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Calling all 2024 thru-hikers!

Looking to blog your 2024 thru-hike?  Want to reach a huge audience without the hassle of starting and maintaining a website?  DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!

The Trek is looking for 2024 thru-hikers from the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and beyond who are passionate about writing and want to share their journey with the world.  If you’re hiking one of the “shorter” trails, such as the Long Trail, Colorado Trail, John Muir Trail, Arizona Trail, Superior Hiking Trail, Ice Age Trail, Wonderland Trail, Ozark Trail, Ouachita Trail, Pinhoti Trail, Cumberland Trail, Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Benton MacKaye Trail, Buckeye Trail, Northville Placid Trail, Oregon Desert Trail, Idaho Centennial Trail, Oregon Coast Trail, California Coastal Trail, and beyond- you’re encouraged to apply to join our team as well.

What you get:

  • Exposure to the large Trek community (reach is more than a half million across all channels)
  • An easy-to-use blogging platform
  • Extra consideration for features through our Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and The Trek Instagram accounts.
  • Active Bloggers are given the opportunity for Instagram Takeovers.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group of fellow Trek Bloggers (current and alum)
  • Technical support from The Trek’s team
  • Blogging features such as a gear list, photo gallery, mileage stats, backend post views, and more (we’re open to suggestions too!)
  • The ability for family, friends, and fans to subscribe directly to your posts via email
  • Light copy-editing from our editorial team
  • Discount Trek merch
  • A Hiker Spotlight program: Active bloggers get a goody / SWAG package sent while on trail, a feature on the website, and the opportunity for an Instagram Takeover

The costFREE

Note: The Trek does not allow contributors to use their platform for the purpose of soliciting money or sponsors.  If you’re interested in monetizing your journey, we encourage you to stick with your personal channels.

Class of 2024: Apply to be a Blogger!

If you’re still thru-hiking in 2023 and want to be a Blogger for The Trek, apply here

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  • Matt Tobias : Nov 19th

    I’m bored at work, looking through websites for backcountry snowboarding gear and then my website searches start venturing toward the Pacific Crest Trail. I am curious about the trip distance, time, location and what to expect. To tell you the truth, I’ve been really thinking about doing this for awhile now since switching jobs and not liking my current job. My old boss told me I should have took off time between jobs, traveled and explored. Another consideration is going on the World Race for 11 months in 11 countries. It is a Christian mission trip to help the entire world. A friend did the World Race and posted journals and pictures throughout the trip which inspired me. I would love to be able to share what is going on with me and around me to many others to maybe guide them on their path. I would also love to share what is going on personally and inside me while working through obstacles in my life to help guide others by my insights, stumbles and truths learned along the path of life.

    It’s important to have these times of searching, writing and finding yourself. The way I do this is by prayer and being alone in the wilderness. Just recently I took a trip to Oregon to hang with a friend and enjoy the Northwest. I also went to do some personal searching and thinking about my situation with work, where I live and relationships. I ended up hiking and camping alone a half mile from the coast. As I was reading and cooking dinner, the peaceful sound of the waves settled into my tent. The waves were the only thing that were audible the whole night. As I read scripture, a peace overcame me and many things became clear. Things of my past were thought of and wrote down. Obstacles of my present seemed to melt away and worry of my future faded. Solitude is important.
    “So He Himself (Jesus) often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed” -Luke 5:16

    • MAURICE A CAULEY : Jan 19th

      He who believeth on the Son hath everlasting life. Also read John 3:16,17,18. We all can most likely quote the former but it’s the latter that will put the fear of God in you. God is holy and expects us to
      be holy too.

    • Kelly : Jul 19th

      My daughter completed the World Race 11-11 in 2016 through Adventures in Missions. She met another hiker on the race and they got married and now have my grandson. You’re correct in stating that we all need these times for reflection.

    • jay.friesen : Nov 19th

      Wow! I randomly came across your comment and wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying. My pct hike is planned for this next year, and hopefully my World Race adventure will soon follow!

