Sarahmarie Specht-Bird

Hi there! I'm Sarahmarie ("Passport"), and I'm an English teacher, a writer, a crocheter, a traveler, an AT thru-hiker in 2019, and a person who is very bad at concise intros. I grew up in Kentucky but I've also lived in Atlanta, Georgia and Flagstaff, Arizona, with assorted adventures traipsing abroad. I've hiked the Camino Franc├ęs, Camino del Norte, and Camino Primitivo in Spain, as well as the John Muir Trail in California. I've been working towards a thru-hike of the AT for many years, and I am so excited to be out here this year. I love a lot of things, including, but not limited to: languages, bagels and cream cheese, books, bookstores, stickers, dogs, and obsessively watching my favorite shows over and over. I am loving life out here on this glorious, sweaty trail and I look forward to learning more from my fellow hikers as I move north!