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Love backpacking + writing?

The Trek wants YOU! (insert Uncle Sam point)

The Trek Writers are those with a wealth of backpacking experience and knowledge who want to share their backpacking expertise with the world.  If you’re looking to build your writing portfolio, want to be part of a tight-knit and rapidly growing community, and/or love to share your insights about any and all things trail-related, this is the gig for you.

NOTE: If you’re a current or future thru-hiker who’s looking to blog your journey on The Trek, you want to head to this page. 

You’ll get to be part of a highly knowledgeable and skilled team, lead by The Trek’s Lead Writer and Editor, Kelly Floro, the chance to test and review new backpacking gear, and establish yourself as a leader as part of a growing and friendly backpacking community.

The ideal candidate has a strong knowledge and enthusiasm for long-distance backpacking, is a strong writer, and is capable of providing their own unique and valuable article concepts.

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  • Kelly Kiel : May 19th

    Looks like you need a proofreader/copyeditor. “You’ll want to this page”. I think you meant “You’ll want to LIKE this page.” I love writing, reading, proofreading and hiking. Planning a thru-hike in 2017.

    • Megan Kochenderfer : Sep 1st

      As a grammar nerd, I have to reply and point out that periods belong inside quotation marks.

  • Anthony Mannello : Jan 12th

    Hey Trek.

    My name is Cruise. This last season you had recommended me as one of the top thru -hikers to follow of instagram. Thank you so much. As I continue to hike year after year, it’s nice to know my photography is making an impact, even a small impact is nice. I am reaching out to you guys about this upcoming hiking season. I will be hiking on the PCT for the second time. Last year I hiked the CDT with Rabbit. I want to extend an offer of being a trail correspondant and photographer if you need some good photos or video. I know you probably have a lot of inquiries and I appreciate your time. Thanks!


  • John Joseph Hamilton : Apr 9th

    I really don’t think trail mix and beards mix that well unless you want hair in your food.

  • Shovktop : Jul 28th

    Hey i just submitted what I hope is a complete application, but given that I’m working with a cheap phone and connection, who knows! Pls let me know if it’s ok, thx.

  • Timothy Lyall : Oct 15th

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  • Chris Teagen : Oct 23rd

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  • Marty : Jan 13th


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  • David Garrison : Feb 6th

    Hello! How much do you pay your writers? I’m attempting a calendar year triple crown this year and it would be nice to join an established media organization to write for. Regards!

    • William Morrison : Mar 7th

      David did you receive a reply from editors (2021)?

  • William Morrison : Mar 7th

    David did you receive a reply from editors (2021)?

  • David Johnn : Oct 5th

    That’s really great!

  • David Johnn : Oct 5th

    Thanks for posting this article.

  • Queen R Mastropietro : Nov 30th

    Simply just needed to state Now i am happy that i stumbled onto your page

  • John Shafer : Mar 1st

    The main link to the store from your homepage shows a hat with a mountain symbol. Ironically this hat as far as I can see is not for sale in the store. Is this some kind of a cruel hoax?

  • Fiona : Jul 5th

    It is really amazing how nowadays, we are able to share our creations on the Internet

  • Cristina Andrea Pier : Mar 13th

    I searched my soul and I lie to myself when I say I hike the AT for peace or time to reset, the real reason I hike is to see you again on the trail, I haven’t reset and the wood is you and I need to be surrounded by you.

  • Steven Seagull : Apr 10th

    Comments are all over the place without years being shown. It looks like it starts in 2017? There’s even a link to someone writing papers for high school and college students. Smh.