LightFoot Tracks

Hey! We are Heather and Dan. The meaning adventure and travel for us has evolved over the years from party backpackers who's idea of exercise is popping out to get another six pack, to where we are today, which is two ultra runners who have spent the last 2 years driving the Americas taking in some of the most iconic hikes on offer along the way. As our trip progressed so did the focus on hiking, organically the idea of a thru hike began to form in our minds. It became the solo topic of conversation on long drive days and the pillow talk after long days spent hiking the Andes. We love hiking and the outdoors but most of all we love challenge and adventure, which we believe the AT will offer in spades. We are under no illusions, it will be hard and there will be crappy days (they usually make the best blog posts) but as with anything in life it is this adversity that makes the rewards oh so much sweeter.