Connor Chapdelaine

Whaddup peeps!I'm Connor Chapdelaine but all my favorite people call me Jackrabbit. I'm a biologist by trade but a backpacker by choice. I thru-hiked the AT as a total scrub in 2021 and fell in love as I trekked the east coast. I'll be thru-hiking the PCT this year and getting to know the other side of the country while crushing miles and peanut butter.Keep up with me here and on Instagram @ChapOnTheTrail as I head NOBO on the PCT this year and I'll try to capture what makes a really long walk so damn fun.


A Tale of Two Trails: AT vs PCT Gear List

A Tale of Two Trails: AT vs PCT Gear List

So the time has come around once again. Thru-hiking season is almost upon us and around the globe clean professionals are getting all their dirty, smelly gear out of the closet. I couldn't be more excited. For anyone stumbling onto this, I'm Connor Chapdelaine but out in forest I'm better known as Jackrabbit.

Jan 20, 2022 : Connor Chapdelaine