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Hello! I am a semi-retired construction professional and a thru hiker wannabe. Way back in 1977 at the age of 19, I took a term off from college to hike the PCT. Life got in the way of doing another big hike until 2017 when I retired and did a NOBO on the AT. Since then, I have also done the CT and TRT. In 2022 I changed things up and did a bike tour, pedaling from Yorktown, VA to Astoria, OR. In 2023, I'll be doing the AZT, starting in mid-March.

Adventures of Jeff and Sarah

Howdy! We are Jeff (TBD) and Sarah (Filibuster or Fili), and we are hiking (tramping, as the Kiwis say) the South Island Te Araroa NoBo in New Zealand. We have put cramped cubicles and fluorescent lighting on hold while we travel the globe for a year-ish in search of adventure, awesome trails, great beer, and decent coffee (tea for Sarah). We are relatively experienced backpackers, but Te Araroa is our first thru-hike. We are also as far from hardcore backpackers as we think we can possibly be. Jeff carries quite a bit of (un)necessary electronics with him, and Sarah struggles with her pack’s total weight (it might have something to do with having a first aid kit that has her ready for any potential mega disaster). We also find ourselves to be the last people to reach various campsites; not sure if that's because we are slow or everyone else is superhuman (leaning towards the latter). We hope you enjoy our adventures as well as lessons learned :) If you want to check out more and join us on the trail, follow us on Instagram, visit our website, or peruse our YouTube channel. //// //////

Al Marriott

Al, also known as Lookout, is a 2022 Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, traveller, and photographer. Currently taking on the Pacific Crest Trail, you can see photos from his hike on Instagram: @adventuretogether.ig and also view his Art Photography on his second instagram: @afrocrow Al regularly releases hiking vlogs on the YouTube channel: Adventure Together. He also co-hosts the weekly "Trail Therapy" podcast, available on all major podcast platforms.

Alan Carpenter

I love long-distance hiking and cycling adventures. At age 62, I got the long-distance hiking bug on the John Muir Trail. Since then I've hiked the John Muir Trail (again, that time with light-weight gear), the Colorado Trail (twice), the PCT, the AT and about 60 percent of the CDT. My cycling adventures have taken me across the USA west to east twice, north to south twice, and south to north once. Over the past three years, I've been plagued by a right leg/hip injury that I think I've finally licked. Now, with 76 birthdays under my feet, my wife, Betsy, and I will embark on the Camino de Santiago in late April. Assuming that I hold up, I plan to finish the CDT this coming summer. Yee-ha!

Alejandra May

Hi! My name is Alejandra (she/her), trail name Mariposa. I'm originally from Mexico but now live near Indianapolis, IN. As an archaeologist, I spend most of my time outdoors, but nothing compares to a good ol' backpacking trip. Thanks to my mom, I discovered backpacking in college and haven't looked back since! This year (2023) I completed an attempt to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. What an adventure! Feel free to follow along as I write about my 2198.4-mile journey! Happy trails!

Amanda Hughes

Hey World! I'm Amanda - trail name TBD- and I'm setting out on a solo SOBO- thru hike of the Long Trail in 2023. I am originally from Hamilton, ON, sometimes I let my "eh? slip", but live in Michigan with my husband and two dogs. I have hiked Isle Royale and Picture Rocks National Lakeshore twice, many miles on the North Country Trail and last year completed the Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota. When I am not hiking I am fly fishing, knitting or busy teaching kindergarten! Cheers!!

Amelia Hill

I’m a 19 years old, and from a small town in Montana. I have been active in the outdoors since I could walk. I enjoy hiking (obviously), fishing, hunting, skiing, and basically any outdoor activity. I’m taking a year off from college in order to hike the PCT, and my April start date is fast approaching!


Hello All: Im 50, from NJ with my dog. Just us until adopted by a Tramily. Say high in early Maryland April 2023. Section hiking until I retire.

Andy Mac

My name is Andy Mac. I've set my ordinary life afire in order to thru hike the Appalachian Trail in 2023. I'm leaving behind extraordinary friends and family for a new adventure away from the stuffy office out in the great wide open.

Andy Valdez

Hey! I'm Andy and I plan on hiking the PCT in 2023. I enjoy many things from doing magic tricks to golfing and lacrosse to fishing. I plan on hitting the trail immediately after I graduate college in 2023.


Hi! My name is Annick, I'm a mountain enthusiast born and raised in a country below sea level. Hiking the PCT in '23 for charity. Thank you, United States, for letting me visit and hike your west coast mountain trail, and thank you, dear reader, for following me along for the hike.

Atlas: The Tree Stomper

Welcome to the Adventures of Atlas: The Tree Stomper My city name is Robb Nasty and I am 6’2”, weighing in at 200lbs, hiking out of "The Greatest City on Earth" Sin City, Las Vegas, NV, and a former combat sports athlete with a wild personality. Embarking on an epic snow year, I'll be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail North Bound, accompanied by my majestic Siberian Husky, Zeus. Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to conquer every mile, be it traversing mountains of snow, navigating around raging wildfires, encountering bears in search of sleeping bag burritos, or even indulging in the occasional sketchy-looking hot dog. I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for those who might regret not attempting something great in life, for all the dreams left unfulfilled, and for those held back by the opinions of others. This journey is my pursuit of a personal life goal and a way to recharge my organic battery. So, follow my journey to learn more about us. I'll be sharing this adventure of a lifetime with you and willingly accepting the consequences of this decision when I return to civilization. Robb Nasty & Zeus Instagram: @LoneWolfLasVegas @RobbNasty702

Bad Ass

Hi, my name is Beth, aka Bad Ass and I’m attempting to hike the PCT NOBO 2023. I’ve previously section hiked about 900 miles of the PCT, but this is my attempt of a long distance thru hike. I’ve hiked the CT, JMT, HST, TCT, WT, EBC, O trek, and mountaineered Shasta, Hood, Whitney, and half of Rainier. I hike for grief therapy, as I lost my 21 year old son in 2018.


Hey World! I'm Eileen - aka Bagel - and I'm setting out on a North-bound through hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2023. This trail has been a lifelong dream of mine, but my backpacking experience is rather limited... feel free to follow along as I mosey toward Maine over these next few months. Cheers!!

Beth Malchus Stafa

Hi from Grandma Gatewood’s hiking grounds, the Hopewell Culture’s Serpent Mound, and Lake Erie. We are Beth and Tom, trail names Dessert Queen (one who looks at the dessert menu first before the entrée) and Mr. Rook (one who plays chess), lifelong hikers who are setting off on our next adventure, a flip flop thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. Our journey begins in April 2023 as we willfully step onto the Goodloe E. Byron Memorial Pedestrian Walkway to cross the Potomac River with our backpacks filled with gear needed for this six month journey. We are embracing the spirit of the month and the characteristics of the Jungian archetype The Fool by demonstrating confidence, persistence, and courage. We believe that it is not too late to aim high, to practice joy and awe, to be curious and try new things and to face the unknown together.

Bill Clark

I am recently retired and about to start my first thru hike. It is my hope to begin a NOBO trek of the Appalachian Trail spring of 2023. It would be an understatement to say I was just a little nervous at the prospect of pursuing such a daunting adventure. I look forward to sharing my progress with family, friends and fellow hiking enthusiasts. I welcome your moral support and look forward to sharing my experiences.

Bill Tracy

Hello, I am a 55 year old semi-retired architect. In the last few years a couple close friends passed away and made me realize life is too short, and the time for adventure is now! I have decided to try to flip flop thru hike the Appalachian Trail starting the first week of April. My wife has graciously allowed me 6 months to complete the task. Follow along with me on the journey if you are wondering how fun / difficult / scary it is. As my carpenter says 'The only way to do it, is to get it done.'