    • ks : Jan 3rd

      Not what I expected, and beautiful. Thanks for the quote. What was His experience in the wild? I wonder.

    • Cityboy : Mar 2nd

      Lord bless you 57,I’ve always spent most of my life trying to do stuff the way outher people tell me the way they think I ought to live. Sitting in a nice clean warm room, I’ve noticed I actually was going insane.. I’ve happily camped&hiked n walked to lots of places. So when I saw the lovely movie called Wild. .it felt like I was called to somehow. That’s how I’m hooked on the PCT…I’m a writer of age 8.Ive write a book n some lyrics for sons,Uts a gift…Now I must figure out how to make money as a writer…I know when I leave the East Coast I’ll be homeless…I guess I’ll be homeless.

      • Debbie : Jun 6th

        I’m 55, always doing for others, taking care of others, still caring for mom, I’ve always wanted to hike the trail, spend time for reflection, no family, just me and other hikers as I would not want to hike alone, but military 9 years damaged my knees, had sx 3 years ago but they are not perfect. I probably have to surrender my dream as wish I could have done that.

        • Sheryl : Jun 21st

          Hi Debbie,

          I live in S. Lake Tahoe and am a trail angel for the PCT, I’m 59. Could you do shorter section hikes? I hear you about not wanting to hike/sleep solo on trail. What state are you in?

          • Debbie Grimes : Sep 23rd

            Hey Sheryl, I live in GA, I think I found a good small place for mom, the guilt overwhelms me at time, sending her somewhere but I just can’t do it anymore, I’m tired. I guess doing sections would be better than not at all, I don’t have anyone to go with but being alone doesn’t scare me. What is an angel for the PCT?

            • Carole Kramer : Sep 24th

              Hi Debbie. I plan in April of 2022 starting in Georgia with my best friend on the Appalachian trail. I would love for you to join. I am 56 and not going for high mileage daily. It’s a healing trip. My friend will be with for 1 week then I’m solo

              • Traci : Dec 15th

                Are you doing the AT solo in April? I’m 55 and will be hiking solo. Let me know your thoughts?

              • Debbie : Feb 15th

                Carole, are you still planning on the trip?

              • Andrea : Nov 7th

                Tonite is the 1st I’ve ever heard of this! It’s sounds EXACTLY what I need. Wish I had known back when u sought out for someone to join u.
                I’m from s. indiana and ride my bicycle for transportation. I’ve always been in fairly good health and shape. In winter and bad weather I walk. Some people think I don’t hav license. Nope! I just don’t want the expense of car. I’ve got my dr lis. I ride cause uts my car and my legs are my car in bad weather. My 70 yr old gr mother walked too and I remember at age 4 walking with her. I love to hike but I don’t know anyone around here who likes to walk let alone hike.

        • Holly Summers : Feb 19th

          Debbie , I’m 61 this year. And the same as you I’ve spent my life serving others. I am determined to hike the PCT next year. And if not , the year after. I’m Also caring for My mom, I’ve been here 7 closer to 8 years. I haven’t told her yet, so , there’s that
          My knees are ok but I have torn rotor cups in my shoulders. I’ll know in a couple days if I’ll be able to. I’d hike with you if you want to try. Just throwing that out there. Hugs to You &your Mom.

        • Fearless : Oct 12th

          Never Give Up!! In 2009 I had my lumbar spine and most of my cervical spine replaced with titanium and bone implants. I had to learn to walk again and when I could, fell down a lot..! I had always loved the wilderness and decided to make it a goal to hike the PCT, between Castle Crags and Siead Valley. (I decided to go alone, so I could go at my own pace.) A hike that took most hikers only a couple of days, took me 3 summers… But, I made it!! Now, I spend most summers hiking between Lake Tahoe and Crater Lake!! I have always lived in the area, so am not afraid to hike alone, but I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams!! If you would ever like to hike with a buddy, that doesn’t hike very fast, I would love to hike with you to help make your dream a reality!! “Happy Trails.” 🥾🌲🐻 Fearless!!

