100 Miles on the CCT and Not a Dull Moment Yet!!!

Skunk Cabbage Trail to Orick and oh the Elk!!!

Once I left Gold Bluff I headed out on Davidson Road in Prairie Creek Park. The CCT goes through Skunk Cabbage Trail but it was closed because of storm damage. The alternative route I took was to take Davidson all the way to the 101. I got lucky because as I was walking the 101 I saw a large herd of Elk. One thing I would like to mention is that on this trail there is some walking on the highway. This part of the 101 wasn’t too bad because on the opposite side of the metal barriers was cement. It made it easier to walk.

Lunch at Orick, levy walk, accidental shoe drop in the river and the Redwood Visitor Center.

I stopped at the snack shack for a bite to eat in Orick.  I usually try to eat one filling meal each day and then little snacks I have in my bear canister along the way. (P.S. I can’t wait until I can send this bear can home. It is big and heavy.) It was pretty tasty. The lady that runs the place is part of the Yurok tribe. She told me of many of the activities they have each year. After I left, instead of taking the 101 there was a grassy levy that was following the same direction. It was neat because there were horses I was following. As usual, when hiking in Nor Cal there always seems to be a river or ocean on your path.  I had to take off my shoes to wade through the water. Ooops I dropped a shoe in the river. No worries. I have learned that it is not a problem to walk in wet shoes for miles.

Pleasant Dreams in Elk Country

As I was walking, I saw a camping area called Elk Country. Tiredly, I walked down the road to ask about a tent space. At first I thought the Elk were fake, but then I saw them move. I was mesmerized by all of them. They were everywhere. They even came around my tent. Then, of course, there had to be a camp cat who came over to visit. Wonderful place to stay.

Stone Lagoon to Dry Lagoon and that darn tide I keep running into.

Usually, I have been getting up by 6 am to get an early start, but today I started at 7:45. There were a couple ways I could travel today, highway 101 or a sand bar crossing. There are two things you always have to think about when walking on the beach. The tide and if there is a breach. I decide to take a chance and walk the beach. It started out hopeful. I made my way down to the beach. There was a man with 2 dogs. I asked if the sand bar was passable at the end. He assured me it was. He also said he thought I could make it around the rocks to get on the sand bar because he felt the tide was pretty low. Now I’m no spring chicken to these rock crossings. But he told me it was very slippery. I thought, “I will really take my time,” and so I went.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! It was so slippery and the tide of course was coming in. I tried my little trick in finding a sliver of sand, but this time, I got hit by a wave at my ankles. No worries. I powered through and again made it. Thankfully!!! Then a 5-mile hike in the sandbar.

Trinidad, Here I Come: Making It 100 Miles

I left the sandbar and headed to Trinidad. It was a pretty long walk along Patrick’s Point Drive. Once I got to Trinidad, I had reached 100 miles. Wow, that’s pretty cool!!!

Pretty cool people I have met!!!

When I hopped off the sand bar, Jan, a very sweet lady, struck up a conversation with me. She was a teacher for 27 years. She was fixing her fence that had been damaged by the storm. John, who was riding his e-bike, turned around and spoke with me. He gave me some insight into how I might go about this trek. He said he likes to bag the peaks!!! A direction I might switch to on this hike. Then finally, although I do not have a picture, was Brad. He told me about the time he was bit by a rattlesnake and we had some fun speaking with each other. Blessings on the trail. Love it!!!

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Comments 4

  • Cynthia : Jun 18th

    Seashell, I am loving your posts and photos!
    Sad you had to take your dog home …
    Excited for your adventure!
    I am an older woman (74!) who loves hiking and loves to follow younger ones on the trail. It makes me feel like I’m along.
    I’m rooting for you!

    • Seashell : Jun 21st

      Cynthia thank you so much for the kind words!!! Ya, I miss my dog, but it was definitely the right decision. Thanks for following along. Hopefully I will see you on a trail one of these days!!!
      Happy Journey!!!

  • Esperanza Avina : Jun 20th

    You are having such an amazing adventure! I’m excited to see your posts every time I check in. Question: When do you shower? Every time you fall in the river?, 😝

    • Seashell : Jun 21st

      Hey Avina, that’s about right!!! Hahaha!!!


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