Mike Sugden

Hey there, this is me and this must be happening! I'm a lifetime Pacific NW resident, married with two grown kids, a 27 year career in metal fabrication/construction and looking to create a new path for my inner self. I also call myself father to many of my kids friends, my wife and I are very lucky to have them all around...they keep using that open door policy so we must be doing something right! So what does this guy enjoy doing? Lets see, pretty much anything outdoors, hiking mostly, not so much hunting but would buy the permits and take a camera to shoot my prey, occasional wake boarding...well I try anyway, doing flips hasn't worked out very well so far! I've decided it's time to break up the routine of daily life and head into the portal that is the PCT , my wife and I are up for the challenges ahead of us. We hope this blog will provide some incite on the dynamics between trail adventure and the emotional support we all receive from home base. Take Care and see you on trail!