5 Reasons Why I Am Hiking the John Muir Trail

Hi there, the name’s Liz. I am a twenty-something year-old with a hearty appetite for the outdoors. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, I’ve spent more time stuck in bumper-to-bumper, pull-your-hair-out-traffic than even the great Steven King could conjure up. Needless to say, my head is always in the pines and in the mountains, even if my feet are physically planted in the concrete city.

 This is why I am hiking the John Muir Trail…

I am thru-hiking the John Muir Trail with my partner, Jessie, on Saturday, August 12 2017. In one day’s time, we will begin the journey that will lead us to traverse some of the most breathtaking geologic landscapes (yes, I was a geology major – shoutout to the rock nerds!) of the west and summit the highest peak in the contiguous US. Seriously, so stoked.

Many reasons to hike, but here are my Top 5

  1. Plain and simple: Get outside
    • Does the average human spend enough time immersed in “nature”? What even is “nature”? Aren’t we a part of it? If I am part of the environment and the environment includes my habitat, which is my air-conditioned home, does that count as “nature”? I am thru-hiking the John Muir Trail because I need a break from people with the above stream of consciousness.
  2. The Climate is Changing
    •  I mentioned I studied geology. Technically I majored in Earth Sciences but you don’t have to be a paleoclimatologist to open your eyes and believe in the power of peer-reviewed scientific study. The climate is changing and it is human-induced. I hope to see the snowy peaks and perhaps help to save them. On the John Muir Trail I hope to connect with other like-minded individuals who pledge to protect our planet. 
  3. Just Left An Office Job 
    • This one is classic, but true. I loved my last employer. If you know me, you know I loved the company but just couldn’t bare another minute of office 9-5 life. Plus, my commute was a literal joke 3.5 hours DAILY. Yeah, no. 
  4. I’m 22
    • What a funny age. Should I go to grad school now? Keep working first? I’m kind of in an odd place right now but in my mind my career is “professional climate change activist” and that’s ok for now. 
  5. Prep for PCT
    • If all goes fly, Jessie and I are gearing up to become part of the Class of 2018: Pacific Crest Trail hikers. Starting with the John Muir Trail is great prep for the 5 months of PCT up ahead. 

Well, that’s all for now folks. I am dreaming of waking up in a tent with sore legs for the next 21 days. Wish us luck!

Ta ta for now and catch up with you when we return next!


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  • Julia Franceschi : Aug 28th

    I’ve done geology field work with Liz for a few summers (what up Team British Columbia- aka Pillow Ridge glaciovolcanic research). She is an extraordinary human being. Her partner Jessie is equally as amazing, and their absolute love for nature is inspiring. It’s so exciting to read about all their adventures together and I’m so happy Liz is guest blogging on here. Thanks for sharing and I hope you guys have an amazing journey. As always, the journey is the reward.
    Much love.


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