I'm a hiker, musician, climber, dad and computer programmer. I hiked half of the CDT in 2022 (they called me Sputnik), and hope to stomp through the rest this year. Philosophy: External journeys lead to inward ones. Other stuff: I grew up in Texas, learned to climb in the Cascades, but now I live in a German village called Markt Schwaben. My boys are nearly grown up, which feels great. My girlfriend walks with me but I can't get her into ultralight, dag nabbit. :) My favorite chord is A minor with a sharp 7 (G#), and I'll never turn down a cigar.


Lighting Out for the Territories

Lighting Out for the Territories

Hi everyone, my name is Mike and I’m hiking the upper half of the CDT this year. Last year I walked from the Mexican border to the Seedhouse Campground in northern Colorado. I shared the trail with some great folks, including Lemonhope, Mishap, Gargoyle, Leftovers and Slim. My trail name is Sputnik.

Feb 27, 2023 : Sputnik