Björn "Refill" Dziambor

Hi, I'm Björn, from Kiel, Northern Germany. I'm a 35-year-old Civil Engineer and will attempt a Nobo on the PCT in 2023. As an alien, there's lots of stuff to do, before you lock your house in Germany and move to the U.S. for half a year. I love being outside, hiking, climbing, running, and swimming. Cooking, Baking, and dehydrating Food is also a passion of mine.

Brad Brannon

I am a retired Army veteran who is starting a SOBO hike on the AT this summer. After 20+ years of service, most of which was overseas, I am looking forward to the opportunity to reconnect with this beautiful country and meet new people who enjoy being out in nature. This is my opportunity to decompress from Army life as I look to begin a second career after a successful AT thru-hike, and I understand that many veterans are looking for nature-based solutions to their various health issues. I will be raising funds for Camp Resilient in North Carolina to help their efforts in providing these services for active duty service members, veterans, and their families. You can donate using the "tip the author" function, which uses a GoFundMe link that directs 100% of the contributions to Camp Resilient. Happy Trails!


Hello! I'm Alex. Or during certain periods of my life, Braveheart. I hiked the PCT in 2013 and after a hiatus am attempting the CDT this year! I got into thru hiking / the outdoors writ large through my college outdoors club, NUHOC, as well as a NOLS semester in the Yukon.

Brayden Fracchia

We are Brayden and TJ - an Australian/Canadian couple thru hiking the PCT in 2023. After adventuring together in Australia for nearly 8 years, we have decided to make the move across the Pacific to explore North America for a while. We also have a cute dog, Olive, who will be joining us after the trail.

Bridget Kennerson

Hey everyone! Like many thru hikers, this has been a goal of mine for a very long time. I just graduated college with a mechanical engineering degree and couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than 4-5 months strolling through the woods! I'm from NH and heading northbound with my younger brother. As my dad likes to tell people, they are dropping us off somewhere in GA and making us walk home. Thanks for following along!

Cari Pattison

I began thru-hiking north on the Appalachian Trail in March of 2019. With steep climbs and even steeper learning curves, the AT was everything I'd hoped for… until four months in, I broke my ankle in New Jersey. With a newly strengthened distal fibula, I’ve made my way back to the trail and pieced together 400 more miles over the past three years- a journey filled with rocks, roots, and rattlesnakes- plus new trail friends to help weather everything from tornadoes to trailer hostels. Inspired by little churches along the trail, I took a call in 2020 to pastor the Woodstock Reformed Church in the Catskill Mountains (NY). My hope is to complete the final stretch of NH and ME before I'm 50! (i.e., before July 2026), to officially finish my "M.Y.T.H." - or, Multi-Year Thru-Hike. Best of all, I’m now joined by my rescue pup Ollie, who shares my love for town treats, petite gear, and cozy shelters in the rain.

Carly Wiechnik

Hi I'm Carly! I’m a treeplanter, artist, and nutrition student, living in BC, Canada. I hiked the Vancouver Island Trail in 2022, and have my sights set on the Colorado Trail for 2023! Tune in to my trail tales on this blog :)

Carol Fielding

Heyo! I’m Fortune Cookie. In late March of 2023 I began NOBO thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. When I reached the summit of Katahdin, I checked the AT off my bucket list. The trail and her hikers taught me so much. Here's to learning, growing, and changing for the better. The day-jobs I left behind for six months were part-time newspaper reporter, weekly columnist, and part-time sales at an art gallery. When I returned to 'real life,' I became a full-time newspaper reporter. I'm currently writing a book about my thru-hike. When I’m not working, I enjoy hiking, beach glassing, chasing waterfalls and catching up on sleep.


Hi everyone! I'm so thrilled to share moments of my experience on the Colorado Trail with you. Thanks for being AWESOME and taking time to follow along :)

Chana Putnam

"Welcome, fellow backpackers! Get ready to join me on an epic journey like no other as I tackle the legendary John Muir Trail. Brace yourself, because this year we're facing Snowmageddon with record-breaking snowfall and water crossings that would give even Moses second thoughts. Yep, I'm certifiably insane! But hey, who better to inspire you to step out of your cozy bubble? Let's embrace the great unknown, meet fascinating new souls, and push ourselves to the limit. And if we're lucky, we might just stumble upon nature's magical healing powers along the way. As a seasoned solo backpacker, I've discovered firsthand the transformative escape from the relentless rat race. It's a simpler life, free from judgment, where challenges become stepping stones and personal growth is inevitable. Oh, and did I mention I'm a sleep connoisseur? Swinging in my feather-filled hammock, I've perfected the art of a good night's sleep amidst the elements. And don't even get me started on my meticulous obsession with every single gram—Hey, I'm no camel! So, let's embark on this adventure together, where laughter, tears, and the occasional tumble are all part of the package. Because let's face it, life's greatest adventures are the ones that push us to our limits and leave us with unforgettable tales. Buckle up, folks, because we're about to make some extraordinary memories!"

CJ Roberts

My name is CJ and I am originally from Queens, NY but have spent most of my life in Northern VA, where I currently call home. I am 47 years old and spent the past 20 plus years managing and helping to open restaurants up and down the East Coast. I still can't believe that in 2023, my girlfriend Brandee and our cattle dog, Beo, are headed north on the AT from Springer Mountain, GA. I am looking forward to sharing this incredible experience of a lifetime with all of you!

Cobweb Rose

My name is Emily (aka Cobweb Rose), and I am an aspiring Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker with the Class of 2023. I start NoBo in mid-March, and I can’t wait to share my adventures with you! I have a small teddy bear dog named Riley who joins me for day hikes, and I live near Asheville, NC. My night job is as a travel ICU nurse, and I love exploring new places. Favorite national park: Acadia. Favorite hike: the Beehive in Acadia. Favorite Food: Sushi! Favorite movie: The Hunt for Red October or Zootopia (it’s a toss up). Fun fact: I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd (Go Gryffindor!). Happy trails, all!! Follow my adventures in video form at

Courtney Branson

Hi, I’m Courtney! Normally you can find me exploring the mountains of East Tennessee, but this year I will be hiking the Appalachian Trail! I will be setting out NOBO on the AT with my dad, my boyfriend, and my dog, Jake, in early April.

Courtney Long

I'm Courtney, a registered dietitian in the outdoors! I'm 28, originally from Massachusetts, grew up exploring the mountains in New England and recently relocated to Denver, Colorado! I love skiing and hiking in basically all of my free time, and have plans to section hike the Colorado Trail this summer/fall and the Four Pass Loop in June! Lofty goals I know - but for those who have hiked in the white mountains of New Hampshire, you know I'm well prepared!

Daddy Warbuck$

I'm a middle-aged guy from Minnesota who's been in the Air Force his entire adult life. I'm a dad/husband with 2 kids and 2 dogs. I'm backpacking the CDT NOBO in May of '23.


Hey, I'm Daisy (he/they), and that's Miska (she/bear). We hiked the PCT in 2022 and are coming to do it again 23, because the trail is home now. We sometimes live on the unceded lands of the Tonkawa in what's now called Texas. Daisy hiked the PNT in 2021 and works in footwear at REI. Miska did not hike the PNT, is unemployed, and tried booties once but decided they're dumb. We're both very impressionable.

