Eric Rimel

Hey! I’m Eric. Just to date myself, I lived in Portland Oregon; pre-grunge. I work a 9 month contract. June, July and August are typically mine to do with as I please as long as the lawn gets mowed and the cat gets fed. I have the coolest/smartest wife in the Universe. I’m doing my first big hike (for me) on the Superior Trail starting around July 1, 2019. I believe there will be many more to follow. When I’m not at my big-boy job you can find me: Making furniture/sculptures/castings/messes, remodeling our house into something other than what it was (a puppy farm), cycling, and now hiking. I also cuss a lot under my breath and sometimes at the top of my lungs.


A Clydesdale goes backpacking

A Clydesdale goes backpacking

  First post!  It’s getting closer and closer……. Most people have already left their Terminus and are well on their way.  I’m amazed that

May 11, 2019 : Eric Rimel