David Smith

My name is David AKA Wazo. I'm a planning 2021 PCT thru-hike starting in mid-April. Prior to the PTC, I plan to spend 4 to 5 weeks on the AT going NOBO from Roan Mountain, TN. My initial plan was a AT thru-hike. When the PTCA announced they were issuing permits for 2021, I could not resist. I live in Phoenix with my husband and our pet snail, Junior Ranger. I like to backpack, hike, road bike, read, and get up every morning to watch the sun come up from our perch 22 floors above Central Phoenix. I volunteer for a homeless program and, most recently, giving COVID injections at a mass immunization site. Thanks for checking out my blog.


Happy 2021 – Year of My AT Flip Flop

Happy 2021 – Year of My AT Flip Flop

How I Got Here and a Quick 'Get Lost' to 2020 To tell how I ended up here on New Year's Day,  about 2 months from starting my AT thru-hike, I have

Jan 1, 2021 : David Smith