Dakota Churchill

Hey there! My name is Dakota (trail name Reset) and will be thru-hiking the AT as a Flip-Flopper. Originally from San Diego, I am an avid hiker, camper, traveler, and outdoor enthusiast. However, I have never thru-hiked before, so I am so excited to share my journey with you! Expect my raw thoughts, feelings, and if I have the brain-energy for it, lots of puns. Follow my journey on The Trek, Instagram @_the_rambling_rover, or at

Dana Tokarzewski

Hiya! I'm Dana (insert trail name here) and summer 2023 I'm tackling the Long Trail in Vermont going northbound as my first ever thru-hike.

Darby McGhee

Hi everyone! My name is Darby, I'm 25 years old, and I'll be hiking northbound on the PCT starting April 30th! I'm looking forward to sharing my ups & downs, highs & lows, and all of the good stuff in between. Thanks for following along!

Dave Gunther

Dave Gunther, a 45-year-old Canadian backpacker. Here you will find stories, tips and insights about his travels around the world. Whether you are a backpacker yourself, or just curious about his experiences, you will enjoy reading his posts. He writes with honesty, humor and passion, and he hopes to inspire you to follow your dreams and live your best life.

David Firari

Howdy! My name is David (he/they), but I go by "Good Soup" on the trail. I'm hiking NOBO on the Appalachian Trail in 2023. I will be documenting my preparations and journey with blog posts here on The Trek. And you get to read them! How neat! Subscribe to my Trek articles if you like 'em. Instagram: @hopefully.its.david

David Smith

My name is David “Wazo” Smith. I live in Phoenix in a high rise, 22 floors up - not exactly backcountry. I love hiking, backpacking, camping, and bicycling. I’ve backpacked in a lot of great places - the Annapurna region of Nepal, Denali NP, Cotswold Way in the UK, the French portion of El Camino (Le Chemin de Compostelle / GR65), Canadian Rockies. However, my favorite trail remains the AT. I love thé Eastern Forest and the AT Trail culture. For more of me, you can checkout my blog, primarily pics, at or on IG @wazohikes I can be reached at [email protected].

Deb James

Hello! I'm Oz. I'm a latecomer to backpacking but after completing a NOBO AT thru-hike in 2022 I am hooked on the lifestyle. I am also a budding gamer (or boomer gamer as my grown children call me). This fall I am SOBO on the Arizona Trail.

Deesha Shah

Hi, I'm Deesha! I'm thru-hiking the AT NOBO. I enjoy solving NYT Crosswords, watching soccer, and grabbing drinks with friends. How will these hobbies translate to success on the trail? We're going to find out together! Insta: @deeshastrailgram

Dennis DeLay

Hi, I'm Dennis. I am a recently retired electrician. I spent 37 years in Local #3, IBEW. I have a beautiful wife, three great kids, 1 handsome son in law and 1 beautiful daughter in law. I start my trek in less than three weeks. I'm ready.

Derek Witteman

Sup Fam! My name is Derek “Witch Doctor” and I'm thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail NOBO in April 2023. Im from Paradise, CA originally and now I live in San Antonio, TX and have had the pleasure of living in WV, HI and Honduras in between. In no particular order I'm a physician, veteran, hiker, nerd, jokester and student of the game. Follow my journey on The Trek, Facebook or Instagram @Barkelycharles.

Dulce Wassil

I'm a mid 40s Wyomingite with a passion for the outdoors. I'm am archaeologist who specialized in remote sensing and faunal analysis (I look at animal bones), but makes a living bartending these days. This gives me more time to ride my horses, and go rafting, and atv riding, oh, and maybe hiking. On occasion ; p.

Elise Romberger

AT NOBO 2023; 6/48 NH 4000'. I've been dreaming about an AT thru-hike since the pandemic. Now, in between jobs, I finally have the time. When not on trail, I am an attorney, tabletop dungeon master, SCUBA diver, home cook, wife, and pet mom. Subscribe to my articles to follow along, or follow me on Instagram: @eliseisontheAT.

Elliot Rollason

Hey! My names Elliot (he/him) and I am hiking the AT with my wife Britta. I'm a Brit who moved to America 4 years ago to live in the Smoky Mountains. I lay claim to the titles of 'Worst Boy Scout of all time' and 'Most likely to overpack on a trip'. Both of these titles lead me to believe that Britta and I will have nothing but success on the trail! Follow me on the gram @rollason94

Emily Rahn

My first thru-hike was the Colorado Trail in 2019. It spurred further adventures such as the South Dakota Centennial Trail and an attempt of the Uinta Highline Trail. Last summer I thru-hiked the AT northbound, it was an amazing experience! This summer I am reuniting with several tramily members to hike the PCT northbound, starting in the first half of April. My AT spirit animal was the Eastern Red-Spotted Newt, what will it be on the PCT?

Emma Ramsey

I’m from Gilmanton, New Hampshire, but I am currently living in the woods, AKA hiking the Pacific Crest Trail! I've done most of my hiking in the Belknaps and White Mountains of NH, which is where my love for hiking grew.

Erin Eberhardt

I'm a music teacher (she/her) from Vermont who is setting out to thru-hike the AT with my best friend! I'm trading ski season for grassy balds, sugaring season for ramen noodles, and playing music for listening to the birds. I'm most looking forward to eating sour gummy worms every day for 5 months.


After beginning my thru-hike of the PCT last year I was found to have a fractured T7 which led to a density scan to find I had the beginning stages of Osteoporosis. I went back to trail immediately to continue another nearly 4 months. So this year on my 2nd step to achieving the Triple Crown of hiking I am taking on the Appalachian Trail and raising awareness for this crippling disease of Osteoporosis. This is my journey.

Fresh Prince

Hi, I'm Fresh Prince (she/her)! In 2023, I completed an 850-mile LASH of the Appalachian Trail from Harpers Ferry to Pinkham Notch. I'm currently writing about my post-hike adventures on my personal blog at

George Preiss

I’m George from the Old North State. I’m going AT Northbound this March with my daughter, Madeline. Looking forward to all the upcoming adventures, and bloggin’ about them for anyone interested in following along… yeehaw!

GMG (green mountain girl)

I am an avid hiker and backpacker, living in Vermont. In August 2000, I caught the AT fever, when I hut-hiked in the White Mountains and met friendly and enthusiastic thru-hikers. Between 2000 and 2013, I section-hiked the entire AT, mostly during my summer vacations. Each step of the way, I yearned to return to the AT for a thru-hike. Now that I've retired, this is the year!

Grace Mumm

Hi, I'm Grace! I'm an avid backpacker and an Iowa native. I've called both coasts my home- and in a few short months, I'll make my home on the PCT. I'm a chef by profession, and when I'm not on trail or in the kitchen, I'm rock climbing and camping as much as I can. Happy reading and Happy Trails!

Graeme Mahon

Graeme Mahon (he/him) can best be described by his record collection, the length of his attention span, and his unending quest for a good story. Don't get it twisted - while his name might seem like a mouthful, it's just the cracker, only not spelled the same. Graeme's super stoked to be sharing his journey on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2023, a dream he's had since humble beginnings of deep-dish pizza and Cubs games back in 2017. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Graeme's love for the outdoors began at a young age in the Sleeping Bear Dunes of Northern Michigan and the Yuper (Upper Peninsula), continuing to blossom as he explored the American West during his collegiate summers. After completing a thru-hike of the John Muir Trail in 2021, Graeme graduated college and moved into his Subaru, working seasonally as an outdoor educator, guide, and ski bum on the West Coast. He's super psyched to bring you all along on his journey of blistered toes and alpine sunrises. Cheers!!


