Short for The A.T. Guide by former thru-hiker and computer scientist David “Awol” Miller. It is one of two guidebooks for AT thru-hikers, the other published by the ATC.

Awol AT Guide

Example: “Awol lists a breakfast buffet in Pinkham Notch, so I’m definitely stopping there in the morning.”

Fun Fact: Awol (the man, not the book) is known to be somewhat of an introvert, but you can meet him and have your book signed at the annual AT Kick-off at Amicalola Falls State Park.

Get the 2015 AT Guide here

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  • Carey Less : Feb 27th

    He will also sign your book at Trail Days in Damascus. At his booth there, he laid the map pages out end to end on poster board and had hikers post their current position with
    colorful post-its. Hikers were able to see where others were and the “bubble” was clearly evident by the mass of posts (visualize bell shaped curve).


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