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Calling all 2017 thru-hikers!

Looking to blog your 2017 thru-hike?  Want some great exposure without the hassle of starting and maintaining a website?  DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!

The Trek is looking for 2017 Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail thru-hikers who are passionate about writing and want to share their journey with the world.

What you get:

  • Exposure to the large (and rapidly growing) The Trek community (reach >100,000 across all channels).
  • A blogging platform that easily lets you display your gear list, latest location, and other hiking related stats (coming soon).
  • Access to a fun (and private) group of fellow The Trek bloggers on Facebook (current and alum).
  • Surprise perks (e.g. EPIC Trail Magic)

The costFREE!!!

Interested? If so, fill out the form below:

2018 hikers: Applications just opened for you!  Apply here.


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  • Matt Tobias : Nov 19th

    I’m bored at work, looking through websites for backcountry snowboarding gear and then my website searches start venturing toward the Pacific Crest Trail. I am curious about the trip distance, time, location and what to expect. To tell you the truth, I’ve been really thinking about doing this for awhile now since switching jobs and not liking my current job. My old boss told me I should have took off time between jobs, traveled and explored. Another consideration is going on the World Race for 11 months in 11 countries. It is a Christian mission trip to help the entire world. A friend did the World Race and posted journals and pictures throughout the trip which inspired me. I would love to be able to share what is going on with me and around me to many others to maybe guide them on their path. I would also love to share what is going on personally and inside me while working through obstacles in my life to help guide others by my insights, stumbles and truths learned along the path of life.

    It’s important to have these times of searching, writing and finding yourself. The way I do this is by prayer and being alone in the wilderness. Just recently I took a trip to Oregon to hang with a friend and enjoy the Northwest. I also went to do some personal searching and thinking about my situation with work, where I live and relationships. I ended up hiking and camping alone a half mile from the coast. As I was reading and cooking dinner, the peaceful sound of the waves settled into my tent. The waves were the only thing that were audible the whole night. As I read scripture, a peace overcame me and many things became clear. Things of my past were thought of and wrote down. Obstacles of my present seemed to melt away and worry of my future faded. Solitude is important.
    “So He Himself (Jesus) often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed” -Luke 5:16

    • MAURICE A CAULEY : Jan 19th

      He who believeth on the Son hath everlasting life. Also read John 3:16,17,18. We all can most likely quote the former but it’s the latter that will put the fear of God in you. God is holy and expects us to
      be holy too.

  • John Longino : May 22nd

    2016 or 17 sign up. Article says only both?!?

  • Angela : Nov 24th

    Will the blogs be open to the public? I’m not planing to hike the at this coming year but would love to hear the experiences of others. Research ya know and living vicariously til I’m able to go myself

  • Amber : Dec 4th

    Came here to sign up to be a 2017 AT blogger, but the form isn’t showing up on the page. Just letting ya know 🙂

  • KENNETH CALHOUN : Jan 20th


  • Snow : Mar 10th

    Looking forward to joining the class. Of 2017 the AT in April

  • Lisa : Mar 28th

    When will you be accepting for 2018??


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