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ECT Day 253&254

Day 253:  28 miles

This morning we were up fairly early and packed up. I’ve felt so much more energized these last few days. Back in Canada our schedule was all out of whack. Some days we would wake up really early or stay up super later. That would make it really hard sometimes to wake up and get moving in the morning. My goal for this next leg of my journey is to have a good routine.

The grassy area where we made camp last night.

We left the church and began walking around 7:15am. Within the first few miles of the day we went by a gas station. That made for a perfect breakfast stop. I got a couple of breakfast sandwiches and a coffee drink. Beer Run was able to charge his electronics a bit. Then we kept on walking.

The sun rising over the crosses in front of the church.

My body is feeling quite sore today. I’m definitely feeling the fact that I took a whole week off trail. My right foot has been bothering me a bit on and off. The backs of both of my knees are pretty sore. But KT tape has helped those area a lot. Though I will say that my calf/right knee has been feeling way better. If this keeps up I really do think that that injury is finally going to heal! It just took 2 months hiking on it day in and day out.

A pony got loose and was grazing in this yard while the sun was rising.

Leaving the gas station, we walked for another couple of hours. Then stopped off along the side of the road in a sunny spot. There is a lot of moisture in the air down here, so our gear was wet from last night. Plus, I’m pretty damn tired today! I think yesterday’s 35-mile day took it out of me a bit. It just feels like I’m slogging along today slowly but surely.

When we left there, we continued down a road which would bring us past some more stores today. The other route that we could take was basically the same distance. But it wouldn’t bring us past any gas stations or stores today. I’m enjoying carrying as little food as possible and am going to try to keep that up if I can.

A bunch of donkeys! And a baby donkey as well which was adorable.

We continued on and walked for another couple of hours. Then came to a small gas station and store. The building was very vintage looking which I thought was cool. There was a cute kitty outside when we got there so I played outside with her. I almost fell in love and had to bring her along to Key West. There are so many stray animals down here it’s sad. But no animal wants to tag along for the journey that were on. That’s just cruel in my opinion.

Mosley’s store.

The adorable kitten that was outside of Mosley’s store.

Inside the store we grabbed a couple drinks and then continued along. It was only another 4 miles or so to the next store. The time absolutely flew by, and we were at the next one in the blink of an eye. At this next gas station, we decided to take a longer break and grab a bite to eat. I got some Buffalo nuggets and a slice of pizza. I also got a Perrier water which I was craving for some odd reason.

The two of us sat outside the shop and talked to some locals. Everyone has been really curious about what we’re doing. It’s been complicated though telling people about our years. Beer Run and I both have basically been hiking all year long. But we did two very different hikes. Everyone we meet is assuming that we are doing the same thing. So we’ve just been telling everyone that we are walking from Alabama to Key West. That’s much simpler than explaining the whole situation.

At this point in the day, we were about 16 miles in and we’re hoping to do about 11 more. So after eating we got moving again. There isn’t really much where we’re heading. But if we make good time, we’ll be able to hit one more gas station before the end of the day. Then hopefully camp by a church across from the gas station in Panola.

Beer Run walking along the road up ahead of me.

When we left that gas station, I packed out a cup of boiled peanuts to eat while I walked. Those bad boys are a killer southern snack. After another hour or so of walking we went past another gas station. It was closed, but I was able to fill up water at the spigot alongside the building.

From there we only had another 7 miles to go for the day. I was feeling pretty sluggish to be honest. We stopped off for a quick break before pushing through those last miles of the day. Yesterday definitely took its toll on me today.

Over the next stretch of miles along the road I had a pretty close call with an off-leash dog. Beer Run was up ahead of me at this point. When he walked by this one house in particular the dogs didn’t seem to notice. But when I walked past a pit bull ran out of the yard and right at me. It was barking and ran right up to me, so for a second I thought it was gonna try to bite me. I screamed at the dog to stay back and eventually it backed down. For a second though I was a little worried. The road walking is making me damn brave.

The sun setting along the road.

We wound up walking until about 7:30pm. At this point we got into Panola which had a small store that closed at 8pm. We were able to grab a couple drinks there. Then walked across the street to the church. The church was clearly not operating, and the yard was overgrown. But we were able to set up there for the night.

Once I got my tent set up, I laid in there and stretched. Then I ate a little something and scrolled on my phone before calling it a night.

Day 254: 27 miles

This morning we woke up pretty early at the church. I slept great last night! I’ve been sleeping like a baby so far along the Alabama road walk. We got packed up and ready to walk again.

The abandoned church that we camped by last night.

The site that we camped at in front of the church.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was feeling much less sore today. My right foot has been bothering me the last couple days. But this morning getting up it was notably better. Like always I’m just hoping it’s something that will resolve itself in a couple of days.

Once we got moving, we wound up walking for about 3 hours. Then around 9:30am we stopped off by the sign for a church. We took a short break there and then kept moving. Yesterday it wound up getting pretty damn hot. And by 10am today it was already unbelievably hot.

Entering Honorville. The store in town was closed on Sunday’s though sadly!

While we walked, I talked on the phone with my dad. Then I got some writing done as we walked the road. I felt pretty productive after all of that. We walked for a couple more hours in the heat of the day. I was sweating like crazy and wound up using my Gossamer Gear sun umbrella for most of the day.

