping out to get another six pack, to where we are today, which is two ultra runners who have spent the last 2 years driving the Americas taking in some of the most iconic hikes on offer along the way. As our trip progressed so did the focus on hiking, organically the idea of a thru hike began to form in our minds. It became the solo topic of conversation on long drive days and the pillow talk after long days spent hiking the Andes. We love hiking and the outdoors but most of all we love challenge and adventure, which we believe the AT will offer in spades. We are under no illusions, it will be hard and there will be crappy days (they usually make the best blog posts) but as with anything in life it is this adversity that makes the rewards oh so much sweeter.


I'm Linde, a twenty-something Dutch-American hybrid. I grew up in below-sea level Holland, always looking forward to the summers spent in national parks across the USA. Nowadays I play with swords, make puns, read books, eat doughnuts, make pictures, have a bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology, and the love for the outdoors never left. Onwards to Maine!

Lisa Maher

YO! I'm Dill - a 23 year old Canadian who is all about cats, puns, winter, and chocolate. In spring 2015 I graduated from Trent University with a BSc in Biology but I truly believe adventure is the best way to learn so... I'm currently doing a 2016 NOBO thru hike! It's inTENTse! I love to laugh and be silly. I just want to live a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life.

Liz Schmitt

My cousin and I are two college grads with little direction in life. We will be leaving our dogs, partners, and family behind in Kansas for 6 months to hike the NOBO AT in March 2016.

Lydia Armstrong

Well, hi there! I'm Lydia, an aspiring thru hiker testing her luck on the PCT beginning April 19, 2016. I like to think of myself as an outdoor enthusiast with a decent sized vocabulary, but I'm sure I'll prove both of those things at least slightly untrue at some point along this journey. My hobbies include making myself look like an idiot, laughing way too often, correcting the grammar of NY Times Bestselling novels, and eating way too much food in a single sitting. I've been itching to trade in my sparkly work flats for muddy hiking boots for over a year now & I cannot wait to get out there! Feel free to check out some of my other shenanigans over at

Mariah Bardwell

I'm just a girl from the Pacific Northwest who's decided to explore the other side of the country the best way I know how, by heading NOBO in March 2016 from Springer! Barista by trade, but soon to be thru-hiker this season. Leaving behind my husband and pups to fend for themselves while I set off to eat oatmeal in the woods for six months may not be everyone's cup of tea(or in my case coffee) but to me it sounds like a great way to round out my twenty fourth year on this earth. I can't wait to see you all in that green tunnel!

Michelle Strong

My name is Michelle. I started my journey as a section hiker in June 2015. It changed my world. I came home, sold all my belongings and decided to live a different type of life. An authentic life. I am moving to Belize in October and will live on the island of Caye Caulker until April 2016 when I plan on getting back on the Appalachian trail for my thru-hike!

Mike Mayfield

Hey Guys! I am a 28 yr old nurse who has lived his entire life in the City of Brotherly Love. I've been hiking and camping my whole life with the Boy Scouts of America. I decided this year was a good year to check off a bucketlist item. I just graduated from Drexel university with my BSN, and to celebrate I am quitting my job for 5 months and as of April 1, joining the class of 2016 NOBO hikers.

Mischa Egolf

Hi! My name is Mischa (pronounced like fish-a with a M), but my trail name is Tripwire. I completed a NOBO through-hike in 2016 with my adventuring partner Caleb (aka Limbo). Even though I've conquered the AT, I plan to continue adventuring and sharing my thoughts on the wonderful world of hiking. Thanks for reading!

Molly Brown

Hey guys, I'm Molly and I am graduating from high school in January. What better way to celebrate than spending the next few months in the woods detoxing from all that. I love nature and being outside, if that wasn't implied... and with recent health problems, is there a better way to prove your body is capable? Anyway, if you're vicariously going to hike the trail with me or we might cross paths, I am sarcastic and love to make the uncomfortable and negative into a laugh, so maybe you'll be able to pick me out from the crowd... see you out there!

Molly Bybee

Molly Bybee. Call me Training Wheels. 25 year old Kansas City native. Future music therapist. Avid YA novel and pizza connoisseur. Ex-competitive rower and current Netflix binge-watcher. Fair weather Royals fan. I'm postponing completing my Master's to undertake a NOBO thru-hike beginning March 18th. I promise, at least my mother thinks I'm funny.