    • R. E. “Dick” Knodel, Jr. : May 13th

      Matt Tobias:

      Wonderful to hear your reference to Scripture and Jesus. As soon as you do that, synapses snap with “current” — for better or worse — because such references immediately connect us to the larger world of Our Lord’s making/speaking. His Gospels reveal that world, as they reveal him; and he is so much more huge, even in his small moments (moments with us!), than we can imagine.

      As soon as we refer to him or his Word we reference ourselves to him. He said, “He who loses his life shall find it,” and to refer to him immediately ties us to an objective universe! (We creatures are often running from this world on account of our thirst for so-Called freedom and autonomy.)

      As dynamic/problematic as we are as people, this reference can mean almost anything. Some will love us, while others will despise. Others will be perplexed, and still others will just wonder! But Jesus always smiles because we have entered his world — and that’s what he came to do!

      He captured me at the end of 1967, fifty-two years ago, and I’m still going strong. I have a philosophical mind that seems fascinated by everything. That’s why I reading stuff about the AT — and commenting to a guy named Matt Tobias!

      Thanks for being unafraid! God bless you!


    • Mercy : Sep 17th

      I pray u find bv your answer as u seek the Lord and that He will direct your paths

    • NJ brown : Aug 26th

      Are you male or female?
      Approx how old are you?

  • John Longino : May 22nd

    2016 or 17 sign up. Article says only both?!?

  • Angela : Nov 24th

    Will the blogs be open to the public? I’m not planing to hike the at this coming year but would love to hear the experiences of others. Research ya know and living vicariously til I’m able to go myself

  • Amber : Dec 4th

    Came here to sign up to be a 2017 AT blogger, but the form isn’t showing up on the page. Just letting ya know 🙂

  • KENNETH CALHOUN : Jan 20th


    • Zen : Sep 12th

      I want to do the trail and hike about for 2 weeks.. lol I am 58

  • Snow : Mar 10th

    Looking forward to joining the class. Of 2017 the AT in April

  • Lisa : Mar 28th

    When will you be accepting for 2018??

  • Catherine : Mar 19th

    Love your articles… also do you only want thru hikers for v/blogging? Im senior now and still thinking about it but might- wont- be able to do a thru – cause of knee problem.? but still reading about all the seniors that did it ?!
    And Congrats to you ! Its a big deal !!?

    • Debbie : May 3rd

      I to am senior and have been thinking about the AT for2 years now…been gathering my stuff and reading as much of all pros and cons on gear…i am hoping April 2019 will be my year.

      • Annette : Dec 12th

        Did you ever do your backpacking trip?

      • Catherine Straight : Dec 24th

        Did you ever take your trip on the Appalachian Trail that is my dream I’ve been trying to do it for a couple years I have multiple sclerosis and I want to accomplish it before my illness prevents me from hiking any longer but I can’t find enough money to get the gear you wouldn’t happen to have any extra gear leftover you would like to donate would you do you have any good advice for for me for my hike

        • Cat Adams : Apr 25th

          You can find some good prices on used gear. Just make sure to get sized in a professional shop before you get started. They will have consignment on better quality used gear in some stores. Ask them the best local place to look, as ideally you’d want to try on a pack prior to purchase.

    • Annette : Sep 12th

      would thing about this on 2020

    • Elizabeth Black : Apr 16th


  • Robert Vaughn : Jun 6th

    Hello Tom I got your hikeing info from the freindswood library can you please give me a call at 281-235-9496. I would love to talk to you about your hikeing class I can’t make the class today I am tied up I work in freindswood I live in sanleon tx please call me I would like to talk to you sincerly. Robert vaughn

  • Ascend : Sep 17th

    Howdy! This is kind oof offf topic but I need some advice from an established
    blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure
    things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m
    not sure where to begin. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?
    With thanks

  • Adrian Redgwell : Oct 14th

    I applied to the 2019 class but no email yet. I was accepted last year but did not read the fine print.
    I suffer from a form of dementia from Afghanistan that has changed my personality a little bit to the positive side but too friendly. Not my fault but as long as my trail family knows, I will be protected.

