Hi there, I am planning my thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019. I am 64 and feel I need to get moving before my bones but mostly my knees will not let me. I love the outdoors and especially the serenity of the mountains. I miss them so much as I used to live in California and Oregon. I now live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and there is not a mountain to be seen for over 200 miles. To get any mountain hiking in we have to drive to Georgia or Alabama. I have been planning this hike for a few years now and after doing a section of the PCT in California this year I cannot stop thinking about it. It consumes me and I just need to get out there. This will be the biggest adventure of my life. I know it will be a challenge both mentally and physically, but what a conversation piece. I cannot wait to share my journey with everyone as I go on this adventure of a lifetime.


PCT 2019.  The Adventure Begins

PCT 2019. The Adventure Begins

I will now go into all my feelings and thoughts of why I have decided to take this trip of  hiking 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada.  It has been on

Dec 25, 2018 : Terry