Short for “northbound,” “northbounder,” or “northbound thru-hiker.” When indicating a thru-hiker, the NoBo identification means this hiker started at Springer Mountain and intends to hike or has already hiked continuously to Mount Katahdin. Some individuals who hike the entire Appalachian Trail in small segments also choose to start at Springer Mountain and hike each mile consecutively to Mount Katahdin. Short distance hikers may also refer to themselves as “NoBos” if they are headed north for the duration of their trips.

Katahdin group 01

NoBo thru-hikers at the Mount Katahdin summit.

Example: “I could tell you were a NoBo by how quickly you ate that burger.”

Fun Fact: According to the ATC’s records, approximately 65 percent of 2,000 milers are northbound thru-hikers.

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