Hi, My name is Lorene and I am attempting a thru hike leaving in March 2016. I am a 50 year old wife to one, mother to two, and grandmother to three. I grew up in a small fishing village on the coast of Maine where I grew to love nature and the great outdoors.This hike is one of the few selfish things I have done in my 50 years on this earth and I intend to treasure each and every moment.

Nichole Young

Hello, I'm Nichole, AT class of 2016! I walked from Georgia to Maine (4/25-9/22) to test my limits and strength, to be a badass, and to show myself that if I can do this, I can do absolutely anything... and also raised $2,500 for clean water in the process. Summer of 2017 will find me backpacking the Mini Triple Crown: Long Trail, Colorado Trail, and John Muir Trail. I'm currently living in northern NJ with my incredibly supportive and non-hiking husband, working multiple jobs to fund my mountain addiction, and working on my new website, You can also see what I'm up to on Instagram, @nicholeyoung1.

Olivia - Blueberry

Hi, I'm Olivia - a runner, hiker, and environmental scientist. Born near the halfway point in the rocky state of PA. I like pets, gear, and inspirational Jenn Pharr quotes. "Blueberry" - GA->PA 16

Patrick Murray

I thruhiked the AT in 2016 and moved out to Colorado afterwards to keep the party going! I'm currently perfecting the art of being a weekend warrior, working as a wastewater operator during the weekdays and exploring the mountains in the evenings and on my days off

Pen-Dexter (Jared Townley)

I graduated from Valparaiso University in 2015, now I am leaving the "normal world" behind to experience another adventure in the obscure and crazy life that I have lived. The best part? I can't remember what made me want to do it...

Phil Shipley

I am 67 years old twice retired and still working. 8 months ago I got to a point in my life where I just needed to get away for a while. then I had an epiphany, hence my trail name epiphany, go hike the Appalachian trail. I was an environmental engineer for 18 years then opened a custom furniture and cabinet shop and now I work customer service for Publix supermarkets. I want to blog my trip so my friends and relatives can follow my progress and also to tell other seniors that it is never too late for an adventure. I am excited about beginning my adventure on June 3, 2016 from springer mountain.


I'm a 24 year old creative, long distance hiker and photographer. In 2016 I thru hiked the AT. In 2017 I completed 1.7k miles on the CDT and the Long Trail in Vermont, making for an epic hiking season.I regularly blog on my personal site and here at the Trek. I write, shoot, and all that good stuff in the off season.April is just around the corner...

Rebecca Hatch

Just a girl in the world looking for an adventure. I love travel, yoga, vegan eats, singing, dancing, and modeling. Born and raised in Nebraska!

Richard Mackenrodt

Hi everybody, I'm living in Munich, Germany. Working as a screenwriter and novelist, I started long distance hiking only 3 years ago. Since then I hiked more than 1.200 miles on the St. James' Way, from Munich to St. Jean Pied de Port in France. I love hiking the Bavarian hills and mountains. In May 2016 I plan to start a NOBO thru-hike on the AT.

Rob Davis

Software developer, Improv performer, Netflix addict. All exchanged for 5 months on the trail.

Ronen Schatsky

Hey, I'm Ronen--known on the trail as Mogely. I graduated high school in NYC in May 2015; instead of going straight to college, I decided first to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail! I started March 9th at Amicalola Falls, and finished on August 17th on Katahdin. I'll miss cruising down the trail, whistling in time with my steps. I enjoyed the freedom that comes with a task so basic--to walk from Georgia to Maine, somehow or other. I felt myself growing stronger every day in body and mind. I hope that this winding path will largely define the way I approach the challenges of my future. Onwards with the journey, over the hills and more!

Sara Ecay

Howdy! I'm Sara and I will be setting out in March 2016, with my trusty mutt Jetta, to achieve my childhood dream of thru hiking the Appalachian Trail. I'm a 26 year old Texas born and Tennessee raised adventurer and lover of nature. I have a special passion for animals and make my living as a veterinary technician. I could count the number of overnight backpacking trips I've done on just 2 hands but I enjoyed the heck out of each of them, so I've decided to take 6 months away from my wonderful life and amazing husband to hike the entire 2,200 miles of the AT. I foresee this being one crazy adventure so stay tuned!

Scotty Hayden

hola! I'm 25 years old and I think I might be having a mid-midlife crisis. Straight outa the burbs of Philadelphia, PA & on March 17th I'll be embarking on a 2016 NOBO AT thru-hike!

