Hike Naked Day: 30 Photos to Celebrate Backpacking in Your Birthday Suit (NSFW)

It’s that time of year again! Yes, Hike Naked Day is upon us and it’s here to bring out the exhibitionist in all of us. For those not familiar with this hallowed Appalachian Trail tradition, every June 21 hikers celebrate the Summer Solstice by flooding the trail with a few more bare backs than usual. Of course this tradition is not specific to the AT community. Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere celebrate the longest day of the year by trading in their typical wool and synthetic prisons in favor of their birthday suit. One of the many reasons people find themselves wandering in the woods is to find an escape. They want to depart from the monotony of society to feel free and connect with nature. There’s no faster way to feel that connection then by dropping trou, leaving those man-made fabrics behind, and treating yourself to an exhilarating romp through the wilderness.

So for those of you needing a little extra inspiration this year here are 21 photos to help get you in the holiday spirit!

David Longley 3

Photo courtesy of David Longley, host of the All Who Wander podcast: The podcast for sojourners, discontent with asphalt highways, steepled cages, tidy answers and ordinary lives.

Photo courtesy of Jacob Rex. | “This was taken as I hiked The Great Sand Dunes National Park naked!! I only did the last mile or so naked but I still did it. My friend took this as I tried to cross a creek naked and it was almost freezing because it was snow run off so I just ran in a naked frenzy.” – Jacob Rex


From our buddies at the Dusty Camel during their 2011 PCT thru-hike.


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Back on the AT just in time for Hike Naked Day #hikenakedday #summersolstice #appalachiantrail #trailspawn #thetrek #hikelikeagirl

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Did you partake in #HikeNakedDay ? Hope y’all birthday suit up and get outside!

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#during #fullmoon #goncolszeker at #night #sky #nakedhiking #hikenakedday

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throwback for #hikenakedday with my soul sista 🏔👯‍♀️ miss u & the gorge 💕🌸

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Happy Hike Naked day everybody!!! Watch out for snakes 🐍😉 #hikenakedday #getnakedaustralia

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Got a little bit of an early start on hike naked day… McAfee Knob, mile 711.7

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With hike naked day rapidly approaching, I may need to make some changes in my plans this weekend. #hikenakedday A photo posted by Ethan Wiggans (@ethan_at_chip) on

Happy Hike Naked Day! Go and get after it! #hikenakedday #PCT #paganrituals #latergram

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#HikeNakedDay was a success. #PCT #PCT2014 #solstice A photo posted by Ryan Burke (@ry4n_burke) on

#mcafeeknob #at2015 #appalaciantrail

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Darcy hiking in New Zealand ?#nakedinnature #adventure #hiking #sky #lifebeforework #camping #nature #adventurenaked A photo posted by The Extremophiles (@the_extremophiles) on


Hike Naked Day Bonus Video!


Updated 6/22: More #HikeNakedDay Photos! 


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#hikenakedday #iceagetrail #devilslake

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Comments 9

  • David Longley : Jun 22nd

    Thanks for “shout-out,” guys! Keep up the great work and Happy Hike Naked Day!

  • NudistSingle.net : Jul 30th


  • Mike Litton : Aug 30th

    We love to hike naked and do when ever possible which is not much in South Dakota homeland of the puritanical. Here we go out to the Badlands and a few secluded place in the Black Hills which there is getting less and less of. If you get caught in this state you will go to jail because of the small minded folks here think you must be child molester or wacko. What happened to the 60’s and 70’s when no one bothered you and it was acceptable as long as you didn’t act like an idiot. The same people in power now grew up in those times just like myself: 63 yr. old and still enjoy hiking nude with my wife. Let’s get them to make some sane laws that state nude is not lewd as long as you are not doing lewd acts or infringing one others.

    • algolci : Aug 21st

      The law should make common sense distinctions between blatant attempts to shock in public versus discreet innocent activities like hiking or swimming in secluded spots.

    • Kurt : Dec 12th

      Hi Mike
      I am 64 and totally agree with you. Went to college in Colorado eary to mid 70’s where we hiked nude any time the weather permitted and that was much of the time there.
      Live in Wa state now and nude hiking is still my pation.
      Feel free to e-mail

  • Fred Hughes : Dec 13th

    Yes to natural vitamin D manufacture of sun light on oil & grease on skin (from Paul C Braggs book “The Miracle of Fasting”. Worst we do is to use soap to wash oil & grease off skin…) Greater understanding of how we were designed shows in revelations of how important Vit D is in reducing inflammation in the body let alone the common knowledge of it’s necessity in the absorption of calcium for your bodys health.
    Traditional maori canoed naked & likely some people still do to prevent chaffing & enjoy in reasonable privacy some of what The Creator gave us for our health & pleasure. Optional as one can use fish oil but it’s not as good as getting a nice tan.
    Melanoma due ozone hole over NZ you say! Yeah Right, natural oil & grease on skin is your best sun protection & you get free Vit D! stronger bones, less chance of cancer. Interesting, so called primitive people who live naked do not look or focus on others private parts. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Rule 2, Gods 2nd great commission.) Staring makes people uncomfortable; don’t stare.
    A wise soap free hair care is to put a small amount of coconut oil on your scalp & rub your hand thru hair which will put a fine trace of oil on hair. Get a life, we are all surprisingly similar. yours in good health, Fred.

  • prof premraj pushpakaran : Jun 20th

    prof premraj pushpakaran writes– let us celebrate World Hike Naked Day!!

  • william mcleod : Jul 24th

    you’er right we should have day or even a month where we can escape the cloth prison ; society deem we must wear .Please take back to my childhood where .naked was freedom till mom caught you… but now it’s the long arm of the law .I say let us be NAKED again .


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