Acrostic introduction N. Not entirely sure why I'm so confident in my ability to do all things. My track record says I should think otherwise I. Incredibly stubborn. My will is strong like bull. C. Cheech and Chong, David Goggins, Zorro the pirate Hunter, and the honorable and majestic Bigfoot are all my patronus's . K. Keep Will Smith's wife's name out yo mouf. But You should know I'm okay if you think my wife is a badass. I'm super grateful and appreciative of her support of my quest . I'm also appreciative of anybody also chooses to follow along.

Halle Homel

Hi, I'm Halle! My first thru hike was a lesser-known long distance trail in Southern California called the Backbone Trail. I've been solo hiking for about 5 years now across 50 states and 51 national parks. Other than a hiker, I'm a rock climber, dog mom, vanlifer, wilderness guide, outdoor educator, and more than anything, a leave no trace advocate. Give me ponderosa pine trees, wildflowers, sunrises, and mountain peaks and I'll be a happy hiker! You can follow me at @halletreks on all social media.

Hannah Reyes

Hiya! I'm Hannah, a PCT NOBO hiker, and tuna enthusiast. Yep, you read that right. Tuna. I'm leaving the sweet plains of Ohio to hike the PCT this year, but was born and raised in San Diego, and I am beyond stoked to hike the full PCT. Follow along to hear about the ups, downs, and everything in between on this blog and on my Instagram @hann_reyes.

Hannah Vickery

Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm currently hiking the Te Araroa Trail in Aotearoa, New Zealand. I believe coffeeshops are worth the detour and extra socks worth the weight. When I'm not hiking, I spend my spare time skiing or swimming in lakes, annoying my friends with dad jokes and puns, cozied up with fantasy fiction books, or checking things off my yearly Birthday Bucket list.

Hedy Brown

Hiiiii! My name is Hedy. I am a current Chattanoogan setting out on the Appalachian Trail this year with my best friend and co-conspirator in ridiculousness, Julia. I am a semi-retired elementary school teacher, excellent pasta maker, fast-talker, and wannabe Mainer. I am eager to share my hiking story with you! You can follow my journey on Instagram @hedyandjulia !


Hey there! My favorite trail greeting is howdy, and I know that I'll have lots of opportunities to say it this summer on the PCT. I can't wait to graduate from college and get on the trail! I'm one of those crazy people with very little to no social media, so if you want to follow along, this is the place to find me.

Helena Algermissen

My name is Helena and I'm a thru hiker, artist and molecular biologist. My greatest passion is the outdoors and when I first heard about people hiking long trails, I immediately knew this could be my thing. Ever since my first backpacking trip in 2017 I've hiked the Kungsleden in Sweden, the GR221 in Spain, the Harz Witches Trail (twice) in Germany, the Slovenian Mountain Trail (SMT) in Slovenia and the GR11 in Spain (in that exact order). Until now I am mostly thru hiking in Europe but next year I will finally embark on my longest hike (and longest dream) yet, the PCT! But so much about the future, this year I will be hiking the SMT again because it's been my favourite trail so far and I'll take you with me on the blog :-)

Issy Bonnin

Hi! I’m Issy (she/her), a 23 year old Australian who’s currently walking a SOBO end to end of the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia! Follow along as I walk over 1000km from Perth to Albany.

Jamie Bone

My name is Jamie Bone. My mother describes me as feral. My husband loves me because I'm wild. My friends say I have a way of allowing others to be themselves. Whatever the reason, I'm fortunate and grateful to have wonderful people in my life while I explore this playground called Earth. If I come across you on the street, I'll probably want to hear your story because I love talking to strangers. Loves: backpacking, animals, food, art, games, learning, naps, love

Jenny Reed

Middle aged woman saying YES to Adventure. A "retired" stay at home mom to 4 grown young adults and 2 dogs. Married to my college sweetheart, who is also my "sponsor" of my attempted Thru Hike - thanks Honey! While grateful for my new beach living location, finding the country club life a bit too slow. The Mountains are calling...


Welcome to joining my adventures as we journey through this thing called life. May our time shared be one of mishaps, laughs, and unexpected turns. For a real time glimpse at my mostly Minnesotan life, check out my snapchat jtheresas!

Jessica Donnan

My name is Jessica, I am a 29 year old Registered Nurse from Canada. I set out to thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail on April 17, 2023. I am very excited for the big hike, and I am trying to get mentally ready to conquer my number one fear (rattlesnakes!) Instagram @jessicad1493 Tik Tok @jessicadonnan

Jessica Rhane

I'm just a girl named Jessica from Pennsylvania. I have an amazing wife--my biggest supporter--and 5 crazy cats that make our days amusing. I'm headed NoBo on the AT with only a year of backpacking experience but hey, how else do we learn? I like long walks through the woods, drinking filtered creek water, and wondering if that noise was a bear who's about to eat all my food. Side note: I'd like to thank Doug for the inspiration to take this journey. If you're reading this, just know that the foundation and encouragement you gave me were monumental.

Jim Bledsoe

Hi, I'm Jim, AKA Dirty Gil, and I will be hiking the Florida Trail this winter. Despite being a native Floridian, and being a Florida Trail Association member on and off for more than 30 years, I have never strung the entire trail up in one trip. This is the year to do just that. I completed the AT in 2013, the PCT in 2016, and look to add many more arrows to my quiver of trails. Follow my personal blog on if you want to see daily posts.

Joanne Gigliotti

My name is Joanne, and I live just outside the Pisgah National Forest of NC close to Asheville. Living in Western NC offers endless opportunities for my family to do what we love - hike and chase waterfalls of course! Long distance section hiking the first 512 miles from Georgia to Virginia of the Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Loop in RMNP have collectively been the most amazing experiences of my life, with the exception of motherhood. I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, wife, and mother to an amazing kind-spirited 23 yr old daughter. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences on The Trek in preparation for, and during my 2023 Appalachian Trail flip flop thru-hike with a NOBO start in Virginia to Katahdin Maine and a finish in Springer Mountain Georgia. Happy Hiking! “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” — T.S. Eliott Follow Me on Instagram: Joanne_Gigliotti Follow Me on YouTube: Joanne Gigliotti @jojohikes


Hi! I'm Jon, but on the trail, I'm known as "The Incident." There's a good story behind my trail name, but I'll have to know you better before I tell it. Maybe after I summit Katahdin. Maybe. I'm married to "Northstar" (formerly, "Princess Beastmode,") father of three grown children, only one of whom has a trail name (Poppywhacker). Mrs. The Incident and I will be living the vanlife with our two golden doodles, Gus & Roux, as I hike the AT in 2023. I'm a mostly retired fluvial geomorphologist (I did river studies) and a published author (my River Elegy books can be found on Amazon). I hope to see you on the trail!

Josh Barrett

Hi! I'm Josh. I ride bikes, hike and generally try to avoid adulting. I'll be attempting a thru-hike of the PCT in 2023 and sharing bits and pieces of the journey. Thanks for reading!

Journey Fleishman

HEY!!!!!! My name is Journey Willow Hinsdale Fleishman and I hiked the PCT with the class of 2023 from March-August. I graduated high school a year before trail and took a gap year to work and make this dream become a reality. I was born and raised in Arizona but grew up spending every summer living and adventuring in Colorado. I now attend Western Colorado University and am studying Outdoor Recreation and Education with a Minor in Environment and Sustainability. I am a part of the Western Mountain Search and Rescue team, and work at a local coffee shop. I adore adventures in creation with those I love, thai food, watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, trail running, drawing & journaling, listening to the band Caamp, hammock naps, and drinking tea. Thanks for checking out my author page and happy reading!!!!

