Julieann Hartley

I'm a nutritional therapist and board certified music therapist planning on tackling the Appalachian Trail, starting April 2015. During the day, I work with children and adults with disabilities, helping them achieve their developmental goals with music therapy. In the evenings, I run a nutritional therapy consultation company, helping clients with a variety of symptoms! My goal is to hike the A.T. with the nutrient dense foods (think grain free, grass-fed meats and veggies kind of thing), so I can hike efficiently and have time to forage local wild edibles along the way. I also plan on being a bit of a minstrel, earning my keep at the occasional hostel and hut by entertaining the other hikers with my stories and songs. I hope to inspire other hikers to make music, eat well and appreciate each step of the journey. For more information about nutritional therapy, visit my website at: www.wildatheartnutrition.com