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  • David C MIller : Apr 30th

    Need to know what my user ID is????

  • D J white : Sep 26th

    are you guys aware that you have an article on here that advocates NOT hanging bear bags??

  • Kristina Zimmermann : Nov 8th

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  • Up-n-Ready : Jul 19th

    I’m a 2017 AT Thru Hike blogger and the Post button has changed to Submit/Publish for Review. I have two posts Pending.

    How do I get the Publish button back?

    I have several posts ready to load, but want this fixed before I upload the document and photos…waiting in Monson headed SoBo on my Flip Flop.


    Larry Malcom
    AT 2017 Thru Hike
    Flip GA to VA
    Flop ME to VA
    On the road to Damascus

  • Tom Dockum : Sep 16th

    I have registered for 2018 thru hike and haven’t seen any information yet. When will it be available. Thanks

  • Shocktop : Jun 23rd

    Guys, if it matters, like to apologise for previous abusive posts. I am frustrated AT section hiker who feels defensive. Now totally off trail due to dog emergency. Anyway thx for all u do. Bear w me. Pls.

  • Daivid Hanks : Sep 7th

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