JT Simmons

Heyo! My name is JT, and I'm thru-hiking the Colorado Trail this year in June and July! I'm an incoming college student with a heart for nature, environmental issues, and good town food :) I have done tons of hiking in my home state, Arkansas, including sections of our long trails here. I'm looking forward to getting outside of my comfort zone on the CT! Come adventure with me!


Hello, I'm Elaine! I'm hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2023 with my partner Nick. I'm a California native that has been living on the east coast for the past decade, and I'm excited to come back for this incredible adventure.

Julianne Smith

Oh gosh, where to begin? I am a 52-year-old Texan, currently working as a massage therapist. Previously I was a Homeschool Mom Extraordinaire and am also a recovering accountant. ;) Hiking the AT has been a dream for me since I was 18 years old and first discovered on a trip to Gatlinburg, TN that the trail existed. It never occurred to me at that time that I had it within my power to make it happen. Hindsight is 20/20. My reasons for finally making the trek at this point in life are numerous, that's an onion with many layers. Primarily, I have recently overcome fear that was holding me back. That's a story all in itself. My personal goal is Self-discovery and spiritual communion with nature. My motto: Life is for LIVING. See you on the trail!


Trail name: TRAIN WRECK PCT 2023 hiker from Portland, OR. SNOBO

Kamila Kielar

Howdy, Patchwork here! Adventurer and far north specialist with years spent in Alaska, Canada, and Lapland on adventures and research. Solo kayaked on Pacific waters in British Columbia, Canada in search of spirit bears, the rarest species of bears in the world. Solo biked through Yukon in winter, Alaska, Kamchatka, done XC skiing adventures in Northwest Territories, solo hiked Pacific Crest Trail. Stayed with Canadian/Alaskan trappers, biologists, and rangers. Titled Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic (Polish edition) and awarded with Colossus / Kolos (the most prestigious travel award in the country). Journalist and podcaster. Public speaker and storyteller at the biggest travel festivals, events, and conferences. Furthermore, naturalist, bear behaviorist and wildlife photographer.

Kara Wise

Hey, I'm Kara, trail name pending until I get one! I'm starting the Appalachian Trail in March 2023. My favorite things are food, flowers, and books. I live on a farm in Ohio and enjoy walks with my dog, gardening, and spending time with my family.

Katharina Schumacher

Born and raised in a German city only 10 minutes away from the Northern Sea, I have always been into anything related to the ocean, but really fell for the outdoors only in the past couple of years - a nice lil' fling at first that has over the years developed into likely an everlasting love for the rest of my life. In 2023, I finally dare to make a dream come true: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican to the Canadian border. When I am not out on the trails, you will find me climbing indoors, running on a nearby trek, on my yoga mat, reading in cafés, riding my mountainbike or - occasionally - on a surfboard at the beach. If I had to make a choice, fries would be my forever go-to food. I am not known to be very patient (particularly not with myself), but you'll find hardly anyone as inspirable and enthusiastic about all the little and big things in life as my little, optimistic self. Thanks for following me along and happy trails!

Katie Keilholtz

I currently reside in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia about an hour outside of Washington DC. Born and raised on the east coast. As an adult I’ve enjoyed playing and exploring multiple areas of the Appalachian Trail. I’m a runner, reader, mother, grandmother, nature lover, educator and I enjoy the beauty in the smallest things. Life is meant to be lived and embraced. On March 30th 2023 I will embark on an epic adventure with my husband and attempt a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. We both long to experience life in a different environment, lifestyle, routine, and face the many challenges together along this journey of self-discovery and growth. We decided several years back this would be how we step into our 25th year of marriage. We are high school sweethearts; we married and started our family at a young age. Surviving and persevering throughout the years of parenthood and quite frankly just growing up together. A lot of life happens in the course of 30 years. Our hike will be a celebration and a journey of self-discovery as we step into the next season of our life together..

Katie Milesky

25 years old, Ohioan, Registered Dietitian, Yellowstone NP Guide, working on a thru-hike of the AT!


Hi! I’m Kellie and I’ll be adventuring out onto the Oregon Coast Trail this June. This will be my first long distance thru hike and I am beyond excited! I’m a fan of all things outdoors, mainly trail running, skiing, and anything that involves bringing our two dogs!

Kellie Dobrescu

Howdy, I'm Kellie from Eastern Nevada. A forester by day and hiker trash part time, I'm sharing my adventures one leave request or weekend at a time. I'm thru-hiking the Southern Sierra High Route in 2023. You can follow my journey at The Trek and Instagram @nevada_pines. Happy hiking!


Hey y'all, I'm Kelsey. I love root beer floats, my sheltie dogs, beauty pageants, Dolly Parton, vintage home décor, the color green, my mullet man of a husband, cheesy photo booths, and a good night's sleep. Hiking too, I guess. I am a nature educator & certified interpretive guide currently working in plant conservation... until I leave for my nobo AT hike in March 2023. Kurt Hahn said “There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.” I am hiking to see my "more."

Kira Melendez

Hi, my name is Kira! (known as Runway on trail) I am a fashion designer and thru hiker, who recently finished an end to end hike of the Long Trail in Vermont. I have a love of nature, reality tv, and chicken pot pie. I document my hikes through writing and drawing and I'm excited to be a blogger for the 2023 season! Stay tuned for my journeys' along the Trans Catalina Trail and the Colorado Trail this year!

Kristen Fiedler

Hey all! I'm Sidewinder. I'm hiking obsessed (really would be in the wrong place here if I weren't) and I'm happy with both day hikes and backpacking trips alike. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2019 (love of my life) and have also been fortunate enough to hike and backpack all around the country and a few other countries too. I'm New England based so next up for me is the other National Scenic Trail that goes through my home state: The New England Trail!

Kristina Larson

Kristina is an engineer by day and likes to spend the rest of her time adventuring (hiking, road biking) and art-ing (painting in nature, wood burning, playing various instruments). She has had Type 1 Diabetes since she was 17 and is passionate about showing other T1Ds that anything is totally doable, even with Type 1 Diabetes!


Hi! My name is Laura and I’m from Maine. I’m currently through hiking the AT Northbound—I started on February 14th and I’m excited to share parts of my journey with others.

Laura Budde

Hello Friends! My name is Laura and I'm excited to connect with you as I embark on a northbound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail with my husband Paul in April, 2023. I practice and instruct qigong, which has its roots in the observation of nature. This practice offers balance to the physicality of backpacking and I am very happy to bring it with me. I also enjoy painting, gardening and cooking and these are things I shall miss while on the trail. The AT is a pilgrimage. I hope to embrace both my vulnerability and strength while becoming more patient and comfortable with discomfort. I intend on developing a deeper connection with nature and humanity while cultivating inner peace and enhancing my perspective.

Laura Statts

Hi, I'm Laura AKA Spicy. I'm taking a break from the weekend warrior lifestyle to attempt a '23 Flip Flop thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. I'll be kicking off toward Maine from Harper's Ferry in late April. When I'm not chasing mountains, you can find me working as a scientist, on the creek fly fishing for trout, taking absurdly long road trips, and/or talking incessantly about my dog. Follow my journey here and on Instagram.

Lauren "Panic"

Hiya, I'm Panic. I'm a 31 y/o entrepreneur, outdoor leader, amateur forager, and mentor living in eastern Massachusetts. I'm here to share my experience as a backpacker who is also plus-size, asthmatic, has many environmental allergies including bee venom, and sleep apnea. I am a huge proponent of making space in the outdoors for everyone. This year I'll be hiking the Northville Placid Trail. It's 140 miles through the Adirondacks High Peaks Wilderness in upstate New York. I'll be traveling with my partner, Tarzan, and our buddy from last year's thru on Vermont's Long Trail, Baby Legs!

