Trail Food: Grits 8 Ways

Hate oatmeal? Love grits? Need a corn fix? Or just looking to switch up the ‘ol trail breakfast options? Try grits one of these 8 delicious and nutritious ways!

Gimme those grits

Gimme those grits


For a simple breakfast on trail, mix your rehydrated Quaker Instant Grits with butter powder and salt. Pepper too if you’re feeling frisky.


2-3 packages rehydrated instant grits

1-2 tbsp butter powderr

Dash of salt



At home I’ll mix my cooked grits with cooked spinach, kale, or chard. On trail, do the same – just use the dehydrated versions! Spam or bacon gives the grits a more down home flavor.

Recipe :

2-3 packages rehydrated instant grits

1/4 cup dried spinach or other greens

1 slice spam, chopped or a handful of bacon pieces

Dash of butter powder, salt, and garlic powder

Combine and enjoy! You’ll feel like a southerner if you aren’t one already.



Add some southwestern flavor to your breakfasty bowl of tasty corn mush!

2-3 packages grits

3-4 tbsp dried bell pepper

Dash dried jalapeno

1-2 tbsp dried onion or dash of onion powder

Sprinkling of dried garlic or dried garlic powder

2-3 tbsp cheese powder or a few cubes of real cheese (jack or pepper jack are my favorite on trail cheeses – it softens otherwise holds up well)


Salsa packet
Combine with the requisite amount of boiling water to rehydrate. If your adventurous enough to bring avocado on trail, add and enjoy! Pro tip: you can sometimes find tiny packets of salsa at hotel breakfast buffets. Add it if you got it!


Shepherd’s pie with grits? Yes please! The grits will add some variety and texture to this trail comfort food.

1-2 packages grits

1/3 cup Idahoan or other brand instant mashed potatoes

1/3 cup dehydrated sausage or beef (Honeyville is the jam)

2-3 tbsp gravy powder

1/3 cup dried peas and carrots

Dash of salt and pepper if desired

Rehydrate with 1 1/2-2 cups boiling water. This meal will bring you back to the Irish Pub. Preferably enjoy with a can of Guinness you packed into the backcountry.



2-3 packages grits

1/2-1 cup dried black beans

Dash of garlic powder

1/2 cup or more Fritos

Tapatio, Tobasco, or other hot sauce packet

Combine the dry ingredients with necessary amount of boiling water. Top with hot sauce and crushed up fritos. You’ll get your complete protein nutrition with this tasty corn and bean combo.


2-3 packets grits

As much cheese as you can handle

Dash salt and pepper

Combine and devour. Feel free to use cheese powder or real cheese. Again, jack and pepper jack are my top cheese choices, but cheddar or sharp cheddar are hard to beat as well.



Italian inspired dish with plenty of dried veggies and grits or hold it all together. Goes great with a bowl of pasta as big as your head.

2-3 packets grits

Handful of dehydrated  zucchini

Handful of dehydrated mushrooms

Handful of dehydrated butternut squash or sweet potato

Dash of dehydrated onions

Dash of parmesan cheese powder

Sprinkling of red pepper flakes, garlic powder, salt, and pepper

Combine ingredients, hydrate, and enjoy.



What’s last? Dessert of course!

2-3 packets grits

1/2 cup freeze dried strawberries

1-2 sugar packets

1 packet lemon juice

Dash of butter powder

Dash of nido or other dried milk powder – the fattier the better

Sprinkling of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg

1 tbsp Coconut oil

Vanilla powder (if you can find it)

Combine all ingredients with enough boiling water to rehydrate. Savor!

With an old white dude on the box, who wouldn't want to eat grits?!

With an old white dude on the box, who wouldn’t want to eat grits?!

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Comments 2

  • Captain Vista : Jul 12th

    These are great recipes!! I add the small bits & pieces of jerky, from the bottom of the bag, to my grits butter grits.

    Some mornings I’ll even add a packet of tuna. Post breakfast, brushing of teeth, not optional. ?

  • Belinda : Nov 6th

    Oh, I love these ideas! I’m usually a butter and salt grits girl, but on the trail, I’d like a heartier breakfast occasionally. I’m thinking I might try some dried eggs and maybe dried bacon or sausage in some grits too. Thanks!!


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