Shauna Sergent

Hi everyone! I just turned 30 this past year and have decided to take a year sabbatical from life to travel and see the world. I figured there is no time like the present for a big adventure! I love to stay active and explore new places. I will kick off 2016 with a trip to South America before becoming a NOBO thru hiker on the AT. I am a little nervous going alone, but hope to be a stronger person from it!


About to finish my second Spartan Trifecta in November then I'm officially focused on the AT. Flip-flopping or section hiking it-whatever you wanna label it.I'm 39 and decided a few years ago to stop bein scared of everything and just go do it. I've had reservations about it the night before the big plunge, but never regrets after finishing. People ask me why I'm doin these things and my answer is just,"Why not?"

Stephanie Cortes

Howdy, I'm Stephanie. If we happen to meet on the trail, meow at me and we will probably be best friends.


We are the Mountain Mutts, one crazy unschooling mom, three wild kids, and the original Mountain Mutt (our Golden Retriever) plus our newest mutt, Gooch the Pooch named after Gooch Gap Shelter on the A.T.

Taylor Ciambra

Born and raised in the hills of Connecticut, I fell in love with hiking after summiting Mt. Washington during college. Since graduating, I’ve lived in Southeast Alaska and various national parks out West. I love making theatre, asking big questions, and telling stories.You can also check out more of my AT ramblings at:

Terry Gandy

Hi, my name is Terry Gandy, Trail name Cotton. I'm a retired engineer and am excited about sharing my 2016 NOBO (northbound) thruhike experience through my Appalachian Trials blog - Thanks, Zach!I've lived in Wisconsin for about ten years moving here from Kansas by way of Arizona, Nebraska and Missouri, where I was born and raised. I've appreciated what each of these states have had to offer in terms of the outdoors, geology and natural history. I'm especially looking forward to what the AT has to offer.As Colin Fletcher said in his book, River, "The man who takes the last step of a journey is not the same man as the one who took the first." I hope you will join me in my journey by checking out my blog from time to time.

The Stones

Hello friends! We are Josh and Maranda Stone, a happily married couple from North Georgia who had big dreams of completing the AT in 2016. We dreamed about a thru hike for some time, and we were finally able to make it happen this year! From March to August, we walked our way from Georgia to Maine and had the time of our lives! We hope to continue to share our wisdom and crazy stories with you here, so stay tuned!

Tracy Cherf

I grew up on the West Coast and I am currently living life in Middle Alabama with my husband of 30 years. (I Just realized I have lived half my life in Alabama) I am getting ready to hit the big 5-0 while hiking the trail in 2016. I enjoy painting and drawing. I also like outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking, camping and shopping at REI. (Well, it is an outdoor store!) I also enjoy taking cruises around the Caribbean, to Alaska, and to Bermuda. I have two grown daughters, a son-in-law and a grandson. I am a full time animal lover and a part time smart ass.

Victoria Ketteringham

Hi, I'm Victoria! I'm from Toronto, Canada. When I'm not working or walking, I can be found eating popcorn and drinking tea, reading young adult science fiction, saving all the banana flavoured candies for last, or watching children's movies. I am currently preparing for my 2016 NOBO thru-hike!

Victoria Wilkinson

When I was six-years-old, I met a woman wearing big, brown boots with red shoelaces. She told me she was training to hike the Appalachian Trail. Thirty-five years later in 2015, I followed her footsteps, and I brought my husband, Charlie, along for the ride. In 2016, we're heading out on the Continental Divide.

Will Babb

Hi! I'm Will, and I'm 18 years old and an Eagle Scout! I'll be thru hiking the AT starting in May 2016 right after I graduate high school! I spend most of my time running, fishing, camping, and hunting. I can't wait to hit the trail in May!

Yard Sale

Hey there! My name is Stephanie (Yard Sale), I was born and raised in the middle of no-where Wisconsin and now reside in Charlotte, NC. July 2016, my boyfriend Gordon (Cardinal) and I are breaking free from our regular routine to thru hike the AT, SOBO.

Zoë Symon

Hi! I'm Zoë. By trade, I'm a User Experience Designer living in La Grande, Oregon. By passion, I'm a full-time adventurer who enjoys hiking, skiing, globetrotting, reading, and baking. In 2016 I completed a NOBO thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, and have been trying my best to get back to trails as much as possible ever since. Why the AT? Growing up in North Carolina instilled in me a love for the Appalachians that I haven't been able to shake (not that I'd want to), so it seemed like a perfect first thru-hike. My current backyard is the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, and I've loved exploring all that it has to offer.

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