Wild Women Don’t Clip Your Wings: How to Adventure Solo Safely


“The wild woman has a deep love of nature. A love for the ancient Mother. Though possibly misunderstood, it has always been in her. When she goes into the wilderness a part of her soul is going home”

I get asked all the time don’t I get scared? I am told it’s unsafe, not smart, reckless and crazy. What is crazy is living my life according to what others deem safe, smart and not crazy when we come from totally different backgrounds, experience level, ability and mind sets. If I was to wait to adventure with people that have my ability, experience, gear and thirst for adventure that I do….I may never go!!

The reality is there are a lot of things to consider when taking on solo adventures…whether it is a day adventure or something bigger such as the Vermont Long Trail I will soon be embarking on.

Let’s do a checklist:

1. Choose a route within your ability. Download the map on a source that can be used offline.

-look at terrain, distance, water sources, location, etc.

 2.  Gear

       -ensure you have the right gear

       -spend the $ on good quality gear….it will take care of you and last a       long time!!

 3.  Make a plan – share your plan – make a plan b

 4.  Do research on recent trail reports

 5.  Weather – check reliable sources

 6.  Carry proper first aid kit, bear spray, and knife on holster

 7.  GPS 2 way messaging devices – Zoleo, Garmin Inreach, Spot

         -have contacts set up and tested before you go out

 8. Take a basic Wilderness First Aid course ahead of time so you understand the hazards and defences of any potential adventure you plan.

 9.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Whether that be wildlife, other people on the trail, the changing weather, trail conditions, etc.

 10. Go with confidence!! Be empowered!

Solo adventuring can be reckless, unsafe, not smart and crazy if you do not take the steps such as I have listed above to make smart choices according to your ability and experience. But it can also be the most life changing experiences you create for yourself!! So go forth….be wild woman!!

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Comments 3

  • Naomi Brown : Jul 1st

    GOOD for you and good FOR you!!

  • Meghan : Jul 1st

    I had people tell me I should carry a gun on the trail. I say WHAT. Not going to happen. My base weight would skyrocket!!! Lol
    Be prepared and learn as much about what you are doing and where you are going. Technology has made it a lot easier than in the old days (when I was a kid). I did carry a small bottle of pepper spray. Never used it. Never felt the need, ever. Go forth Women of the Woods and enjoy the solo journey.

  • Bo : Jul 2nd

    I live in small town USA in the south. I am a woman near age 60 and I do several solo hikes a year on the AT and have never once felt unsafe. I do however feel unsafe walking in my town but especially the town park. I feel more comfortable in the woods far from civilization than anywhere else.


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