Harpers Ferry

The town of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Harper’s or Harper’s Ferry is notable among “trail towns” not just as a national historic district, but because it is home to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) headquarters. Although it is currently closer to Springer Mountain than to Mount Katahdin by several hundred miles, many thru-hikers consider Harper’s Ferry the ceremonial halfway point of their trek. For northbound thru-hikers, reaching Harper’s Ferry is also frequently very close to the halfway point for the number of days they will spend on the trail.  See also ATC.

Historic Harpers Ferry

Historic Harpers Ferry

Example: “I took some zeroes at Harpers to visit friends in DC.”

Fun Fact: Harpers Ferry is known as the location of abolitionist John Brown’s raid on the armory with a multiracial group of twenty-one men, including a fugitive slave, during the Civil War in 1859.

Keep reading: https://www.historicharpersferry.com/  and https://www.nps.gov/hafe/index.htm


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