Sheila Jackson-Taylor

At age 46, I am still that child whose mother rolls her eyes and asks “What crazy idea will she come up with next?” My husband, on the other hand, just smiles, nods his head, holds his breath and waits to see if my cuckoo schemes will play out. Really though, I think that if he was honest, he would say that it is my adventuresome spirit that he likes the most. It has, after all, led us to some fascinating places. Thru-hiking the AT in 2018 is precisely the kind of extraordinary adventure that I am not at all surprised to find myself in pursuit of. (My mother probably isn’t surprised either.) This time, hubby is sitting out of the adventure, but I am bringing my handsome and courageous thirteen year old son Cole. Together we will have five months to tackle whatever the AT throws our way as we aim for Katahdin.