Lauren Slattery

Hey, I'm Lauren. I started my AT thru hike June 2022 with my partner, Ian. Together we completed nearly 900 miles from Harpers Ferry to the beginning of Maine. We're heading back to be part of the 2023 class as we complete Georgia to Harpers Ferry and Maine! I'll be starting my PhD program studying mycology next fall, so you can find lots of mushroom photos and info on my posts!

Leonie Lazarus

My name is Leonie (she/her) and in 2023 I attempted a thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. I am retired and have enjoyed this incredible opportunity to travel and hike my dream trail. I was still a newbie hiker/backpacker when I started the trail in April and admit that I still have lots to learn, I am excited for this journey and look forward to sharing my experiences with my family, friends and blog readers!

Lightning Rod

Sup? I'm Lightning Rod, I'm a NorCal native and expert in nothing. I've thru hiked the TRT 2020, and LASH’d the PCT in 2022. I’m back this year to attempt the AZT and to finish up the last half of the PCT.


Hi! My name is Lily and I'm stoked to be attempting my first backpacking NOBO thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail beginning late March 2023. I'm 23 and originally from Brunswick, Maine (hiking home)! This past winter I got to experience my first winter skiing out west as a lift operator in Big Sky, Montana. Someday, I'll be pursuing a career in sustainable urban planning and design, but, for now, it's one foot in front of the other and swatting bugs!

Logan Laliberte

My name is Logan Laliberte, I am a 20 year old backpacker from Lewiston, Maine. I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2021 and am attempting a thru of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2023

Luke Prescott

After having travelled the country as a seasonal worker over the past three years, Luke will be attempting a northbound thru hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2023. Originally hailing Massachusetts, Luke’s passion for hiking and backpacking came from his time spent in Arizona and living and working in the national parks as a “parkie”. He looks forward to the experiences both the good and difficult parts of the trail as he ever so gradually meanders his way home to New England.

Mackenzie Fresquez

Howdy! My name is Mackenzie but most folks call me Mac, and I am a neurodivergent backpacker based in Lakewood, Colorado. I love cats, Avatar the Last Airbender, and that smell that happens in conifer forests when it's hot out.

Macy Gustavus

Hi Everyone! My name is Mini P, short for Mini Pony, because "I'm small but I'm strong." I'm hiking the PCT as a scientist researching trash and microplastics on trail with No Trace Trails and I couldn't be more excited to see what we discover! Backpacking wasn't my first love, but as an avid distance runner, I've quickly fallen in love with life on trail. Follow along to hear more about my journey!

Margaret Blauvelt

Hi, I am Margaret (she/her). In March 2023 I will be walking from Georgia to Maine via the Appalachian Trail. I was born and lived in good ol' Maine for 26 years. For the past 14 years I have been residing in The Netherlands with my amazing wife and our two crazy adorable cats. You are more then welcome to follow me on my 2,198.4 mile adventure.

Margot Favennec

Hi everyone! I’m Margot (she/her), and I’ll be setting off on the PCT going southbound in July 2023. I’m French but have been living in Australia for the past two years. I’m an avid reader (will I bring my Kindle in my backpack? Only time will tell), and incredibly passionate about snacking. I’m looking forward to taking you all with me on my 2,650-mile walk.


Hey, I’m Molly, or as my tramily likes to call me— TenDay. I’m currently on sabbatical from my work in education with the goal of hiking all 2,198.4 miles of the Appalachian Trail. My street credentials include the Colorado Trail (500 miles— I comfortably round up due to time spent hiking lost) and the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim (to Rim).

Morgan Skinner

Hey y'all! Morgan here, my trail name on the AT was Savory though! Well here I am turning to the dark side from thru hiker in 2022 to being a Crest Runner on the PCT in 2023. Just kidding, I'm just excited to write about the behind the scenes of what it is like working for a trail rather than thru hiking the trail.

Mountain Turtle

Hi! My name is Alex (Trail name Mountain Turtle)and I'm a 26 year old from Ohio who's hitting the trail for an attempted thru-hike of the AT! My passions include hiking, reading, and music of all kinds. Happy trails!

Myrt, a Yoga Sister

My sister, Walkie, and I were raised on the Beatles and baseball by New Yorkers in the South. We are section-hiking the Appalachian Trail and excited to share our hike with you. Thank you, Trail!


Hey there, I’m Nala. This year marks my oh-so-glorious second attempt on the Appalachian Trail! I’m passionate about women’s issues, the struggles we face in the woods and while thru-hiking, and the role the great outdoors can play in our divine feminine energy. I hope to inspire women to get out on the trail without compromising our femininity. I’m a 15-year vegan, 2-year healthy plant-based, 1-year aspiring gluten-free gal, and I’ll be trying to replicate the lifestyle during my thru-hike this year. Crazy talk, I know! AT Class of 2016 & 2023, Kilimanjaro 2022, future PCT Class of 2024

Nancy Kinnaman

My name is Nancy! I will be thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2023. I'm an Office Manager, a licensed Aesthetician, and owner of Skin Rox. My interests range from food to much more "geeky" things. I've always had a passion for writing and telling stories. Come along with me on my adventures!

Natalie Swierzbinski

Hey y'all! I am super pumped to be thru hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2023, going NOBO. I have worked in restaurant operations for most of my career, so I am looking forward to experiencing what the trail has to offer. I grew up in Delaware and currently live in Northern Virginia, so I am excited to see what's been in my backyard in a different way.

Nate Palmer

I'm Nate Palmer (He/Him) and I'm thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail NOBO! I'm an old soul and a bit of a masochist at heart. I find meaning in identifying opportunity in adversity and sharing my happiness with others. I joined The Trek as a creative outlet and hope to share my journey with you in all of its glory: laughs, tears, and sour gummy worms!

Olivia Castleberry

Hi y'all! My name is Olivia, trail name : EAGLE EYE. I am part of the PCT c/o 2023 starting in early April with my husband, Martin, and our good friend Jeremy #tramily. The three of us have section hiked the AT (Georgia and parts of North Carolina) and we recently road tripped out west to complete the Cirque of the Towers Loop in gorgeous Wyoming as part of our training for the Pacific Crest Trail. I come from the land of sweet tea, peaches, yes ma'am, and the home of the reigning, defending, back-to-back college football national champions the GEORGIA BULLDOGS (you can probably catch all of us supporting our dawgs out on trail). I am obsessed with the show Survivor, sour gummy straws, stickers and of course backpacking. I am really looking forward to a experiencing a new climate, terrain, and gathering a better understanding and appreciation for the flora and fauna that the trail provides. I am excited to put a pause on my current life and ready to hit play on this new adventure. Hope yall enjoy the journey :)

Patrick and Katie

Patrick and Katie Hare Hiking NOBO on the AT starting Feb 17th. Follow along on our journey for the mountains, valleys, and everything in between.

Paul “Bowie” Madigosky

Hi, I'm Paul. Some of my hobbies include bushcrafting, hiking, writing, and (when I have time) playing the banjo. I have loved the outdoors ever since I've been a child. Most of what I remember the clearest involves going on camping trips or nature walks with my father. These days, I go on long hikes almost every weekend. My general rule is, if I am not sleeping or working, I'm in the woods or at least outdoors. I have wanted to go on a sizable thru-hike ever since I saw the first Lord of the Rings movie in theaters, way back in 2001. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2021 and will be thru-hiking the PCT in 2023. I'll be updating you all of my comings and goings throughout the whole journey.


