Hi Dave here from my home for the past 39 years, the windward side of O`ahu. The temperature outside right now is something like 75 with trades blowing from the NE while I look out our front room window at Mokoli`i island in Kaneohe Bay. So why in the heck would I be planning to leave here in a few short weeks to spend who knows how long hiking in the cold and rain and possibly snow? Besides the obvious that am kinda crazy, the main reason is because my big brother who lives out near the trail in Virginia is going and he wants me to go with him. Other reasons are that have been an avid hiker and backpacker for several years now and have always wanted to try and do a multi-month hike and now have the time to do so. We are starting March 16 from Damascus and after reach Maine plan to restart at Springer and head back north. Am so looking forward to meeting some of you on the trail, reading various blogs and making entries on this one. Alright that is all for now!


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