Trail Food: Exo Protein Cricket Flour Bars

It came as no surprise when I did a quick Google search of what “Jungle Bacon” really is.  This is the strangest thing Co-CEO Gabi Lewis of Exo Protein has admitted to eating.  Equally as adventurous, his college roommate and Co-CEO, Greg Sewitz attended a conference at MIT on the breakdown of global systems.  That sparked a conversation about insects’ tremendous environmental benefits.  It takes people this adventurous in the kitchen to think to add cricket flour to protein bars.  Exo is a small business that’s making big waves in the sustainable food industry!

Why crickets?


Cacao Nut

These bars were actually on back order when my items were shipped.  Unfortunately I was unable to try them for myself.  Their description is pretty cool though and the reviews online were all good too.

“Who doesn’t love chocolate? This bar tastes just like that brownie you crave without any of the junk. Boasting an exceedingly simple ingredient list with nothing you can’t pronounce, Cocoa Nut is the perfect primal snack. Try pairing it with your favorite coffee for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.”

Apple Cinnamon

The apple and cinnamon bar was the one I had the highest hopes for.  Apple crumb pie is a Thanksgiving tradition in my house after all.  It has a more predominantly nutty flavor with a hint of apples and cinnamon on the back end.  It’s perfect for a between meal snack because it’s not overly sweet like snack bars can be.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Let’s talk about these bad boys!  If there is a way to make it taste like they took a PB&J stuck it in a blender and add cricket flour, they found it.  It is like eating spoonful’s of a healthy version of Goober Grape sandwich spread.  Psychologically you could easily eat this for lunch on the trail and feel like you sat down for a legit PB&J.  Well played Exo, well played.

Blueberry Vanilla

This was by far my favorite bar of the 3 I tried.  I am going to order a box of these to keep handy for anytime I’m on the go.  The flavor reminded me of a homemade blueberry crisp dessert.  The only way it would have been better was if it was eaten out of a bowl topped with vanilla bean ice cream.  In fact I may just recommend trying that.  But not with that fake astronaut ice cream marketed to hikers.


Exo Elite

Exo also offers a cool product subscription service for true cricket bar connoisseurs.  Members receive an additional 11% off and free shipping for Exo Bars.  Orders are sent 30, 45, 60 or 90 days at the interval of your choosing.  Products can be switched at any time so you aren’t locked into one bar the whole time.  They are also available for free samples, and some other sweet giveaways.

Exo Apparel

Exo also offers these super sweet T shirts.  I was excited to score the very comfortable eXo V neck.  I also really like the “Crickets are the new kale” shirt also seen below.  Both are definitely going to lead to questions from curious people every time you wear them.

eXo kale




By simply signing up for the email list you 10% off your first purchase.

An excerpt from the Our Story section of Exo Protein’s website: “Gabi turned down a job at a hedge fund. Greg deferred grad school. All because we believe that insect protein has an awesome role to play in the future of our food. Now we just have to convince everyone else.” Success is defined by each of us as individuals not a societal norm. Keep chasing the dream Exo!



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