I am a photographer, walker, and sometime paddler, a theologically-educated geek living in Rochester, NY. Once upon a time I was an Army helicopter jockey in Alaska. He/him. Christian, cisgender male who strongly supports his gay/lesbian/trans/whatever friends, relatives and neighbors. I started with film, switched to digital, then went back to classic film cameras. I started on the trail in 2022 and again in 2023. I'll be back.

Peg Leg

I’m a 27 year old solo female thru hiker who has been in love with thru hiking since 2017. Back in 2017 I hiked 1300 miles of the PCT in between semesters of college. When COVID hit in 2020 I lost my job and wound up traveling the US in a vehicle for 2 years! Since then I went back and hiked the entire PCT in 2022, this time doing a SOBO/flip-flop hike. This year in 2023 I set out to walk “Bama to Baxter”. Which connects the Pinhoti Trail, parts of the Benton Mackaye Trail, and Appalachian trail. Along the way I decided that I wanted to hike much further than that. After meeting an ECT hiker in Vermont I decided I would continue on after Katahdin and complete the International Appalachian trail (1500 miles). I completed the International Appalachian Trail which went across Maine, New Brunswick, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. Then went back in Alabama to pick up where I left off in February. Now I’m hiking South all the way to Key West, Florida. Then I will have completed the entire Eastern Continental Trail (ECT). When I finish I will be the 2nd woman in history to hike the entire ECT from Key West➡️Newfoundland.

Peter Crozier

I'm Peter, a sixty-something from the Pacific Northwest. who aims to hike the PCT a few sections at a time, and hopes to inspire others to challenge themselves to hike longer hikes, without committing to several months on trail.


Hey ? my name is Shannon Keizer aka The Plum Hiker and I love to hike! I worked at REI teaching others how to connect to nature responsibly! I am so stoked to be thru hiking the Appalachian Trail this year!!

Rachel Sable

Hi, I’m Rachel, or “Moony” on trail! I am a first time thru hiker, living in Denver, CO, pursuing a northbound hike of the Pacific Crest Trail beginning in May 2023. This blog is an attempt to convince my family and friends that it is completely normal to want to hike 2600+ miles by myself, shower only occasionally, and mail myself the food and gear I need along the way. I believe that hiking has the power to exercise and heal the mind. In addition to my hike, I am working with HIKE for Mental Health ( to spread awareness and raise money for trail conservation and mental health research.

Rick Eichstaedt

I am a 50-year-old husband, father of 2, and attorney, who practices environmental and land use law living in Spokane, Washington. I am an avid hiker, whitewater rafter, and skier (alpine and Nordic). To celebrate my fiftieth year around the Sun, my wife, Kitty, and I are taking one of my bucket list trip to complete the Tour du Mont Blanc, a 100+ mile, 30,000-foot trek in the French, Italian, and Swiss Alps beginning and ending in Chamonix, France.


Hi! I am Ruth, or Sailor. I hiked the Colorado Trail in 2022-2023. Off-trail, I am a professional classical singer/voice teacher, though you might not believe that if you hear me singing to ward off animals!


Hey y’all! My name is Ryan (he/him) aka “Grundle Troll” I'm a medical student with a slight obsession with HAFE, and, apparently, mystical anatomy. This summer I'm planning on walking the John Muir Trail + 200, but who knows what's gonna happen with all of this not-so-fluffy white stuff?

Ryan Gallagher

Howdy! My name is Ryan, and I'm a life-long Texan based out of Austin. I first moved here to attend The University of Texas (Hook 'em Horns!), and ended up falling in love with the city. On week days, I'm a geographer, but on evenings and weekends I'm a runner, cyclist, and backpacker. Growing up in Scouts, the AT has been on my radar ever since I first learned about it at Northern Tier, and I've been wanting to hike it ever since. As luck would have it, the end of my lease lined up perfectly with NOBO starting season! So in March of 2023, I'll be selling most of my belongings, buying a one way ticket to Amicalola Falls State Park, and hiking the AT NOBO all the way to Mt. Katahdin!

Sam Francart

Hi! I'm Sam! I'm tramping the Te Araroa NOBO. I'm hiking, because I want to slow down and speed up. I want to embrace simplicity, forgiveness, and freedom in a way that only a trail can provide. I'm hiking for clarity and peace, for new beginnings and new challenges. I'm hiking, because it's a dream that only I can create into my reality.

Sam McClintic

Hi, my name is Sam “Golden Calves” McClintic, and I'm a 2023 AT Thru Hiker! After falling in love with the Adirondack Mountains of New York and becoming an ADK 46er, I decided to quit my job in biotech and take on an even bigger adventure: hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. When I'm not hiking, I also enjoy espresso, beer, sailing, and Volkswagens.

Samantha Zabawa

I'm Sammi! I'm 31 and am a veterinary assistant. I'm married to a wonderful husband and we have 4 fur babies! We also have chickens and bunnies. I'm setting off on the Appalachian Trail in April. Im starting at Harpers Ferry and doing a north bound flip flop.

Sara Falck

I'm Sara Falck. I was born in the north of Sweden, in a small mining town above the polar circle. At 23 years old, I feel like I know both everything and absolutely nothing about life. In 2023 I'm hiking the PCT, northbound, because walking north always felt like going home. @sara_falcken

Savannah Anderson

Hiker. Sometimes a writer. Mostly a hiker. AT 2019 PCT 2022 CDT 2023

Scott Hatfield

My name is Scott Hatfield. I will be attempting a Thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail starting in April of 2023.

Scott McDowell

Hi Friends! Scott here, aka Twist. I am a small business owner, soccer referee, jack-of-all-trades type who loves to pause life to travel and get into an adventure every year or three. I'm excited to be attempting a thru-hike of the PCT (nobo) in 2023. Follow along as I figure this crazy thing out. :-)


Hi All!!! It's just me Seashell hitting the trail this summer to hike along the coast of California from the Oregon border to the Mexico Border, AKA the California Coastal Trail. I have all summer to do it. 1200ish miles. I am going to give it my best shot!!! Wish me luck!!!


Hi! I'm Shannon (she/her) - environmentalist, distance runner, energy analyst. In Spring 2023 I took readers with me on the West Highland Way in Scotland, and now I'm setting off to do the last 100km of the Portuguese Camino to earn my Compostela! Follow along and happy walking :)

Shannon Walker

Just a girl trying to strike a balance between wanting adventure and being lazy. PCT SOBO 2023.

Shari Edelson

Professional plant nerd setting out to hike New Zealand's Te Araroa Trail in 2023! I'm hitting the pause button on a career managing public gardens and landscapes so that I can take some time to dwell deeply in our world's natural spaces. Feeling immensely grateful for this opportunity to live outdoors and walk every day, and excited to carry my pack 1800 miles across a whole country. Also, it's been a minute since my last long-distance thru-hike (read: 20 years), so you can join me in discovering how much aging can really happen to the human body in two decades! Hope you'll read along.

Shem Wiseman

Hey y'all, I'm Shem "Sorority Steve"! I work as an EMT in the 911 emergency field. In 2016 I was fortunate to complete the Appalachian and the Pacific Crest Trail in 2021. I aim to continue my career in emergency paramedicine, hoping to be a civil search and rescue flight paramedic after completing the CDT and with it, the Triple Crown! Please follow along on my website, for photos, blogs, and videos! Happy trails!


Nature-lover, spreadsheet warrior, amateur yogi and thru-hiker also known as "snap." I like books, giggle fits, and fried potatoes in any form. AT '17. PCT '23.

