Gear Galore

If at first you buy the wrong gear, research and research some more. The first thing I wanted to do when...
Feb 27th : Jennifer Giddens

13 Things 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers Need to Know

Setting out to thru-hike is a complicated, somewhat overwhelming process, and it's impossible to know what the entirety of 2,000+ miles...
Feb 6th : The Editors

Baxter State Park Places Limits on Thru-Hiker Permits

It was recently announced that Baxter State Park (BSP) will be limiting the number of Appalachian Trail Long-Distance...
Feb 2nd : Kenny Howell
Thru Hiking Culture

Introducing "Tales from the Trail": Our New Video Blogger Series

Feb 22nd : The Editors
Appalachian Trail

Yoga and Hiking: Taking Yoga Off The Mat

Feb 9th : Carolyn Burman
Appalachian Trail

Life is like sugar.

Feb 8th : Carolyn Burman
Appalachian Trail

HOLY HELL! What have i gotten myself into?

Feb 7th : Carolyn Burman
Appalachian Trail

Better Late Than Never: Starting a NOBO Thru-Hike in May

Feb 2nd : Paul Bronco Fuzinski