    Anyway still waiting but strangely no email recieved at all like last year.

    • A CORRADO : Dec 12th

      Sorry to hear of your medical diagnosis. How did they detect it? Might get a backpacking partnership for adventures.

  • Donna Nabholz : Oct 16th

    I’m not hiking but my daughter is and I will be her support back home. Looking for help with getting her boxes to her. And maybe some meal prep ideas

  • Lisa Light : Nov 21st

    You mention some great trails, but there’s no mention of the North Country Trail (NCT). This is a 4000+ mile trail through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. I would strongly encourage you to add the lesser known,but truly awesome, trail to the list.

    • Adrian Redgwell : Dec 16th

      Please tell me why you are not replying to my 2019 SOBO AT Hike application? I apppied 4 tones and still no reply. Send me an email please SOBO can reply to you Trek.

  • word : Apr 4th

    I do believe all of the ideas you’ve offered for your post.
    They’re very convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are
    very short for newbies. May you please extend them a bit from
    next time? Thank you for the post.

  • Lisa Mishou : Dec 25th

    Most definitely will be for ’21, as ’20 will be our shakedown/training year. My husband and I are @2oldformerfatfksonamission

  • Jens : Jan 11th

    Came here to read about the trek. What I found are fundamental pseudo-christian missionaries! Don’t you think that America had already done too much damage to the world, from starting wars to bringing down democracies to destroying the whole planets ecosystem and blocking efforts to reduce CO2 and climate change?? The whole world is laughing at your president and mourning about what became of the melting pot, frontier nation and leader of the free world. And you dare to go into the world and tell others how to live?? Please stay at home, go walking and not blogging. (Please moderators, if you censor this, then delete all other non-topic comments and religious/political statements as well)

    • Chris Green : Mar 15th

      Who cares? Get a life.

      • Jens : Jun 9th

        I do. The world does. You seem not to understand

        • Money Manager : Feb 16th

          This is not the best forum for discussing dubious science or political topics.

          We are all outdoorsy types, who love God’s creation, and probably as much as you. However, we might not share your enthusiasm for fanciful unproven political “science” (eg theories of global warming) and/or unproven history (e.g. overturning democracies???).

          There is way too much BS in that quasi-scientific community. In our lifetimes, I’ve never see it this bad. Hitler and Stalin we both evil and they too promoted junk science to achieve political victories. So, let’s both take that discussion somewhere else.

    • Tree hugger : Sep 11th

      Thank you JENS. Some Americans think God is a shield for bad behavior and policies. Live your life these people (some christians) are delusional and refuse to see the forest/country that they’re destroying for the trees/businesses.

  • Sarah Fletcher : Apr 2nd

    Hi there,

    I’m flying from New Zealand to America next year to hike the AT with my amazing america friend and I’m wanting to blog and vlog. When is the best time to apply for 2021 season.

    Thanks heaps

    • Rick Bibeau : Feb 2nd

      Hello Sarah, wishing you a safe journey to America and a great time on the AT. A friend his wife and baby son moved to New Zealand several months ago. I’ve hiked many of the mountains in the North East and had a brother in law hike the AT with a mission group years ago. The AT has always intrested me, but due to work and the usual life commitments never found the time. This year I’m having a knee replacement and retiring, so for me 2022 will be the year to finally experience the AT for myself. Wishing you my best and may the AT be everything you dreamed it would be.


  • Molly O'Rourke : May 11th

    I am working on a throwback blog based on trail journals from 2004. Please let me know if there is any where to share my blog posts. I am also willing to write new blogs based on past experiences. With trails being closed, now seemed like a good time to reflect on past hikes. Thank you

  • Lawrence Edwin Tyson : Aug 12th

    When will I know if I’ve been accepted as a blogger for the 2021 class?
    Thanks. Looking forward to my adventure!

  • Sue mallon : Nov 18th

    Is this only for recently high school graduates?