Solomon Browne

I'm an 18 year old 2023 NOBO solo thru-hiker setting out in early March. I'm on a gap year before heading off to Emerson College this Fall, so I'm on a loose time constraint of 150 days give or take a few weeks. Even with that restriction, I'm not gonna stress the miles and I'm confident you'll hear all about my journey up Katahdin.


I'm Leah. I got started hiking in the White Mountains and Adirondacks and cut my teeth bagging the NH48 and ADK46, often via bushwhack heading up slides. The Appalachian Trail seems like a fantastic way to experience a wide diversity of what the East coast has to offer while having an adventure, so this year I'm heading from Alabama to Maine. Along the way I'm attempting to keep track of all the different species of wildflower I can identify. My trail name, Spiderwort, comes from the first type of flower that I found with thousands in bloom and spent an afternoon looking at the similarities and differences between spiderwort plants.


If you’re lost, follow me! My name is Stephen and I’m retired US Army after 23+ years of service. Starting my AT Thru-hike (NOBO) 16 February 23. I decided to complete this journey for three reasons: 1. It’s a bucket list and a once in a lifetime opportunity, 2. I’m looking for some reflection of my career and past experiences, 3. I have the opportunity to take a “gap” year and discover what I want to do for my next career amid my transition from Soldier to civilian. I prefer my steak rare, bourbon with orange bitters, and my inner nerd loves documentaries/history. I’m an avid skier and cyclist who has completed a few triathlons. Looking forward to this challenge and meeting fellow outdoor enthusiasts along the way. I can’t wait to receive a trail name! I’m also trying to help raise money for the Greg Hill Foundation based out of Boston, MA. If you’re interested in learning more, please follow the link!


A hiker trying to become a thru-hiker.


Rose here to tackle a North Bound Thur hike of the PCT! Trail name is Stretch, simply because I’ll religiously perform a 20-30 minute stretching routine each night on trail. I’ve accomplished the AT in two LASHes (long ass section hike) in 2021 and 2022. Originally from New York (mile 1406 on the AT) but recently spent 6 months in Idaho to go skiing and wait till I can hit the PCT.


Hi! My name is Suzi, I'm 59 years old and fairly new to hiking but love it! I have a wonderful husband of 21 years who will NOT be hiking with me, but will support. I had a long and satisfying career working with computers and am now ready to take on some of the adventures that were tough to do while working. I am very much a newbie hiker and camper, AND a newbie blogger so this will be interesting!!

Sydney Mark

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney (she/her) and I'm a midwestern gal hiking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail in the summer of 2023. By the time I'm hiking, I'll be a recent graduate from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). I'm excited to embark on this journey and to share my adventures with all of you, as well as all the weird food combinations I'll likely get up to.

Taylor Hanes

I live on a small island in Lake Erie, Ohio. I am a teacher, bartender, server, and doctoral student. I suspect that my island residence will benefit my journey on the A.T. We do not have a hospital, supermarket, or fast-food. We are used to surviving without certain luxuries, which makes us resourceful and community oriented. Join me and my dog “koko” as we learn about hiking and gear.

The Family

We are The Family. In 2023, we will attempt to complete the Pacific Crest Trail. We might be wrong, and please correct us if we are, but we think this might make us the first family of seven to finish the trail. And since we did the Appalachian Trail in 2020 and the Continental Divide Trail in 2022, The Beast will become the first seven-year-old Triple Crowner (in fairness we didn't 'redline' the CDT, but we did connect a continuous and unbroken footpath from Crazy Cook to Waterton in one year). And we think we will also be the first to carry a baby on TWO long trails! And just to double-down on the weirdness of The Family, we have lived in Chad, Africa for the past 12+ years. So go ahead and subscribe to this blog if you want to know the right/wrong ways to backpack with too many kids! ;)

Thomas Russell

Hey, I'm Tom. I'm a 19 year old thru-hiker from the UK. I originally grew up in Hong Kong and am now studying in the UK. Whilst I've thru hiked multiple trails before, this year is the first time I'm attempting a high route. I'll be attempting the Pyrenean Haute Route, going from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

Tim Bennett

Sometimes shit happens. I retired in 2022 and was well on my way to completing the number one item on my bucket list: an end-to-end hike of the Long Trail in Vermont. I was more than 100 miles in, kicking ass, and blogging about it here on the Trek when that goal was cut short. I was struck by a car at a trail crossing. After a long recovery, I’m determined to complete my journey. The next steps I take on the LT will be following in my father's footsteps. He backpacked a long section of the LT in 1937 after graduating from high school in Barre, VT. I heard his stories while growing up, and recently stumbled on his 1937 guidebook and journal from that trip. Ironically, his starting point was right where my accident occurred. I had hoped to honor his legacy by hiking the entire LT. Completing this journey now, carries even more meaning for me.

Tim Leid

Hello, friends family, and fellow nomads. I am thru-hiking the Appalachian trail this year with my wife Savanna for our honeymoon! Me and Savanna met when I was 10 and she was 9. Over the years we've always shared a deep love of nature and a dream to one day hike the Appalachian trail join us as we attempt to make that dream reality!

Titouan Le Roux

My name is Titouan, I am 25 years old and I'll be attempting to thru-hike the PCT in 2023. I am a French filmmaker/photographer who loves sports, movies, music, and being outside.

Todd Wellnitz

Hi! My trail name is "Doctor Za" and I'm on a three-year quest to hike the Triple Crown by my 65th year! I completed the PCT in 2022, and I'm gearing up to thru-hike the CDT in 2023. Join me as I plan, prepare and embark on my adventure across the backbone of the continental USA! Follow my journey on Instagram @hiker.todd

Tom Czako

My name is Tom and I'm thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. I've been thinking about this a long time and my recent retirement means the time is now. I look forward to sharing my progress and perspective with family and friends. I welcome any comments and moral support you can provide. Thanks.

Tom Frenchu

Hi there, my name's Tom(pronouns he/him) and I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail this year, Class of 2023. I'm 32 years old, born and raised in New Jersey and currently living in a few different places out of my Ford Transit camper van.

Tommy Slabaugh

My name is Tommy and in 2023 I am thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I'm based in Northern California (Go Kings) and I like to write about hiking.


Hi everyone! My name is Chris, but my friends call me Tucker. I am 37 (soon to be 38) years old, and I live in Richmond, VA. I recently left my teaching career after more than a decade in the classroom, and I am looking forward to heading out on a new adventure and seeing what life has to offer. Time to hit the trail! If you want to follow along with the adventures - both on the trail and off - check me out on Instagram: @tuck.on.trail. When I'm not hiking around the east coast I am usually on other adventures with my wife Amy, and our dog, Nala. We love to travel, eat, and experience everything that life around us has to offer.

Twist-Tie and Spreadsheet

My name is Mary. I am an architect, mother of 2, avid swimmer, and now AT hiker - not necessarily in that order. My husband is Kevin. He is also an architect (recently retired), father of 2, sailor, boat builder, and now AT hiker.

Wendy Boller

I’m Wendy, trail name Serendipity. I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2022. This year I continue the adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail. The AT was a life long dream. I was determined to hike every inch. I feel more open and relaxed about the PCT, will adapt as it comes. Excited to share the experience here with you.


My name is Michael, but on the trail I've answered to Zen, Easy, Yogi, and a few names I'd rather not repeat. I've been hiking sections of the Appalachian Trail for over 30 years, and have just decided to put it all together and complete a lifelong dream of walking from Georgia to Maine. Besides the joys of having a great family, I also love snowboarding, yoga, reading, cooking, and brewing beer, I've also spent over two decades as a funeral director. Living my life so close to death has taught me not to put off my dreams... so the adventure begins.

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