Give Yourself a Break: Planning Rest Days on Your Thru-hike

My first thru-hike was a NOBO attempt of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016. I had planned for what I thought...
Aug 8th : Amy

Did Dan "Knotts" Binde Set the Self-Supported FKT on the AT?

May 26th 2017- July 19th 2017 (53:22:57) On July 19th, Dan “Knotts” Binde allegedly set a new self-supported speed record on the Appalachian...
Aug 8th : Mary Beth Skylis

Feral Pony Ruthlessly Kicks Thru-Hiker in Balls [Watch]

One of the many highlights of the Appalachian Trail is encountering the feral (commonly principles of Leave...
May 23rd : Zach