9 Thru-Hiking Photographers You Need to Be Following In 2018

It’s no secret that being a successful thru-hiker requires a tremendous amount of patience. It calls for adeptness and a whole lot of willpower. What’s even more supernatural? Killing the trail every day, while taking killer pictures along the way. These people must be some sort of superhuman. Here are some of our favorite 2018 thru-hiking photographers, plus their badass photos for your viewing pleasure.

Kelsy Filler AKA “Beamer”

Instagram account: @kelsytheshort
Current adventure: Appalachian Trail

We were lucky enough to experience a small thunderstorm when climbing up McAfee Knob today. The rain washed away all the sweat from a long hot day, soothed all of our bug bites, and cleared just in time to reveal the sunset over the mountain range. Not this picture, nor any other picture, can come close to capturing the beauty of this spot. . . . . . #appalachiantrail #trektheat #at2018 #atthruhike #thruhike #appalachianmountains #takelessdomore #appalachiantrials #letsgosomewhere #exploreeverything #finditliveit #lifeofadventure #exploremore #theoutbound #keepitwild #stayandwander #wildernessculture #choosemountains #adventurethatislife #itsbetteroutside #idratherbeinnature #wearethewild #seeyououtthere #mcafee #mcafeeknob

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Tommy Corey AKA”Twerk”

Instagram account: @twerkinthedirt
Current adventure: Pacific Crest Trail

The Los Angeles Aqueduct (Mile 517-534). . Last year, this section was so mentally/physically exhausting for me. I was frustrated that after 500 miles, my body still felt out of shape, and my legs/feet still wanted to fall off. I hiked alone in the dark for most of the 17 miles and felt very weak and kind of embarrassed that I couldn’t keep up. . Something that’s different this year is how I can hike faster and longer and that there is a lot less pain. Most days I wake up and don’t even feel like I hiked the day before. This night we walked the 17 miles of the aqueduct, danced to JLo, laughed, shared stories and admired the beauty of silhouetted Joshua trees against the starry desert sky. . As we reached the start of the aqueduct, a dead end street sign read “END” with the mountains we would soon climb in the background. Even after 500 miles, that sign made me feel like the real journey is just beginning. I have these random moments where I laugh or cry because I just can’t believe I’m back – or am in awe I get to walk with friends for 5 months and capture their journey to Canada. . #pct2018 #pctig #pcta #pacificcresttrail #thruhike #hikertrash #mynextadventure #hyperlite #whereverlitetakes #backpacker #outsidemagazine

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Liz Kidder AKA “Handstand”

Instagram account:@lizkidder
Current adventure: Appalachian Trail

A month ago was the first night I ever slept in a tent (other than a drunken college night on a beach I think)… Now this tent is my home.🏕❤️ #appalachiantrail2018 #takeahike #thruhike #nobo #appalachiantrail #thetrek #trektheat #hikertrash #handstand #hikingadventures #getoutside #georgiatomaine #hyperlitemountaingear #hyperlite #hmg #echoII #backpacking

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Nathan Bauman AKA “Puma”

Instagram account: @nathanabauman
Current adventure: Pacific Crest Trail

Sara Anna AKA”Drops”

Instagram account: @saraanna_
Current adventure: Pacific Crest Trail

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The ups and downs of high altitude in the Sierras have been kicking my ass. Still, it’s hard to stay mad for too long with camp spots like this. ___________________________________________________ #thruhikesyndicate #adventureanywhere #homeiswhereyoustakeit #ospreypacks #darntough #unruletheoutdoors #adventureanywhere #keepitsimple #asdt #sheexplores #stayandwander #explore #getoutside #optoutside #keepmoving #liveauthentic #mtnfolk #forceofnature #keepitwild #forgeyourownpath #wildernessculture #headedelsewhere #pct2018 #shemovesmountains

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Anthony Mannello AKA “Cruise”

Instagram account: @cruisehikes
Current adventure: Continental Divide Trail

It’s been easy navigating. . . . . #cdt2018

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The Window. . . . . #cdt2018

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Steven Williams AKA “Candid”

Instagram account: @stowawaysteve

Current adventure: Appalachian Trail





The Appalachian Trail – Once called the Freedom Trail 🌿 . That’s exactly what I feel out here on the trail Where I go, where I end up…all depends on me and where my feet will take me. If I’m feeling strong, I can walk all day. If I’m not, I can set up camp early and chill out, or stop in a town and rest. I’m dirty and I smell bad but I’m so comfortable. I can eat whatever I want because I know I’ll burn it off (and more) with one day of hiking. Witnessing sunrise and sunset everyday, making my days feel longer – slowing down time. Life flies by in a city or town, but out here…I remember every moment, every emotion, every meal, every face I meet. . I also have no idea what day of the week it is…hahah. Does that make sense? . It’s Day 20 and I’ve just hiked from the NOC to Fontana Dam. 30 miles in 3 days in the pouring rain. I’m taking a zero in Fontana as I wait on a resupply box. Then heading into the Smokey Mountains! 🐻🌲 . View from Cheoah Bald

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Like bugs huddled around a light source 💡

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Day 38 / Mile 343.8 ✧ Cowboy camping on Big Bald Mountain, TN . Yesterday we hiked around 6 miles up to Big Bald Mountain. It was around 5pm, four hours until sundown. We sat up on top of Big Bald for almost an hour, eating and baking in the sun surrounded by a 360 view of mountains, some we’ve already climbed and some in our near future. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect . We looked at each other and thought “should we just camp up here?!” We didn’t wanna leave, it was too good. Sometimes you get in your head about doing big miles, getting from one place to another, catching up to trail families. But if I worried about all that, I would miss out on nights like this. Which happened to be my favorite night/morning on trail so far . This was my first time cowboy camping! (sleeping outside with no tent or shelter) I absolutely loved it! I laid out my sleeping bag so I’d be facing the sunrise in the morning. I was so cozy and warm as I fell asleep gazing at the stars. Although it took me awhile to fall asleep because I couldn’t stop gazing. It was…..something else. I got kind of emotional at the beauty of it all . I woke up to the sun rising right in front of me. A view and morning I will never forget. I sat up and started making coffee, still so cozy in my sleeping bag. I hiked 18 miles in 8 hours into Erwin – staying a night at Uncle Johnny’s Hostel. I’ll be taking a few days off from hiking to visit Damascus for Trail Days (a hiker festival)! I’ll share a few more photos of my time on Big Bald Mt. in the mean time 😜

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Anthony Ottati AKA “Mugwort”

Instagram account: @anthonyottati

Current adventure: Pacific Crest Trail

Made it to mile 330! This picture is from around mile 225 before big bear, one of my favorite sections thus far. . . . . . #wildcalifornia #sonyalpha #optoutside #neverstopexploring #theoutbound #wildernessculture #hikingadventures #hikingtheglobe #instanature #choosemountains #discoverearth #landscape_lover #splendid_earth #igworld_global #epic_captures #natgeotravel #ucberkeleypov #collegeoutside #pct #backpacking #pacificcresttrail #pctig #pct2018 Thanks for the poles @lekiusa Thanks for the shoes @vasquefootwear

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Husein Pistoljevic AKA “Backwoods Bosnian”

Instagram account: @backwoodsbosnian

Current adventure: Pacific Crest Trail

Hello 600!

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