Using a Crowbar to Get into a Motel Room

ECT Day 255&256

Day 255: 26 miles

This morning when I woke up I was super sore. My right foot has still been bothering me a bit. And my knee, leg, and hip on my right side are super sore too. Road walking may seem easy, but don’t let it fool you! It really takes its toll on your body.

The site that we camped at last night by the church.

The church that we camped at last night.

We got walking and I ate the rest of my burger from last night for breakfast. My body loosened up a bit as we walked thankfully. Then a few hours into the day we actually went past a small store! There weren’t supposed to be any stores along our route today. So that was quite the treat. The store was basically out of someone’s home but had plenty of goodies.

The surprise store that we walked right by!

I grabbed a couple drinks and some ice creams. Then we sat in the shade by the building to chow down. There were a bunch of cats and kittens in the yard. I love all the kitties down here.

After sitting there for a little while we kept it moving. It was hot out but there was a little bit of shade on the road. That’s helped a lot. The day went by pretty quickly as I zoned out listening to music.

I found this old rusted gun alongside the road. Apparently Sparkle saw the same gun when she did the Alabama road walk!

Couldn’t resist posing with the real gun that I found along the Alabama Road Walk.

Later on in the day we stopped off along the side of the road for another break. It had finally cooled off a lot and I was feeling good. While we were stopped there a guy pulled over and came up to us. He had seen us earlier walking the road and wanted to bring us some treats! He brought ginger ale, beer, and some snacks. It was so thoughtful of him and such a surprise for us. I got to drink an ice cold ginger ale as we finished our break.

The road brought us right through a quiet practically abandoned town.

When we left there we still had a ways to go. We walked for another few miles and then actually walked right past a gas station! It hadn’t popped up on the map and was a complete surprise. That was exciting because it meant I could eat some real food. The lady working inside had met some ECT hikers earlier in the year and was happy to see us. She gave Beer Run and I both a slice of pizza and a burger on the house. That hit the spot too! Damn is gas station food good when you’re hungry.

After we ate we got walking again. It was only supposed to be a mile or so to a church where we could hopefully camp. But after walking for a while we checked out maps and realized that we had missed it. Neither of us saw the church which was a bit confusing. But luckily the nearest church past there wasn’t far at all. So we continued on.

Walking as the sun began to set.

The next church was definitely less ideal, but we made it work. There was very little grass next to the church and we didn’t have much privacy from the street. We were both so tired though that we didn’t care. I set up my tent and called it a night.

Day 256: 3 miles

This morning we woke up out front of the church pretty early. There was nothing protecting us from the street so we didn’t want to hang around too long. Today we are heading into town! And I’m excited about it. We’re planning on taking a nero day which will be great rest.

The site that we camped at last night. It was right off the road.

The church that we camped at last night.

It was only a couple miles into town which flew by. Then we stopped off at Walmart to grab some things before we walked further into town. After we grabbed some things at Walmart we went to Huddle House for breakfast.

It was still super early at this point so we walked around a couple stores nearby. Then attempted to check in early at the motel. It was only 10am but I was hopeful. And to our surprise the lady was super nice and let us right in!

The last few days I’ve been getting pretty bad hives/rashes on my legs. I’m hoping it’s just my body adjusting to the heat down here.

At the room I showered and lounged. My right foot was absolutely killing me so I was happy for the rest. It’s been really sore in an odd way lately. Not sharp enough to be concerning, but enough to be uncomfortable walking. Especially when I’m barefoot I notice.

After we both showered up we went next door to a Chinese buffet. I was so damn excited for that. The food was actually really good too. We ate and then went back to the room to chill out. I did some writing and was productive for a while. Then just lounged for hours.

King Buffet where we ate lunch.

In the evening we decided to walk down the street for dinner. We went to Dave’s Catfish House which had some really good food. I got a heaping pile of sides and chicken and ate until I couldn’t anymore.

When we got back to the motel the door to our room wouldn’t open. It would blink and then turn red. And after trying for a while it stopped working at all. We went to the front desk to ask and the guy said that the battery on the lock must be dying. So he walked back with us and popped the door open with a crowbar! He made it look so easy too. It was nuts.

There’s nothing better than laying in bed on a zero/nero day.

Once we got back into the room we chilled the rest of the night. I laid in bed and did a bit more writing. Then did my exercises before calling it a night.

While we lounged today I made some bracelets with beads. It made me feel like a little kid again.

I made this bracelet for the ECT. It has the abbreviations for all of the sections along the trail.

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  • thetentman : Nov 25th

    Thx for the post.


    • Perry chamberlain : Dec 4th

      That gun is not old. That’s a Ruger Mark II 22 caliber semi Automatic pistol. They’re about 20 years old.
      You should have immediately picked it up, wrapped it up and taken it it to the police when you run through a town. Don’t leave it out there.
      It may have been using a crime.
      Or the owner would have dropped it. It’s a valuable pistol.
      Someone’s crying about losing that gun.

  • Tandi : Nov 26th

    As always, I enjoy your writings n pictures; I definitely had to hurry n read about your crowbar/door experience.🙂 Thanks again for sharing….Have a great upcoming week n stay safe. 🦋🐱🦋

  • Skirted Walker : Nov 26th

    Ouch on the road walking. It is hard on you for sure. Thanks for sharing more story.

  • Rick Pinzon Jr : Nov 26th

    I continue to read your posts! Keep em’ coming! Wishing you continued success and safety during your journey.

  • Greywolf : Nov 26th

    CONGRATS you might also check out the great north country trail I hope to catch you on a trail 1 day share a meal be friends enjoy nature a campfire music ! What type of cook system are you doing ? Cold soak or actually cooking my 1st stove was the whisper lite then I tried a jet boil now I use a pocket rocket because I can simmer plus I can make stuff like bacon and eggs . Do you list all the gear you carry ? Whats your favorite food on the trail your go to snacks ? Are you in a town every 3 to 5 days ? Whats your base weight ?

  • CapitalT : Nov 28th

    Well done but it might be time to reflect and zero when you say gas station food is real food 😁🤣


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