Teresa Kuhlers-Lindman

I tend to get a little lost within my mind. I am always thinking, observing my surroundings. Along my journey I have found a profound love and passion for the outdoors. Backpacking to be more specific. When I am in a place where there isn't a vehicle or fast food joint in view I feel physically free. Which is a nice balance for my cluttered mind. I am a semi-experienced backpacker by this point. I have been backpacking in several parks including; Rocky Mountain National Park, The Black Hills, Zion National Park, Bryce National Park and several other adventures in the states along the way. My most recent trip was a trip to West Virginia where my boyfriend Bryan and I hiked a small section of the Appalachian Trail. So, naturally we will be returning to the Appalachian Trail in March, 2015. We will hike from Georgia to Maine, all 2,200 miles of it. This will be the longest hike I have attempted. The more time I have spent in the wild the more I fall in love with it, so I am eager to hit the trail and see what inspiration hits me along the way. Adventuring is my life, and every step I take seems more beautiful than the last.


What if? My Response to Your Silly Questions.

What if? My Response to Your Silly Questions.

Angels Landing, Zion National Park. In March my boyfriend Bryan Conley (who also writes for www. thetrek.co) and I will be making our way down to

Feb 3, 2015 : Teresa Kuhlers-Lindman