Around 1pm we were both low on water. I saw that we would be passing by another church and was hopeful that they would have a spigot outside. Most of the churches along the Alabama road walk have water spigots to use and allow you to camp on the property. This church fortunately did have a spigot! And a couple who was parked on the property in their RV let us use the bathrooms inside.

We took a much-needed break there and were able to get out of the sun. The heat is definitely taking some getting used to. The last few days I got some hives and rashes on my legs from the heat. My body is still used to Canada. It’s an adjustment period for sure.

One of the church that we stopped at briefly.

When we left that church, we walked for another 2-3 hours. The walking was a little brutal honestly. The road was hot and I was feeling exhausted. I listened to music and tried to get some writing done. Then around 3pm we passed by yet another church. Alabama is full of churches! Beer Run sat down in the yard there, so I joined him. We took a breather there before we kept moving.

A big beautiful tree along the road!

Today a couple of Beer Runs friends are planning on meeting us along the road. They also just finished the CDT as their triple crown trail. After walking another few miles, a car drove by us and the people inside were honking and waving. It must have been them!

Sloppy Joe and Ketchup Daddy pulled off and we stopped to hang out with them. They were both super nice people and it was great to put faces to the names. Beer Run finished the trail with them and said he had a blast hiking together with them.

They brought us the most massive double cheeseburgers with fries and a drink. That was such an amazing treat after a long day of walking. We weren’t going to go past any stores or anything today either. All of us hung out by their car and I started eating the massive burger. It was one of the best burgers that I’ve had a year! I’ll even have some leftover to pack out for dinner tonight.

The massive burger that Sloppy Joe and Ketchup Daddy brought us both.

We hung out with Sloppy Joe and Ketchup Daddy for a while until it began to get dark. It was really nice to meet them both. I’m so impressed by couples who triple crown together. There’s no better way to know whether you’ve found your person. You really would have to love someone and be compatible with someone to thru hike together at all. Let alone triple crown together!

Around 5:30pm we said goodbye to them and got moving again. We were hoping to do another 4 miles to get to a church. The churches have been perfect for sleeping recently. Especially showing up after dark. We don’t have to bother anyone or talk to anyone. Just get there and set up camp.

We got to the church after an hour or so and it was perfect once again. There was a nice grassy area to get set up. Plus a spigot for water, and outlets to charge up overnight. I set my tent up and then washed up a bit in the spigot. After that I got back into my tent to call it a night.

Smiling along the road walk earlier today!

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Comments 12

  • thetentman : Nov 22nd

    Sounds like easy hiking with no hills.

    Thanks for the post.


  • Harry Poppins : Nov 22nd

    As a mostly faithful servant of a few donkeys I can say that they are extremely intelligent and definitely have more sense than those of us with opposable thumbs.

  • John "Tercius" Rutkowski : Nov 22nd

    Good to get your posts, but shorter days to heal the knee.

    Going back to “the real world” is going to be tough after all of this.

  • Old Man Paul : Nov 23rd

    Watch out for those fire ants down south…. nasty.
    You definitely don’t want to set up your camp on those or it will be a trip to the emergency room.
    Love your posts…..
    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  • Lycopersici-Condi Patre : Nov 23rd

    Peg Leg,

    It was great meeting you: we’ve been telling a lot of our friends back home about your awesome trek! We’ve got lots of leftover mac&cheese, PB&Js (courtesy of Mr. J.M. Smucka’s III, BR will know), protein bars, additional snacks from our trail this year; get with BR and we’ll send some boxes your way! Be sure to holler at us if you are ever in KY for the Sheltowee Trace NRT or just passing through!

    P.S., please tell BR we haven’t forgotten about his crown, we just haven’t made it to the post office yet.

    Happy trails,

    Ketchup Daddy

  • Skirted Walker : Nov 23rd

    Your double cheeseburger description made me envious. Glad you met Sloppy Joe and Ketchup Daddy. Thanks for sharing this section.

  • Rooster : Nov 23rd

    Been following along for awhile now you are a great writer. I have a couple questions:

    1. Does it get old walking along so many roads in Canada and now Bama?

    2. Do you think the endless bad foods from gas stations/fast food is detrimental to your body?

  • Charleigh Mueller : Nov 24th

    Wow, it seems like you had a productive and energizing morning. It’s great that you’re feeling more energized during this part of your journey and that you’re aiming to establish a good routine. The breakfast stop at the gas station sounds convenient, and I hope your sore body feels better soon. It’s interesting to hear about the pony that got loose and your experience with the moist air in the area.

  • Albert Garza : Nov 24th

    It sounds like the person is feeling more energized after being on a more consistent schedule during their journey. They mention their goal to have a good routine for the next leg of their journey. They also describe the grassy area where they camped and how they left the church in the morning.

    They mention stopping at a gas station for breakfast and to charge their electronics. They mention feeling sore, particularly in their right foot and the backs of their knees.

    • Jeff Greene : Nov 24th

      Hello bot. You’ve done a great job of summarizing. Glad to meet you?

  • Koa McCoy : Nov 24th

    Wow, it sounds like the morning started off well with an early start and feeling energized. I can relate to the struggle of having an inconsistent schedule back home, so having a good routine for this part of the journey seems like a good goal. The breakfast stop at the gas station sounds satisfying, especially with breakfast sandwiches and a coffee drink.

  • Jeff Greene : Nov 24th

    I’d gotten busy during September/October and fell way behind, but I’m finally caught up, and glad you’re still truckin’! Which is flatter–Alabama or the east coast of Canada? 😀


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