  • Gert : Dec 15th

    As nobody here gets any answer for several years,
    ***I herewith declare this discussion and website for dead. ***
    Don’t try to get any response here, nobody from the website is listening

  • Heidi Perras : Jun 3rd

    Love love love this site!! I’m an AT fan and have only done limited section walking. I want to be a thru hiker but am not able to due to health reasons. But oh do I want it so badly!!! I will be doing trail magic and the only cost is tell me your experiences on the AT. Oh I hunger for it!!! I’m so glad I found this site. My favorite books on it is Grandma Gatewood’s walk and Hiking Thru by Paul Stutzman. I do love the guide too I have the green one from South to North. It’s an excellent guide and put together perfectly. I also loved AWOL on the AT. Oh I’m going to read more and more on it. Getting married October 16th and I’ll be section walking near German town West Virginia and at Harper’s Ferry. I would do anything to be in the shoes of the Thru-Hikers. The purists. I did pick a hikers name. Schuyler Bird because of Earl Hamner’s show the Waltons that instilled into me my first love of the mountains. I moved to Virginia from Wisconsin when I was 10 in 1978 when I first saw the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love them and I cannot ever live without them. Keep the stories coming for I can’t get enough of them♥️♥️♥️

  • Treebeard : Jul 20th

    I was looking at this post and am wondering if the writers (bloggers) are doing it only for “exposure.” Do the bloggers get paid or does thetrek make all the money from ads, etc.? Do you have any actual writers on staff being paid or are you using others writing to make money.

  • Richard Toledo : Jan 12th

    My name is Rick I plan on doing the p c t in 2023 I’ve been training my body and my mind I’m real psyched up about doing this I’m looking forward to it I need all the support all the advice everything that I need to prepare myself for this amazing journey I am also interested in doing it with other people if they are okay with this I want to do a thru-hike so I need all the advice that I can get I look forward to all that can help and meeting new friends from all over the place I am a fun person a lot of the outdoors my passion is hiking I’ve been hiking small Trails some medium-sized trails I do it a lot this will be the biggest challenge in my life and I am looking forward to it make you look forward to hearing from you bless you and peace

  • Richard Toledo : Jan 12th

    Hello my name Rick I plan on doing the PCP in 2023 I will be 62 years old when I start I look forward to it right now I hike just about every other day small medium trails nothing really big this is a big challenge for me I need all the advice anything that could help me out through this challenge I look forward to it I love the outdoors I love hiking that is one of my passion I look forward to meeting all some people from all around the world so if there’s any what are you out there that could give me advice assurity appreciate it anything would help I look forward to meeting awesome people and hopefully I would meet people that would take this Challenge on with me want to do a thru-hike not by myself so please if anybody is interested please contact me I like to meet whoever is willing or able to take on this challenge just like I will love peace and be happy

  • Robert Willett : May 27th

    I’ll be hiking the Application trail N/B from Georgia to Maine starting in late Feb. Putting together gear now for trip. I have my tent could use a sponsor to help get rest of gear needed. Experienced hiker and have done N.Y. to Maine once already. Looking to go ultra light now do to length and now age 47 be 48 apon completion. My goal is for 120 day trip but would like to complete in 100 day’s. I live completely off grid and have for 12 years now in Maine so use to living rough and use to extream weather. If could get some help with a light bellow zero Sleepbag and cold weather sleeping pad and possibly a pack I could handle rest of expenses. I run big groups and one of a thousand people so am certain to pick up a big following to advertise gear sponsor. Please help me forfill this dream. Thank You!











  • Madhukar Pandey : Feb 8th

    Don’t you accept blogs from Himalaya?

  • Maddie Wallis : Feb 23rd


    Saw on base camp that you all are hiring a marketing intern. I couldn’t find where to apply but if you could provide some more info that would be awesome.


  • Gert : Aug 17th

    This blog is dead. For years.
    Full of spam, nonsense, pseudoreligious statements.
    Nobody is moderating or even listening.
    Never ever you will get any response by anyone from the website or thetrek.
    Applying is futile.


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